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2nd November, 12.30 a.m, Genovian Royal Jet.

Ah, that was nice.

Right after the wedding, we went to the Plaza for the reception. I didn't know most of them. I have a strong feeling that Grandmere had invited them. Some even wore large turbans on their heads, which made me think that they were from the from the Royal Family of Monaco. I also saw the head of that Transylvanian Prince, who made appearance in last night's rehearsal dinner.

As we sat down for the toasts, dad got up and cleared his throat.

Quite contrary to the effect that it had when I did it last night, everybody turned to look at him. Maybe it was be because dad had an ENOURMOUSLY LOUD voice.

"Ah, I would like to extend my heartiest congrats to my daughter and her prince." I smiled at him.

Of course, he didn't mean the prince thing literally. He meant that Michael is my , literally yes, he is my prince. My Royal Consort to be exact.

HRH Michael Moscovitz

"When Mia introduced Michael to me, 7 years ago, he struck me as very special young man. He had dreams and aspirations that amazed , a few days after they actually started going out, I understood that Michael loves my she loves him too. And then, when Michael went to Japan 5 years ago, it seemed as if he had taken a part along with him. She was never the same"

I looked at dad uncomfortably and then at Michael. He was looking at me with this confused expression.

Michael didn't know about the depression and therapy thing. And mark my words; he is certainly going to ask.

"But when he came back and they got together, no one was happier than me, because my daughter had finally found back her lost love. I am so happy for you both and I am sure you will keep my daughter happy, Michael."He finished nodding his head towards Michael."

Michael smiled at him. He always knew how to charm my dad.

Shortly after the dinner, it was time for dance. I was excied, as it was the first time that we are dancing since we got married.

So when we got to the stage, there was a huge round of applause. And the when the song started, I looked at Michael, with a startled expression.

"A Tall Drink of Water?" I asked him, my voice filled with emotion.

He grinned at me.

"Well, this song certainly did have a great place in our life. So I thought, well, it would be just right if we danced to this song. Don't you think so?"

In answer to his question, I merely kissed him.

Soon the song ended and I found myself being claimed Boris, while Tina danced with Kenny, Lilly with Hank. To my surprise, I also saw dad dancing with Ruth and Mom with was dancing with, I had to laugh at this, and was dancing with a colleague of his.

One after the other, the songs ended, and for each song, I found myself with other , Morty, Kenny, Frank and…

And then suddenly, I felt a hand on my shoulders. I turned and my jaws fell open. Standing in front of me was John-Paul Reynolds Abernathy was smiling at me.

"Hey."He said.

I couldn't open my mouth. I was mortified.

I saw that Michael had noticed J.P and he was hurrying over to us. His jaws set; he looked as if he was going to hit J.P.

I shot him a warning look.

"J.P, what are you doing here?" I asked J.P.

He grinned at me as if explaining something simple.

"You see, your grandmother invited me and my dad to your wedding."

I looked around. Sure enough, J.P's dad, John-Paul Reynolds Abernathy III stood a little distance away, talking with Grand'Mere very animated discussion, if you ask me.

J.P's dad was waving his hands above his head as he spoke,

"So, you guys got married, huh?"He said a sad smile on his lips.

Michael grew stiff beside me.


"Well congrats to you both. I hope you will be happy." he said.

I looked at him in surprise.

"Thanks J.P."

He grinned at both of us and walked towards his dad. I looked at Michael.

His eyes were following J.P's retreating back. I knew trouble was in store.

"Just let it go Michael." I said, grabbing his hands. "It's over now. I am yours now."

"I know." he sighed. "It's just that, everything he did to you and to Lilly just makes me want to hit him."

"I know. Just drop it okay." I said, squeezing his hands.

After a couple of hours, or what seemed like an eternity to me, Tina grabbed me by my hand and pulled me.

"What the-"I sputtered out, as we were joined by Lana, Trisha and Shameeka in the corridor.

