Power Enriched by the Heart

by Asher Tye

Disclaimer: Sega owns Sonic and crew, and that includes Robotnik and Shadow. I'm not sure who owns the other characters, whether it be Archie, DiC, or whoever did Sonic Underground, but I know it's not me so whichever one owns them I give full props to.

Author's Note: This is a complete re-imagining of the Sonicverse games series, in particular Sonic Adventure and onward where they actually tried to re-imagine the characters anyway. I've tried my best to keep the characters' personalities in character, baring the few I've only heard about and never seen in action, but I've rewritten their personal histories, relationships, and the nature of the world they find themselves in. It still follows the same pattern as the video games, a heroic blue hedgehog and his friends and allies save the world from an egg-shaped madman bent on conquering it, but I think I've added some interesting twists to the characters' collective origins.

Since the background of the world is somewhat tied into the story, I can't really say much here about it, but I can give you the basics. Mobians exist on Earth alongside humans and they comprise about thirty to thirty-five percent of the world's total population, enough to be a viable population of their own. While generally accepted in the human population, they typically aren't embraced by humanity, and in some cases not even tolerated. Due to constant contact with humans most have adopted several human ways, the wearing of clothing probably being the one that gets the most notice.

Warning: It should be obvious from the rating, but I'm going to state it for the record anyway that this story contains violence as well as minor swearing. There are also some adult situations implied, but nothing explicit, so don't go expecting this to turn into a lemon at any point. If I feel I need to up the rating a bit I will, but this story won't have reason to rise above Teen, if it even gets to that.

Okay, I think I've gotten everything out of the way now. For any of those who don't know, I've actually managed to work up some character drawings based on how I think the characters need to look for this story, the links to which are in my bio page if you're interested. Now then ON WITH THE SHOW!

He ran through the corridors of the complex, the claws of his small bare feet making soft clicking sounds as they connected with the tiles, even as the sound of sirens blared all around him, signaling his escape attempt. The back of the musty gray cloak he wore billowed behind him like a thick cape, a glimmer of bright yellowish-orange and white fur showing underneath. As he made it to the end of a hallway and turned right, the creature skidded to a halt as he was confronted by three humans wearing Kevlar body armor and bearing rifles. The men jumped a little at their target's sudden appearance, but whatever surprise they felt was only momentary as each pointed their weapon at his body.

"Hold it right there!" one of the guards ordered. Of course this was not a command the fugitive could obey and he quickly turned on his heel to go in the other direction. The sudden movement proved enough to pull the hood of his cloak back down off his head, revealing a youthful fox underneath. As it became apparent the kit was not about to obey, the lead guard sighted his weapon and pulled the trigger. Before the bullet could leave the gun's barrel however, an arm from an unseen assailant struck it, deflecting the shot into a wall.

"IDIOT!" screamed what looked to be a teenaged black and red hedgehog with upturned quills wearing an immaculate looking blood red coat. The collar of the coat was raised to hide his neck and its long bottom fell around his knees, while underneath was a midnight black shirt covering his torso, save for a small tuft of white fur on his chest. A matching pair of red pants covered the creature's legs, with large black boots covering his feet and rising well past his ankles. His hands were adorned with gloves that seemed almost like gauntlets as they covered half of his forearms in addition to his hands, the material done in black to match the motif of the outfit. All things considered, the hedgehog cut a fearsome visage that startled the all too human guards. Fearful of an attack, the other two guards pointed their own rifles at the intruding hedgehog, only to watch him slice their guns in half with a blurry swipe of his powerful arm. "We have to catch C2, not kill him! Use the tranquilizers you stupid apes."

"B," barked a voice from the hedgehog's wrist. Quickly the hedgehog looked at the two-way communicator attached to his wrist. "What is your status?"

"C2's been spotted, Doctor, but I had to give him a momentary reprieve," he stated bluntly, continuing before the one he was communing with could ask the obvious question. "Some of your loaners got a little too gung-ho and tried to exterminate C2 with bullets."

"What!" the voice shrieked. "Shadow, we've worked too long and too hard to sacrifice that boy; do not allow him to be killed! I want him caught and caged, do you hear me?"

"Not a problem, Doctor. He may have eluded me, but he missed the turn to go downstairs. It's only a matter of time before he's cornered, either in the building or on the roof."

"How you do it is unimportant, hedgehog, just get me that fox!" With that the line went dead.

More and more the hallways twisted and turned as the foxy escapee moved though them, running on all fours now in an effort to increase his speed, even at the cost of some control. Twice more he had bumped into the fearsome guards that were even now attempting to corral him, and twice more he'd managed to evade capture. A turn to the right made it three. Unable to stop this time, the kit sprang from the ground, slamming into the face of one of the two men who had moved to block him, knocking him to his back on the ground. Grabbing the edges of his cloak, the boy rolled himself into a ball and tumbled away. The thickness of the garment, coupled with the speed the fox was rolling at, managed to deflect a dart that had fired from the remaining guard's gun.

"C2 is heading for a sealed hallway in corridor twenty dash five. All units converge on him," the guard spoke into his walkie-talkie. Indeed the fox soon did find himself confronted by a sealed door blocking his path. He shivered in fear, his ears listening to the distant sounds of heavy boots falling on the tiled floor that signaled his pursuers' imminent arrival. Looking around, the young cub trembled with the realization that he was trapped if he couldn't get through the door. Spotting the card reader the employees of the complex used to open such barriers themselves, the short kit stood on his tip-toes as he reached up to it, placing a hand over the entire machine. For a second the vulpine's gentle blue eyes seemed to glow an electric blue just before the door suddenly slid open.

