Author Note: I wrote this for two reasons 1) As an apology for not yet finishing my other Ergo Proxy fic. Sorry! 2) Pino's freaking adorable!

"Hey, Pino! We found some colored wax! Do you know what I can make out of that?"

Vincent's sudden arrival and statement would have startled anyone else, but Pino was used to his incredible speed.

"When we went to make sure the coast was clear for us to take the Rabbit in to the area to load up, I found wax!"

"Vince, are you going to make a wax rainbow stick for Re-L?" This she said with a hint of mischief in her, for Pino loved to tease the poor man.

"No" he drew out for emphasis in response to her little joke, "I'm going to make you a rainbow! Wax makes crayons!"

Vince had his flaws, like not being able to tell what all her drawings were of! Or that he couldn't always stand up to that bully! However, in Pino's eyes, they were nearly invisible next to his good points. He even defended Pino's playing of her melodica first thing in the morning as she told her small world of the new day's beginning. That more than made up for the fact that he loved that meanie, Re-L Re-L as much as she loved coloring.

As long as he still cared for Pino.

As long as he remembered Pino.

Pino would be happy with them, even if "them" included the scary lady….