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For the one who taught me that crossing the so-called line can easily destroy 7 years worth of friendship.

The Line That Shouldn't Be Crossed



I learned that that word wasn't so simple after all.

That as time passes by and as year after year pile up, its meaning changes from simple gathering-for-fun and laughing-your-heart-out-from-doing-silly-things to a more profound connection.

Some people take that word lightly… while some invest their time and their feelings in it.

It's a shame when the years that you spent with someone and the ties that you made with that person disappear all because of one mistake. All because people are fools, thinking things wouldn't change when change is inevitable and part of our life.

There are mistakes that can be fixed. And there are mistakes that one cannot fix no matter how hard one tries.

Up until now I keep thinking: 'What if I didn't do this?' or 'What if I didn't let it happen?'.

'What if I?'. 'What if he?'

What if… a futile question. bond

One should not take the word 'friendship' unconscientiously. Nuh-uh.

Stepping out of the boundary of friendship… it can just ruin things. And in a very ugly way too. No matter how much you believe that you wouldn't let something destroy your connection with a person and no matter how that person told you that he wouldn't let it happen too… in the end, they are just words.

And words, they held no certainty. They are promises waiting to be broken…

- To Be Continued -

Too short. But that's what prologues are for. I'm trying to write something that I haven't tried touching. So it'll be like groping in the dark for me. Not to mention the fact that I've been on a writing hiatus for almost a year. So forgive me if this can be considered crap (for lack of a better word).

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