"Mia, shut up." the four of them yelled at me.

Finally, we reached a room and Lana turned to me.

"Alright Mia, you have to take off your gown now. We have to get you into this dress." she said, holding up a dark blue, knee length gown, with a black ribbon.

"Why." I asked.

"Well, obviously, you are not going the whole way to Greece in that gown, are you?" asked Trisha

So they helped me , they untied my hair and removed my makeup. They put on new, lighter makeup on my face and left my hair as it is.

As we reached the ballroom, I saw that Michael had also changed. He was now wearing a dress shirt and pants.

He held out his hands and I grabbed.

We walked to the entrance of the Plaza, where reporters covered us like they were some kind of bees, looking for honey. But luckily, the NYPD was called in to control the crowd.

Our families and friends threw rice at us.

I remember what dad told me about Princess Alice, mother of Prince Philip of England. When Czar Nicholas II of Russia got a little too carried away, pelting Alice with rice at her 1903 wedding to Prince Andrew, she got him to cut it out by grabbing a shoe and whacking him on the head with it a few times.

I certainly didn't want to whack those who pelted me with rice.

Anyway, even if I wanted to, I couldn't. There were so many people around here. It turns out that even the reporters were throwing rice at us.

Through all these rice falling at us like arrows, we finally reached the waiting limo. Just as Michael opened the door for me to enter, I stopped.

"Wait." I said, and turned.

"Okay, I am now going to throw my it if you can." I added to my cluster of friends' right in the front. They all nodded their heads eagerly.

So I turned to face Michael, grinned at him and threw my bouquet as hard as I could.

I turned to see who had got the bouquet.

I turned to see…

Lilly holding the bouquet in her hands.

She gave me a confused look. I winked at her and got into the limo.

Ah, a world with just history, gods and goddesses, beaches and Michael awaited me.

3rd November, 11.30 am local time, an unknown beach in Athens, Greece.

I, Mrs Mia Moscovitz, married to the inventor of the CradioArm, Michael Moscovitz, for exactly a day and a half, am officially busted.

I mean, I knew I was going to be, on account of my dad, thanks to his speech, made my husband aware of the fact that I had been depressed about his going to Japan for two years and I had that therapy and all that stuff.

If I went to Dr.K again, he would just begin on about some horse of his named Carlo or a pony named Alexis. (Who names their horse Dusty and Sugar and Pancho anyways?)

So as I was sitting in a deck chair in this beautiful chair, with nothing but the, ahem, private affairs of last night in my mind, when suddenly Michael went,

"Mia, what was your dad saying about on our wedding day. You know, about me taking a part of you with me?"

I looked at him, choking on the drink I was having. He patted me on the back and went.


I knew I had to tell him. I mean, he had to know he married a girl who had been in therapy for almost two years. Even though I was in therapy because of him. But whatever.

"It is nothing Michael. Dad just…"

But Michael's eyes narrowed, reminding me of Lilly.

He knew I was going to lie.

"Well," I said, defeated."Well, when you went to Japan, it was like…"

"Like what?" he asked, impatiently.

"I-I got all depressed." I watched as Michael's face went blank, as if in confussion."Literally, I was depressed. I stayed away from school for a week, did not call anyone. Everyone thought I was suicidal or something. I didn't even bath for a week. I wouldn't leave my bed. And then dad took me to this cowboy therapist who told me about all the horses and ponies he ever owned."

I looked at Michael to see how he was taking the situation.

He was looking a bit sad of making me depressed like that. And I guess he was fighting off laughter because of my mention of Dr.K mentioning his ponies."

"Really?" he finally asked.


He finally pulled me close to him and said.

"Mia, I am so sorry to have caused you such an emotional pain. I am so sorry."

He held me, just like that for a minute, and then I pulled back.

"Michael, I am fine now."

He took me in his arms and I gasped.

"Michael, what are you doing?"

"Making up for the lost time…"

And then, we walked back to our room.

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