The Mighty Lu Bu Proudly Presents

The Sequel to Duel Nature

Duel Nature 2: War of the Ancient World

Chapter 1: No Peace

Due to the graphic nature of disclaimers this disclaimer has been removed.

A/N This is the sequel to Dual Nature. The heroes have returned to the world they were stolen from however the world has been irreversibly altered. Xena and Gabrielle travel together but Gabrielle's family and everyone else in Potidaea are now dead. Xena hold the Yin Yang Chakram and Callisto possesses the Dark Chakram. Callisto has given up fighting and now resides with Borias and his son in the Centaur nation. Several of the Gods from the realm of Chaos live now in the world. Callisto's family were brought back from the grave by Chaos.


In the beginning, there was one universe, one dimension, one time. A God more powerful than all others looked at everything and saw that it was nothing. This God, known only as Chance, a recognition of what could happen, may happen, can happen. He forged the original universe. But Chance cannot rule fate.

So he split all his powers and forged two Gods. The first God was known as Order, Goddess of Order, Justice and Consequence. The other God was known as Chaos, God of Chaos, Trial, and Choice. They were made to be husband and wife and their combined universe would watch over and control the universe. It this dual nature of existence that Chance felt could truly maintain and grow the universe.

Once all was created, he looked at everything and saw that it was something. He slept as the world needed him not. But one day he would awaken and see once and for all if duality was truly the best way to maintain a universe.

Order and Chaos loved each other very much, but their dueling natures put them at odds a lot. One day Order became angry at Chaos. It is not known what made her angry, but she was angry. Thus occurred the greatest and most destructive war of all time, and all time that ever will be.

The war was so great that it cracked both time and existence. The universe split into millions of universes, a splitting and expanding that will never stop. Time split into many different timelines creating millions of different timelines in each of these universes. Each event with two or more possible and logical occurrences will split the universe in two or more universes. Thus choice would become the most important part of existence.

However, there is only one Order and one Chaos. The timeline does not split based on their choices or their events. Thus they have the power to drive time in a universe in any direction they wished and no such opposite universe could exist.

In the end, Chaos lost the war to his wife. His wife with tears in her eyes sentenced her husband to a universe of nothingness. But Chaos was too powerful, though he would not return to his home universe; he inhabited millions of universes learning about the world around him. Then deciding he wanted his own universe he created the world of Chaos. That was his universe.

When Callisto struck him down she did not kill him. She could not, no one could, because neither Order nor Chaos can be destroyed, except by Chance. When Chaos died he really returned to the nothingness he had been sentenced to. However, Chaos is too powerful to stay there, so Chaos left, again.

He reentered the world of Xena once more. But discovered he was weakened there. Because he had been beaten by a member of this universe, he could not take form. So he took the body of one of the surviving Gods of his. From there, he vowed, to reenter this world fully. No one limit's the God of Chaos. So he would have his revenge. After all does not revenge belong in the realm of Chaos?


Day 1

A month had passed since they escaped the realm of Chaos as Callisto strode around her village with in the lands of Kaleipus. She wore a long blue dress that reached her ankles. Her hair was still wavy but now neatly maintained. She watched children play in the distance. She smiled at the sight as they were playing kick ball. A boy kicked the ball towards her accidentally.

Callisto caught it with her hand. She threw it back to a boy with sandy blond hair and piercing blue eyes that reminded her very much of Xena. He said smiling, "Thanks Callisto"

Callisto watched closely after Solan, she thought it was the best she could do for Xena for saving her soul. "You're welcome Solan."

She began to walk along some trees as she saw Borias. He was teaching a group of boys archery, telling them what he knew of hunting and telling them stories about Chin and the steppes. Leaving out certain details of course. The boys really liked his vivid description of the beauty of Lao Ma.

For Callisto this last month had been wonderful for her. The Centaurs offered her shelter from enemies she had made in her dark days and helped her finally have peace. For the first time in her life, she felt free.

She still hadn't seen her mother since returning from the realm of Chaos, but her sister came by once. It was a difficult conversation but it helped Callisto a lot to see and speak with her. They came to an understanding as her sister returned home to her mother.

