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12 P.M, Monday, The Loft

Michael called just now. He wanted me to go to the lakeside with him today. I wonder why? I mean, we just met yesterday and well...we talked. We talked about Grandmere, Mom, his family, Lilly, mostly about Lilly. But all that time I never told him how I felt about the pressure that grandmere was putting on me to get married. You know, I am the next ruler of Genovia and as per tradition, a princess of Genovia have to get married at the age of ,I am 21 and I am currently a senior at Colombia has been pressurizing me from the day I turned whom will I marry. Of course, the man who has been in my dreams from my 1st ,when he told me that he loved me over 4 years ago, I was well...,how could I tell Michael that Grandmere wants me to get married! She would be now going through the pictures and profiles of the future consort of the princess of Genovia with the Royal Event Planner of Genovia,Vigo, the man behind my mom's awesomely planned wedding with Frank-my algebra teacher, which unfortunately did not take place as my mom and Frank eloped to Mexico and got married there.

Oh well, I would worry about them later...I have got a date with Michael.

7 P M, The Lakeside


I walked over to the lakeside from the limo. Even though Lars was nice and so protective of me, he never invaded my privacy and so I was alone. I actually felt thankful to him.

So I walked over and the first thing I saw was a round table for two, with candles and glasses.

That is so , because it was Michael,I totally loved it. So I walked up to him. He was standing, facing the lake. As I approached he turned. How had he known I was there?

"You look gorgeous." he said.

I blushed and smiled at him. I made a mental note to thank Tina who chose this dress for me. I had hated this night blue off the shoulder dress when she drew it out of my wardrobe.

"Tina," I had complained."Why should I wear this thing? Micheal never cares what I wear. There is no need of this."

"Mia."Tina had said in an exasperated voice."You are so not romantic. In those books I have read, when girl goes to a date, she dresses beautifully. I have tried that out myself and it worked."

So I sat there in my room, infront of my dresser, while Tina played hairstylist and cosmetician with a result, my normally straight hair is curled up in the end, and my eyes are blue.

But Tina was right. I did not look like an liked it.

He grabbed my hand and led me to a chair. I sat down, elegantly like a princess, otherwise Grandmere would kill walked over to the other side and grabbed something from under the table. It took me only a second to realize what it was. Michael opened the bottle of champagne with a pop and poured it into two glasses. He gave a glass to me. I never drank, but just because Michael offered it, I took it with a smile and took a sip. Not bad. It was not that great but definitely not bad. So we sat there for what seemed like hours and then finally he got up. I noticed I had emptied the glass of walked over to me and kissed my hands.Then, he kneeled and took out a velvet box from his pocket.

And that was when knew what he was going to do. He was going to...

I held my breath as Michael said.

"Princess Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldi, will do you do the honour of being my wife by marrying me?"

I was .It was like the without the champagne.

"Yes."I finally said.

"Michael Moscovitz, I will love to to be your wife."

Michael grinned at me as he slipped the ring on my finger and kissed me; long and hard. Soon we were kissing passionately.

Look Grandmere, I have found my consort, even though he is not royal...

11 A.M Tuesday, In the limo.

When I woke this morning, I felt so stupid. I had thought the whole thing was a dream before I looked at the beautiful engagement ring on my , Michael had really proposed to me last night. I immediately got out of bed and dragged myself to the shower. I quickly showered and walked to the living , Frank and Rocky was there. Rocky had just begun to speak things like Mia, sister , he had never managed to utter the word 'mom'. Maybe it was because I was the one who would remind my mom to feed him. It's not a big thing you know, considering that my mom is the person who kept stuffing the electricity bill in the salad bowl, until one I yelled at her for doing s. was shocked for a day, but the next day, she went on being the harebrained mom I know.

I wanted to tell them my news,but I would tell Grandmere first so that she would stop searching for future consorts for me.

So I called and arranged Lars and the limo to meet me at the ,as I am sitting in this enormous car,I feel relaxed and happy that Michael had finally done what I wanted him to do...oh,I don't know...probably my whole life.

2 PM,The Plaza,

Okay,Grand mere is off the rocker.I walked into the Plaza and found,just as I thought,Grandmere,huddled together in conversation with none other than course I had been right.I have known Grand mere too she sawme,they stopped talking.

"Amelia."she said in French as I sat down on one of her pink couch.

"As we discussed earlier,it is time that you get married and produce a heir to and I were just discussing about that you should take a look at the..."but before she could complete,I interupped her.

"There is no need grand has already proposed to me."

Grand mere looked as if I had said something her face lightened up.

"Really?Why did you not tell me and made me search these could have told me that someone has proposed to who is this person?Why did you not tell me could have..."

Realizing that she was not going to stop any time soon,I interuppted her again.

"Wow,slow down Grand proposed to me only yesterday."

"Michael?"Grand mere's ears perked up at the name.

"Michael Moscovitz?"

"Yeah."I what is the problem with Michael?Grandmere liked him.

"Oh good."she said,practically jumping up and down

I smiled at Grand mere's Grand mere is taken care only people left is Mr and Mrs Moscovitz,Mom,Frank and Lilly.Lilly.I dread my god,I am getting Lilly as my future sister in law!You gain something,you lose 's life

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