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"Hello, dear reviewers and readers!" Wolfbane-Chan smiled, as she walked back onto the stage.
The Tokyo Mew Mew cast were sitting in their chairs, but the Assistants were backstage having a quick snack of fresh fruits, chips, macaroni with cheese and other tasty entrees and treats.
"Wolfbane, is something bothering you? You don't quite seem like yourself..." Lettuce spoke softly to the hostess.

"Well, you're right, Lettuce..." Wolfy-Chan sighed, turning into her wolf-form. "I must say, I've had such bad Writer's Block, and to be honest, I have a lot on my plate right now..." The grey she-wolf sat down, her ears drooped down sadly.

"Jeez, at least tell your reviewers, assistants and readers, so they can understand a little!" Kisshu said in his usual matter-of-fact tone.

"Alright... Well, all my siblings have moved out in the past few months, and I usually don't get to see them a lot since they're going to college, and working, and such... And now my mom wants to move to a new house, which means about a month of packing, then another month of un-packing..." Wolfbane-Chan gave an exasperated sigh before she continued. "And I've been very ill this past two weeks. My friends are making art requests for me, and this picture I'm currently working on got, well... deleted by accident. You see, my computer 'updated', therefor resetting itself, before I could press the 'postpone' button, and it deleted about 24 hours of work..."

"Gee, that kinda sucks..." Ichigo stated, slight sympathy in the voice of the Cat Mew.

"It really does!" The wolf girl hostess nodded. "And, my Writer's Block is AWFUL. Every time I sit down to start writing a new chapter for 'School Days', it takes me hours to find inspiration! And even then, I can't think of how to put what I want to say into words. Ugh! I fell SO bad about leaving all my readers hanging like that! I honestly do. I think I'll go backstage and have some food, maybe I'll be able to think straight... Aliens! Mew Mews! Come on, you can join us too~" And with that, the hostess of 'Truth or Dare: Tokyo Mew Mew Edition!' turned and trotted to the staff room, where her Assistants/Friends were waiting, and the cast followed closely and excitedly behind her.

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