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In this fanfic Cornelia is viceroy of Area 11 cause I don't like Clovis so I let him rules some other Area. One more thing I'll try to stay in character but it will probably not be most of the time. Sorry if it doesn't

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"Your highness we have arrive at Ashford Academy" says a man will black hair and glasses, as he opened the limo door and bowed.

"Thank you Guilford my knight." Replied the Second Princess of Britannia Cornelia li Britannia as she steps out of the limo following behind her a pink hair princess Euphemia li Britannia.

"Sister why are we here?" asks Euphemia as she looks at the large school amazed at how big it is.

"We are here because I want to visit the only Britannian school in Area 11." Replied Cornelia, and they started walking towards the gate. When they reach the gate two girls met them. One of them had blond hair, and other orange

"Hello your highness my name is Milly Ashford I am the student council president." said the aqua blue eye blond hair girl. And then she nudges the orange hair girl to speak.

"And my name is…is… Shirley Fenette I am in the student council." Stuttered the emerald eye orange hair girl.

"We will give you a tour of Ashford Academy, please follow us your highness." Said Milly as she motions the princesses and the knight to go ahead. As the tour goes on the Cornelia started to notice something that bothers her.

"Excuse president but can I ask you something?" ask Cornelia as she looking around the school ground.

"Sure what is it?"

"Are there any other member in the student council? Because I don't see anyone else but you two."

"Yes there are but they are busy right now and couldn't be here. I apologize for their absences. Now then lets continue with our tour."


Somewhere on the road…there are two schoolboys in a motorcycle driving back to Ashford Academy after finishing a chess match.

"Hey Lelouch why did you move your king first in the match against the noble?" asks a blue hair boy

"Rivalz if the king doesn't lead then how to you think its subordinates will follow." Replied Lelouch not taking his eyes of the book he is reading. When they reach Ashford Rivalz parked his motorcycle.

"Here is your share. 15% for driving me" Said Lelouch as he take out a pack of money and handed it to Rivalz.

"Thanks Lelouch, but seriously you watch out Shirley worried about you, and you know her she." Replied Rivalz as he gladly took the money from Lelouch.

"Hey Lelouch isn't today the day that the viceroy is visiting Ashford?"

"REALLY! Dang I totally forgot."

"dammit! Dammit! Dammit! How did I forget that Cornelia was going to visit today dammit! I can't get caught, if I do then that bastard of a father will use me again and I don't want to think about what he ganna to do Nunnally. Nunnally I can't let them use her I won't let anyone harm her! I need to think of something quick before it's too late." Lelouch taught to himself in fear and worry.

"Hey Lelouch are you alright?" lelouch turns to see Rivalz with a worry look on his face.

"Here's my chance," Lelouch taught

"I'm feeling pretty sick right now can you tell Milly that I won't be able to join them with their tour, and tell her that I will be in a room taking a rest."

"uhmmm alright it you say so hope you feel better soon Lelouch" said Rivalz as he turns around and started heading toward the school. When Rivalz was out of Lelouch's site took out his phone and dial a number.

"Sayoko bring Nunnally back home immediately, the royal family is here on a school visit and I don't want them to catch us. Hurry! I will see you at home. And Sayoko don't let anyone hurt Nunnally." Said Lelouch, and when he finished he quickly put his phone away and started running.


"Excuse me miss but we have to go your brother wants us home he says that it is important." Sayoko whispers to the long almond hair blind, and cripple girl who is Lelouch beloved sister Nunnally.

"uhm ok if you say so Sayoko." Replied Nunnally. Then Sayoko pushes the wheelchair out of the classroom and toward the small building in the side of the school.


During the tour Milly spots the blue hair student council member walking around in the hallway.

"Hey Rivalz over here!" Milly yells arcoss the hall making Rivalz to look up and turn to their direction. He then started walking towards them. And bow to Cornelia and Eupiemia.

"Hey Rivalz what took you so long?" ask Milly.

"Well you know the usual." Reply Rivalz with a smile on his face.

"Well if you are here then…."

"HEY RIVALZ WHERE WERE YOU, AND WHERE LELOUCH! YOU GUYS BETTER NOT HAVE BEEN GAMBLEING AGAIN!" yell Shirley as she took his collar and started to shake him violently making his head shake back and forth. This causes both the princesses to flinch a little hearing the name of their dear brother who died years ago. Milly started to cringe when she saw the both Cornelia and Eupiemia face expression.

"Dang Shirley couldn't you keep you mouth shut!" Milly taught to herself.

"Lelouch said that he isn't feeling good right now, so he is at home resting." Replied Rivalz as he is trying to get some air from all the constant crazy shaking from Shirley sudden outburst. As the tour goes on they have been to everywhere at the school but except a section of the school that is restricted to everyone.

"Excuse me president but what is in that area over there?" pointing at the building that is next to the school. Cornelia was curious just like any other person would be seeing a building at school ground with a restricted sign around it.

"Oh uhmm welllll that's is where we store our festival belonging and were we have our student council meetings. We keep it restricted so that no one would dare go in." Milly quickly reply thinking of excuses along the way. "Well then shall we head back to the front of the school?" Milly suggests as she tries to get the princesses to turn away from the house Lelouch is living in. Just then in the corner of her eyes Milly saw the widen eyes on both Cornelia and Eupiemia, as she read their lips her eyes widen and she turn around to see the student council vice president running into the house.

"Dammit! Dammit! Dammit! How did it end up like this! You better get out of there fast before anything happens." Milly taught to herself as she cringe and look towards the still shock princess sisters.

"Lelouch?" Cornelia and Eupiemia whisper in a small tone that only they could hear it.

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