Rumors were everywhere about creatures and monsters. Upheavals of all sorts. There was still Chaos in much of the land. However in Rome emperor Pompeii was making promises for a safe and secure society. There were rumors that Rome would try to attack Greece in the future. He said that his people would bring in the so called anarchists that were burning the country side. Callisto had no concern as it was a former life. However, she did occasionally find herself staring at the field where her gear was buried. She was determined that she would never again raise a sword. She would be responsible for no more pain.


Xena and Gabrielle had not lived a life of peace by any means. They had drifted from battle to battle as they discovered rather painfully that not everything that Chaos created was destroyed when he died. Right now they were tracking a monster of some sort that was attacking merchants along the road. It was described as a hairy six foot tall beast. They had been dealing with these kinds of monsters for the last month. They had slain four so far, they were hoping that this would be the last one.

To make matters worse, Xena and Gabrielle had a battle with some romans that had proven very difficult and stressful for the both of them. Gabrielle had become a little bit distant in the last month. She was still there, but there were times when Xena could see Gabrielle suffering from all the recent events that had taken place. Chief among Gabrielle's struggle was the death of Brutus by the hand of the bard. She could still remember the rage, see the blood, and hear the dagger plunging into his chest.

Another major concern was that Hercules was said to be alive but no one had seen him since the first days after the return from the realm of Chaos. Xena was on her way from northern Greece to investigate it when they ran into the monster.

Yet another issue that was facing them was the reports of a large build warrior who apparently possessed superhuman strength and was massing an army near Corinth. Needless to say, Xena and Gabrielle had a lot on their plate.


Ephiny, regent queen of the Amazons, was sitting in her hut. The Amazons had been lucky; they hadn't suffered too many losses because of Chaos. Still they were on high alert. The world had changed, gods were dead, Artemis was dead. People were alive who shouldn't be. Callisto, sworn enemy of the Amazons, was now an ally. Things were different now; Ephiny frowned, not sure if the changes were a good thing.


On Olympus

Zeus said to Athena who was to the right of him, "Our grip was weakened by Chaos's actions. I know Dahak will soon get loose again, and we need to be ready for that. But we need to be equally prepared for other threats that I feel coming in the horizon. What of the rouge Gods of Chaos?"

Athena said, maintaining an official tone, "Ares and I are working full time to find them, no such luck so far. Odin has not yet replied, but Ra however said there were some disturbances in his region. It could be Chaos's Gods but there is no way to be sure. On top of that Aphrodite is still missing."

Zeus answered maintaining the official manner of the conversation, "Do you have a plan?"

Athena answered, "Yes, I plan to call on my chosen soon and send her into battle against some of these creatures that are causing us problems."

Ares appeared beside her as he chided, "Sis. Please, your chosen? Your chosen is nothing more than a copycat nothing compared to mine."

Athena said with some noted disdain, "Brother… How nice of you to drop in, now please leave." Ares replied "Very nice of you sis. Tell Daddy we are working together and try to keep me out of it."

Zeus interrupted the jousting match with a very cold tone aimed directly at Ares, "I don't like what you're doing with my son."

Ares replied allowing his blatant disrespect for his father come out in his voice, "Well Dad. You're the champion of free will aren't you? It is his choice."

Zeus stood up with electric energy radiating from him as he said, "You know damn well the only reason this is happening is because of what Chaos did to him!"

Hera walked in on the scene as she touched Zeus's shoulder. In reaction to her touch, he calmed down. Ares said, "Well, but the real reason as to why I'm here is you need champion to fix all the things your all afraid to do. Oh, I have one. Xena," He finished emphasizing her name.

Athena said as she gave a dark stare towards her brother, "She wouldn't do anything for you. It's time for you to move on. There's plenty other warriors out there."

Ares smirked, "Oh no sis. There is only one Xena. Your blond haired Harpy is proof of that." Athena did not rise to the insult.

Zeus sat down as he finally said, "Xena is amazing and Callisto did slay Chaos. You both will use your chosen to fix our problems." Ares and Athena nodded as they teleported away.

