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CH 10


Traitors. Both my daughter and my father alike. And considering Rose added to this, she should be considered a traitor also. Carlisle had wanted to get to know Bella better and asked her to step into his study with him. On the way towards the study Rose had handed Elizabeth to Bella so she could chase down Teddy who was tracking mud through the house. Just as I was about to follow the three of them into the office, the door was shut quickly in my face. And I was left alone in the hallway. See. Traitors, all of them.

"You look a little lonely son. Would you like to help me bake a few pies for the diner?" My mother gently pulled me from the hallway and into the kitchen with her. I didn't miss the small smile playing on her lips either. I added my mother to the traitor list.



After being officially introduced to Carlisle, he asked me to join him in his study. I had assumed Jasper would be joining us but as I entered, Carlisle shut the door with a solid thud. It didn't even cross my mind to worry though as I saw him turn to me and Elizabeth.

"Mind if I hold her Bella? I missed my youngest grandbaby while I was away." His smile was sweet as he held out his hands for her. She looked very content in his arms as she sucked on a few fingers and laid back. Carlisle sat down behind a large desk with her and motioned for me to take the seat across the way. "I missed all three of my grandbabies but Elizabeth here is the only one who doesn't talk back. Yet. So maybe I missed her just a tiny bit most." his laugh as he said that and the soft loving smile on his face assured me he was joking, and I couldn't help but laugh with him.

"Well the twins sure are a handful. I know ill never try to bake with them again." I laughed and looked at my feet. I couldn't help but do that when I was nervous at times.

"Oh I'm sure I believe you. Esme told me about that. Of course I heard the cleanup went pretty well." with that said I was shocked into silence and blushing. When I looked up from the floor, he winked at me and my blush felt like it spread to my entire face. "It's ok Bella. Your adults. I wont even ask what I almost walked in on in the bedroom." My blush got even deeper if that was possible. I tried to focus on anything on his desk. Anything but him. "Bella. Ill stop teasing now. I actually do want to discuss something other then you and Jasper." at this, his voice took on what I would consider a fatherly tone. A tone my uncle Charlie used to reserve just for me.

"Is everything ok? I mean I understand if your uncomfortable with me staying here Sir." Before I could get anything else out Carlisle help up his hand to quiet me.

"No. Please, it's the opposite actually. You are very welcome here. For being here such a short time, you seem to have captured the heart of my entire family. I wanted to talk to you about your car and the expenses." My face fell. "No. Again , nothing bad Bella. Rose quickly updated me when I got here, and I knew a little bit from talking to Esme on the phone when you first got here. She had at first mentioned you were going to get your uncle to wire you money?"

I had a feeling he already knew what happened, but wanted an explanation.

"Bella. You know my family has already stated their willingness to help you. I just want to make sure were helping someone who really needs it and not a con artist. You understand my reason for questioning?"

"OH! Carlisle I swear that's not what I'm doing. I fully plan on paying every last penny plus interest back. I would never do that to anyone." Carlisle stood up and walked to the door with his grandbaby. He yelled for Jasper to come get her and waited at the door a moment. When Jasper arrived he peeked into the room and waved at me.

"How you doing? My Dad giving you a hard time?" he said it in jest not knowing what his father was about to ask of me.

"Well be out in a minute Jasper. Just going to finish out conversation." Jasper protested a moment before finally relenting and walking away after giving me a small smile. Carlisle then sat down in the chair next to me.

"Bella. All I got form my family on this situation, was that your mother and you are not on speaking terms, and your uncle may have been influenced by her to not speak to you. Now I am asking you, as a parent that wants to make sure my children are safe with you, and that your safe. Can you give me a highlight reel? I just need to understand. And keep in mind, I am a doctor, and trained in physical and mental health treatment. I will not tell anyone else what you say. I just need to protect my family." He leaned back in his chair and regarded me quietly. He was being patient, and I understood the need to know. I was surprised no one else but Jasper had asked me about my past yet. And so, I started to tell him. It may have been a little bit more then a highlight reel, but I guess after so long of holding everything in, the dam finally broke.

By the time I was done speaking with Carlisle, he had his arms on my shoulders comforting me as I cried. There was so much pain lifted off my shoulders. There was so much relief knowing I had at least one person there that understood me. And I expressed my thanks on that to Carlisle.

"Well that's where your wrong. Jasper will understand everything for a different reason then I do. I studied these things. He lived through a lot that you did also though. The alcoholic parent, and some of the other things even. I think you both would benefit from talking about all this."

As we walked to the kitchen, I had a few extra moments to think about what this wonderful man had said. And when I finally saw Jasper, my tears started again and he came to me and put his arms around me. After a second I pointed up the stairs and he got the hint. We left his family in the kitchen to prepare food for everyone as we retreated to Jasper's room once again. I looked up to him as I took one of his hands in mine.

"Ok. Im ready to talk."


Right….sooo…. One reason I havnt updated in forever is because of all the people getting their stories deleted. The rest of this chapter, that im now rewriting, was rated M. Had child abuse, sexual themes, and such in it. And im afraid to post it in fear of being deleted. Soooo… im redoing it. Against my will. Because I really had no clue how to do it without the graphic parts. So im dumbing it down…. Anyway…see you gusy soon!