Chapter 3

It was half an hour after midnight when Lucius slipped out of his room and started to walk quietly down the hall.

The manor was far away from London that several of the guests had opted to stay for the night, including Lucius and Narcissa. In separate rooms of course. Druella Black had some very strict ideas about what was appropriate before they were married.

Not that she had anything to worry about he thought wryly. Cissy had made it very clear where she stood on that issue. She was very stubborn, and rather innocent and sheltered for seventeen… thanks to her harridan of a mother.

He loved her sweetness and innocence. She would make a fine wife. But sometimes it was a little frustrating…

Lucius reached the door to Bella's room and looked around before slipping inside.

Bella's room was decorated in shades of black and purple. As the room still looked distinctly gothic he guessed her parents hadn't dared or hadn't bothered to redecorate it.

She was lying in the large curtained 4-poster bed in the center of the room. She sat up with a grin when she saw him, one hand making sure the purple covers didn't fall down. Clearly she wasn't wearing anything.

"You're late" she pointed out, the grin still on her face.

"I had to wait until the coast was clear. You don't want anyone to know I'm visiting your room in the middle of the night do you?" he said dryly.

"Of course not. People would assume the worst" she smirked.

He grinned and started to slowly unbutton his shirt. Her dark eyes followed his fingers progress. There was a lascivious glint in them as he bared smooth pale skin.

"Hurry up Malfoy" she said in a wicked, teasing tone.

Lucius smirked and dropped the shirt on a nearby chair. He left his trousers on as he walked over to the bed and slid onto it.

She pulled him closer and kissed him firmly, winding her hands in his long blonde hair. He kissed her back fiercely, parting her lips and tugging down the sheet that covered her body.

A soft sound of pleasure left her lips as his hands found her breasts, stroking and squeezing lightly.

She grinned and retaliated by sliding her hand down the front of his pants. He couldn't help a soft groan at the feeling of her hand on him. Her grin only widened as she felt him getting even more excited under her hand.

Between them they got the trousers off and tossed them on the floor.

He slowly pulled the sheets the rest of the way down her body, baring long slender legs. For a moment he just stared at her body. It was unbelievably luscious and tempting.

A rather catlike grin slid over her face and she let her gaze move down his body. It was clear she liked his slightly muscular, well-formed body… and the sight of him so hard and eager for her.

He tried to move on top of her but she pushed him down on the bed with a wicked look and straddled him.

A lustful smirk spread over his face as his fingers trailed down her back. His expression turned cheeky as he gave her perfect, peachy ass a squeeze.

She felt him trying to pull her closer… to cross that final distance between their bodies but she wasn't going to let him just yet.

Her lips trailed down the side of his neck as she moved her body teasingly close.

He groaned softly as she playfully nipped him.

"Bella…" he whispered.

She grinned and moved her body off his.

Then she slowly lowered herself on to him, gasping as she finally felt him inside her. Inch by inch until he was deep as he could go.

His groans mingled with her soft moans as she started to move… long dark curls falling either side of her face.

He moved his body with hers, slowly at first, long slow delicious strokes that seemed to hit every inch of her.

The pleasure started to build, breaking down his control. He couldn't help moving faster, harder… responding to the eager press of her body against his.

She gripped his shoulders as she continued to ride him, body arching above his, the look on her face telling him she was enjoying this every bit as much as he was.

Her nails pricked his skin of his shoulders but he was too far gone to feel anything but pleasure. He was damn near senseless… damn near delirious with it as they got closer and closer.

He wasn't going to last long. He knew that. It felt too damn good. But he didn't think she would either.

The rhythm of their bodies increased till the friction and the pleasure was almost unbearable.

She threw her head back as it overcame her, mouth open in a wordless cry… body shuddering around his. It was so intense she was only barely aware of her nails digging into to his skin… or his deep groans and gasps as she pushed him over the edge.

They lay tangled in her sheets in the aftermath, her body curled against his and his arms around her waist, both of them trying to relearn how to breathe.

After a while Bella sat up and suddenly froze, mouth open in horror.

Lucius looked where she was looking, his face mirroring hers as he saw what she had seen.

Two large green eyes… looking at them through a crack in the curtain.