A/N: I just had this sudden urge of wanting to translate my other Chinese SoRoku fanfics into English and post here after I finished playing Re:Coded. This one was actually written like nine months back then when I finished Japanese version of BbS. My mind was so obsessed by Vanitas at the time and I really wanted to write something about him and Sora. Well, the title Emptiness, as you all probably know by now, Vanitas in Latin means "emptiness". And Sora's name if written in Japanese Kanji/Chinese Character is the exact same character meaning "emptiness" as well. Technically, Sora and Vanitas have the exact SAME name in Japanese/Chinese. And Nomura did it on purpose! xD Okay, what does it have to do with this story? You'll see and find out. Sorry for the very short prologue. It just takes more time to translate everything into English but I'm working on it. (BTW, I'm also working on "Heartless", the sequel to "Unversed" at the same time. Anyone still remember Unversed? I know I've been away for a while but now I'm back to fanfic writing again. :D )

Again, this is a Shounenai/Yaoi fanfic, Sora x Roxas (and implied Vanitas x Ventus), Sora as the seme (though they won't get to that stage quite yet xD). Don't like don't read.

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Hahahahahahah! You pathetic useless waste! You are good for nothing. Nothing you can do!

No! I won't let you harm him, not him!

Sora couldn't keep track how many times he suddenly woke up from such nightmares. He found himself sitting on his own bed once consciousness resumed its position in his brain. He was panting, heavily, clothes soaked in cold sweats. Night breeze coming from the half-opened window next to his bed cooled down him a bit. No, he felt chilly, a chill in his back, running down along his spine. And Sora was not sure whether the chill was either from the night breeze, or was caused by that sick, insane, psychotic laughter that was still echoing around his ears.

That psychotic laughter was his nightmare.

Sora didn't realize he had put one of his hands in front of his chest where the heart was supposed to be until he tried to slow down his abnormally accelerated heartbeats - speeded up due to a fear he couldn't quite explain. But the very next moment his heart just skipped a beat, a sudden sharp pain from where the heart should be attacked him, causing his hand grasping on his chest hard. Nails were digging into flesh, creating little pricking which could hardly be any distraction from the unbearable pain that was throbbing in his chest, in his heart.

Fucking shit.

Sora cursed mentally. His body couldn't help but curling into a ball because of the enormous amount of pain.

That fucking bastard! There's no way I'm letting him out, letting that monster out! I won't give him a single chance to hurt anyone, to hurt him!

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