It has been one night since. No orders, nothing. I sat on my chair comfortably as I began to muse. It's not like my endless musing has been solved already. Yesterday's conversation made me think over my decision to become their servant, on why I'm being loyal to them, et cetera. It's not like I don't know it myself, but I was just thinking that I might regret it.

But I do think it was not a really bad decision after all.

Suddenly, someone seems to be knocking my door just now. I raised my eyebrow. "Come in.". Celes, the policewoman, came in hesitantly. "Master?"

I looked at her and grinned. "What is it?"

"Lady Integral ordered us to go to the place that she had told us two days ago. The riot has started already." Celes told me with a serious expression on her face. So, it must be a troublesome one isn't it? I smiled in an amusement.

"I see… You may go now, perhaps your comrades are waiting for your presence." I tilted my head slightly, smirking at her.

"What about you, Master?" the policewoman blinked.

"I am waiting for the direct order. Now go, don't waste your precious time here." I united both of my arms and feet, still smirking at her.

"Yes." she nodded then turned back. She took a side-glance at me before she closed the door. I closed my eyes as I grinned to myself. Finally.

The phone rang suddenly. I stood up from my chair to receive it. I took the phone and answered it.

"It's your servant…"

The other side answered. "Have you received the order?"


"The Judas priest is there too."

I smiled. "I figured."

"Then go. Search, and destroy. It's an order."

Then the connection closed.

The thrills of the future fight excited me. I raised my head and placed the phone back to its place. I grinned.

"Yes. My master."


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