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Now, on with the story... Truth or Dare: Tokyo Mew Mew Edition!

… Darkness was all around, not a sliver of light in the room.
".. Ugh... Huh? Wh-what happened?" Ichigo's worried voice filled the air. "Am I al-alone? Hello?"

"Shut it, you old hag, I get enough of your squealing!" came Taruto's grouchy reply.
"T-Taruto? Who else is here?" The Cat Mew fumbled around the room, feeling the walls until she finally felt a button!

CLICK! And the lights came on. Zakuro, Mint, Pai, Kisshu, Taruto, Pudding, Ryou, Lettuce and even Keiichiro lay and sat around the small room. "Whoa! Everyone is here!" Ichigo sighed with relief that she wasn't completely alone.

"Way to point out the obvious, Ichigo-baka!" Mint grumbled from where she sat on the floor. The room was odd. It had white walls, and grey tile for flooring, with boxes and weird props around. Rope, mirrors, old chairs and other odds were scrambled about.
".. Where are we?" Zakuro piped up.

"How did we get here? All I remember is... Being in the kitchen at the Cafe, and a crash from the eating area," Keiichiro said, standing up and taking a quick glance around. "And then, when I opened the door to see what happened, there was just... Blackness..."

A door swung open, and a strange figure stood, but its details weren't visible. "Yeah, sorry my associates were so rough. They're new at working for me, so... Yeah, heh heh!" Came a strange voice.

"Waaaah! Reveal yourself!" Ichigo hissed, her pink eyes narrowing. "Mew Ichigo, METAMORPHO-"
"Whoa, cool it! I'm not going to hurt you or anything..." The figure stepped into the light, and revealed herself; She was a girl, with chest-length light brown hair, and blondish-orange side-bangs, wearing a simple long orange dress with purple stripes down the side. The odd thing that made you stare, was the fuzzy grey wolf-ears and fluffy tail!

"Who are you?" Pai inquired the girl in his usual sulky tone.

"Me? I'm Wolfbane-Chan!" The girl said with a smile.

"Why are we here? Why did you bring us here?" He pressed further.

"Because, you're the stars of my live show!" Wolfbane-Chan nodded. "Truth or Dare: Tokyo Mew Mew Edition!"

"Truth or Dare?" They all said in unison.

"Yes! I'm the host, you're the guests!"

"Hey..." Taruto piped up suddenly, his voice curious. "Why do you have wolf ears? Are you a Mew Mew?"

Wolfbane-Chan blinked simply. "No, I am NOT a Mew! I was fused with wolf DNA, similar to the Tokyo Mew Mew team, but by a mad scientist. He did it differently, though."

"Well, whats so different between you and my Kitty? You aren't better than her, if thats what you think!" Kisshu crossed his arms, standing up. Everyone was standing now, slightly huddled together out of fear for the strange Wolfbane-Chan.

"Different? I'll show you!" She growled, and in a quick flash of light, she transformed into an actual, four-legged, normal wolf! "See? I don't get weapons or that crap. I turn into a wolf!"

All stood dumbstruck, staring at the very large grey-furred, talking creature.

" Shes so cute, na no da!" Pudding ran to Wolfbane-Chan and hugged her, stroking her head gently. "So cute! Na no da, come pet the puppy!"

"Wah! I ain't no puppy, Pudding. I'm a wolf! Now, lets get out of the backstage area, and get on my stage!".

The wolf only gave a grumble as Pudding clambered onto her back, and sat like a cowboy on a horse. Wolfbane-Chan turned around, motioning for the other to follow her as she exited the 'back-stage' room and onto what she said was the actual stage. Everyone looked at each other, as if asking 'Should we go?'.
"So..." Ryou finally broke the silence. "Should we trust the crazy wolf-thing?"

"... We should." Zakuro nodded calmly, turning and going through the stage door.

"If Zakuro-Onee-sama trusts Wolfbane-Chan, then I do as well!" Mint said confidently, Following the purple-haired Mew.

"Alright, we're all together on this, so lets go!" Keiichiro said, his usual calm-cheerfulness returning.

The Mews and aliens went through the door nervously, and came out... On a normal stage, obviously for a talk-show. The 'walls' were a painted cream color, and the floor of the stage was a dark, shiny oak-paneling. There was a clock on the wall, and an extremely large screen, seemingly a television, overhead of a soft-looking, brown armchair. There were also more of the soft brown chairs in a half-circle, facing the large first one, with little white signs on them, each stating a name. In order, from right to left: Ichigo, Ryou, Keiichiro, Mint, Kisshu, Zakuro, Pai, Lettuce, Pudding, Taruto.
"So, I'm guessing thats where each of us is sitting on your stupid little show, then?" Taruto glared at Wolfbane-Chan.

"Yay! My own puffy-chair!" Pudding climbed off her back, and sat in her chair.

"Now, everyone, look off stage!" Wolfbane-Chan growled, wagging her tail as all looked where she pointed; Rows of simple chairs! Also, a large blue door far in the back. "That door, is where the audience members, called Reviewers, will come in to watch the show!"

"What exactly are we doing on your little show?" Pai sighed as he flopped down in his chair.

"Duh! Its TRUTH or DARE. Meaning, the Reviewers get to give you things to do and questions to answer!" Wolfbane-Chan hopped up in her chair, her tongue lolling out in a relaxed fashion. "You HAVE to do the Dares they give, though! And you HAVE to be honest when you answer their questions, got it?"

"WHAT?" They all said in unison.

"Ha ha, YES!" The wolf growled back loudly. "Like... If I dared Pai to hit EVERY MALE in this room with his Fan weapons, he'd have to do it. No complaints. Pai, you heard me!"

He stared, his dusk-eyes surprised. "hit... Every male in this room?"

"Yes! Alien and human, go on!"

Pai pulled out his fan, and turned to Kisshu. "Fuu Rai Sen!" He yelled as thunder burst form his fan and hit Kish off the stage. "Ha... So, they can't fight back?" Pai asked, getting a little excited.

"Nope!" The show-host replied, sitting comfortably in her chair with a sly smile. "But no hitting Taruto, since hes little."

"So... I can get out all my pent up rage and emotions through violent attacks at the blonde, the girly-man, and my perverted comrade?"

"Uhh... Sure! Knock yourself out, Pai!"

"Kuu Rai Sen!" He shouted, whipping wind at Ryou and Keiichiro. "I feel like a kid in a candy store..."

"Ha ha, nice! We have special medics backstage to heal any wounds that occur, and some very expensive and exotic medicines." Wolfbane-Chan growled softly, then raised her head and yelled "Yo! Stage Manager! Get me the Announcement microphone!". A man came quickly, and handed her a microphone, and went away even quicker.
"Attention! Attention!" Wolfbane-Chan said into the mic, which made her voice travel to outside the door, where all the 'Reviewers' were waiting. "Now, my audience, or Reviewers, please enter the blue door and take your seats! Its time for... TRUTH OR DARE: Tokyo Mew Mew Edition, with your host Wolfbane-Chane; ME!", and the grey wolf tossed the mic off stage.

"Oh.. My god.." Ichigo sighed. "We're actually doing this... 'Truth or Dare' show..."

"Fasten your seat-belts! These things can get pretty wild!" Wolfbane-Chan smiled brightly, licking a paw calmly.

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