Sebastian stepped lightly over the bloodied corpse on the floor. "That was rather mean," He told the demon before him. Said demon smirked, and licked the blood daintily from his fingers. "Was it?" He asked innocently. Sebastian's eyes narrowed slightly. "She was after all, the child of your former fiancée," Sebastian chided the young demon. He snorted, rolled his crimson eyes, and then smirked at Sebastian. "My former fiancée," he reminded the demon. "If you expecting me to stop merely because she was something from a former life, I am afraid you were mistaken," He said smugly.

Sebastian allowed a smirk of his own to crawl across his features. "Oh, I didn't expect you to stop, young master, I just though perhaps it was a bit too cruel for you to lie to her like that," He no longer sounded condescending, merely amused. "As well as steal her virginal lips," Sebastian tutted, his smile growing ever wider and darker. "How naughty," He finished with a deep throated chuckle that even the former earl could not match.

The little demon still played the innocent lamb. "Oh? What lie would you be referring to now, dear Sebastian?" He asked, his smug grin giving it away. "Why, first you told her you had not murdered her family, then made her believe she did it herself," Sebastian told the shorter demon. "She positively lost it there at the end," He said, his face full of false sympathy. "Is that so?" The red eyed earl asked his tone close to condescending. "The poor girl," He said, his mouth turning to a small pout before returning to its dark grin.

The elder demon nearly cackled with laughter at the little earls reactions. He may have lost a meal, but truly, his small charge was proving to be a larger entertainment then he had though would have been possible. The young demon was truly learning quite well, or perhaps it was a part of his personality he had stored away, believing it not fitting behavior for an earl. "Sebastian," The little earl said in a clipped tone. "We are leaving." The raven haired demon grinned. "Yes my lord."