"Stop!" came an all too familiar voice the fleeing prisoner didn't even bother to turn around for as he bolted through the closing door. A smile came to the boy's face as he saw a window leading outside at the end of the next hallway. Halfway to it, though, the sound of the door sliding rather hastily caused the kit to pause in his movements and finally look back. Standing next to the now severely dented door that had once barred his own path was the familiar form of Shadow, a look of annoyance in his blood-red eyes as he began to stomp purposefully towards his quarry, the steady beat of his boots echoing off the walls of the corridor. Realizing his peril; the fox tore across the floor like a demon unleashed, determined to get away from the hedgehog intent of catching him. Swearing under his breath, Shadow sped up his pace, quickly devouring the distance between himself and the fleeing fox. Fortune favored the bold little boy this time as he crashed through the window, catching hold of the metal frame of the fire escape on the outside of the building. Quickly the fox scampered up to the roof, and hopefully to freedom, as his nearly monochromatic pursuer stuck his head out of the window.

"Damn it. You're getting to be a real pain kid, you really are." Knocking out the rest of the shattered glass, Shadow continued the chase, watching as the dark shape of the boy's cloak disappeared over the edge of the roof. "All units, C2 is on the roof. Get some restraints up here immediately!" Shadow quickly made it to the roof and caught sight of the kit as he looked out over the edge of the roof. Thankfully the helipad was empty as the helicopter had been taken earlier, a fact that lessened the chance of the young creature actually succeeding in his escape attempt. Dark thunderclouds filled the sky overhead, signaling a coming rain storm; something Shadow was not looking forward to being out in if he could help it. A gust of cold wind caught the bottom of the hedgehog's coat, making it fan out around its owner's hips as a bolt of lightning shot through the sky to illuminate his form. Calmly but determinedly, the hedgehog approached the frightened fox, the rigidity of his body communicating his no nonsense attitude as the escaped vulpine turned around to face him, fear in his eyes. A small smile crept to the hedgehog's face as he watched his quarry fidget, shifting his weight from left to right and back again as he prepared to attempt to evade capture.

"It's no use kid, you may be quick, but I'm quicker," Shadow said as he got closer, his voice even so as not to frighten the boy into doing something stupid. "You had a good run, but it's over now. If you come quietly and obediently like a good boy, I promise not to hurt you." The fox continued to shift his weight uneasily, obviously not liking his options, not that Shadow could really blame him. The hedgehog knew very well just what would happen to the fox once he was in the Doctor's possession again, but those were the breaks. As if to accent the point of the unfairness of life, the storm overhead broke and Shadow felt his outfit grow damp with water.

Suddenly the kit jumped up onto the wet edge of the roof, causing Shadow to stop dead in his tracks. A sharp laugh escaped the hedgehog's lips as he got the message the vulpine was sending him, even as he doubted in the boy's fortitude to pull it off.

"What do you expect to do kid; jump?" The fox nodded slowly, timidly. "Think clearly for a moment. You're twenty stories off the ground, and that's not even counting the cliff we're sitting on top of. Get down from there, come over here, and maybe I can talk the Doctor into cutting you some slack over tonight's little escapade… Hah, you definitely showed us where our weaknesses are." Once more Shadow approached the fox, his gloved hand extended in a friendly gesture as he did so. The kit's ears drooped and his shoulders sagged as he realized his defeat, his legs bending as he prepared to hop down. Suddenly, the door to the building's roof access opened as four guards exited, three of which held their weapons pointed and ready to fire while the fourth held a special restraint in his hands. Unfortunately the loud bang generated by their slamming of the door proved enough to startle the precariously perched vulpine as he began to slip on the now wet roof, his body faltering as he began to lose his balance. Mistaking this for an escape, the three armed guards fired their weapons and Shadow's eyes widened in horror as he saw three darts filled with a sedating liquid strike home upon the fox's chest and belly. In addition to delivering their payload, the force of the strikes proved enough to send the kit tilting completely backwards and over the roof's edge. Desperate, Shadow raced forward to catch the boy, but his reflexes proved too slow to make the catch and he watched helplessly as the kit tumbled down.

The black and red hedgehog had spoken the truth about the cliff the complex was sitting on, but he'd neglected to mention the rather fast river running at the base of the cliff, a river the fox was currently diving head first into. Shadow held his breath as he listened to the "kerplunk" sound of a body hitting the water, his enhanced eyes straining to see any sign of the fox in the distant water below. A lightning strike cut down a dead tree standing near the river sending its trunk into the water just in time for Shadow to see a damp, orange hand grab onto it.

"Thank goodness for small miracles," the hedgehog murmured as he watched the nearly unconscious fox as he managed to pull himself safely upon the downed tree, his still form riding the newly created log out of even Shadow's advanced sight. Quickly the hedgehog lifted his wrist communicator to his lips. "Doctor, we have a problem. C2 got knocked into the river below us."

"What? Is he all right? Do you have him?"

"Negative sir, but he's still alive. He's riding the river, so we should be able to find him again."

"You fool, that river goes right into Central. If he gets amongst the population…"

"With all due respect, sir, he doesn't exactly blend in very well, does he?" the well dressed furry pointed out to his master.

"And how long before someone begins asking questions about him B? Exactly how much time do you think it will take someone to track him back to us?" the Doctor was apparently in an agitated state. "Find that fox, bring him back here… and kill anyone who has laid eyes upon him. Understand?"

"Yes sir!"

End Prologue…