Zeus turned toward his wife who sat at his side asking, "Hera, what do you think?"

Hera sighed as she said, "I think that these mortals as amazing as they are, can't stem this tide."

Zeus said hoping that his wife was wrong, "We will see who is right. Won't we?"


It was late in the afternoon as the sun was going down. Callisto was going to spend some time with the new man in her life. She had feelings for Borias but the two never really worked out. Then an exwarrior named Gregory came into her life. He made her feel good to be alive again. He was funny, happy and had a dark past he regretted. They had something in common. But she still had strong feelings for Borias.

Callisto was walking with him when she heard a sound back in town. Callisto looked around old instincts kicking in. They were the sounds of an attack. She shouted, "The village!" She ran quickly leaving Gregory behind her in surprise.

About two minutes or so of intense running, she was back in town. A group of warriors were tearing apart the village. Callisto watched in horror as some archers fired on the Centaur defenders, killing them. Callisto ran into action to save her village. She wasn't going to allow Cirra to happen again. Gregory was several feet behind her, just arriving. Callisto shouted as she ran to a soldier grabbing, his wrists twisting them in such a way that a loud crack was heard as the soldier shouted in pain. She grabbed another soldier by the arm and popped her fist into the elbow, breaking it, as she tripped him with her feet. She knocked him out with a kick to the head.

She charged another soldier who was about to kill an old woman. She grabbed his sword arm pulling it back, dislocating his shoulder. She then threw him to the ground with ease. She did a roundhouse kick on another man sending him to the ground, mouth bleeding.

She looked about, searching for more enemies, but instead she saw something that made her heart leap with joy. It was Hercules. He was not in traditional grab as he was instead dressed in dark leather. Her heart sunk when she saw his next action. He grabbed a villager and threw him into a house as she punched a woman in the chest sending her back. Callisto ran up to him shouting. "Hercules, what the hell are you doing?" Hercules grabbed Callisto and threw her several feet back.

As she struggled to get up she saw Gregory charge after Hercules as another man killed him. Callisto shouted, "noooo!" He fell down dead.

Then a voice shouted, "We found him!" A man ran out carrying Solan who was trying to struggle but it was all in vain.

Hercules said with a growl, "Good. Mount up, we are leaving!" Then Borias came out with sword in hand screaming. He took an arrow in the chest and was knocked unconscious by the handle of a sword from a warrior behind him. Callisto had barely managed to get to her feet as the army mounted up, leaving as fast as they arrived.

She ran to Gregory. He was dead. Then she ran to Borias. Relieved to see he wasn't dead to, she asked, "Borias? Borias are you alright?"

Borias turned about and said, "I'll live," He said as he broke the end off of the arrow that neared his shoulder and pushed it through. He then turned away from Callisto, so she could pull it the rest of the way out. Callisto then took a piece of wood that was on fire and cauterized it. Callisto asked, "Where is Kaleipus?"

Borias replied difficultly, "East, visiting Tildas."

Borias said as he fought his way back to his feet, "I'm going to get my son back."

Callisto said, "Oh no, you need to heal. I'll go."

Borias shouted, "Don't tell me what to do! That monster has my child!"

Callisto said, "Then I am going with you!"

Borias replied loudly, "I go myself!"

Callisto replied sternly, "No. I care about Solan to, and they killed Gregory. I am coming and that's final."

Borias eyed the blonde woman as he said, "We leave immediately."

Callisto said, "Yes. I have to get my gear."


Minutes later Callisto dug up her chest with her gear. She stripped off her village grab until she was completely nude. A tear rolled down her cheek as she pulled out her leather skirt putting it on. Then she put her top on. She reached in grabbing and then putting on her boots.

She picked up the dark chakram, hooking it at her side. She took her dagger and its sheath strapping it at her waist. She took her sword in hand as she put the sheath on herself. She removed the sword from the sheath, studying it closely. Callisto, the warrior queen would not sleep the sleep of peace for a long time. Not until it was over, if it ever would be.