Hey guys,please first Bride Wars story.

Liv's POV

I looked at Nate and were dancing together.

Hey,I thought,Nate,that's my best friend.

It was as if Daniel could read my mind,because he said at that moment.

"Why don't we let them go."

"Hmmm,"said I."Why do I think that I married someone smarter than myself."
And then we kissed.

Emma's POV

I was standing near a table,watching as Liv and Daniel make such a cute than me and Fletcher anyway.I now realized that me and Fletcher weren't...well,we weren't meant together,like Liv and Daniel.

Just then,Nate came over me and asked.

"Do you want to dance?"

"Yes."I said.

It was as if he read my mind.I would have been dancing with Fletcher ,now I get to dance with somebody.

We moved to the dance floor and started went on for a long time and then Nate finally said.

"I am sorry know,about you and Fletcher."

Everybody's sorry Nate,I wanted to tell,But I had to correct my mistakes.

"No."I said."Don't be and me were not meant to be together.I should have realized that ,I wouldn't have been standing here wearing my mom's torn wedding dress ,and cat fighting with my best friend on mine and her's wedding is my fault.I was in a hurry to get married and start a family and do that happily ever after thing from the fairy tales that I never saw the reality.I was a real idiot.I should have realized what Fletcher wanted."

I looked into Nate's eyes and saw something in was not sympathy or else.I also realized this is the first time I have talked to anyone other than Nate has got Liv's listening ability and the patience,which Liv dosen't have.

We danced again for a couple of minutes and that's when the music ended and Liv and Daniel climbed on to the passed Daniel a held it to his mouth and began.

Danile's POV

I had the microphone in my hand.I held to my mouth and began.

"Ladies and ,that is to say,me and my beautiful wife,Liv,thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for all of you to be present in this is a very big day for the both of us and it has been made even more special by two that is not for me to Liv,will you?"

Liv's POV

Daniel passed me the mike.I took it from him and smiled at him.

"Well"I began."I am not usually good at these kind of ,I do presentation but not ,as I stand here with my husband,I feel that I have to speak about those two wonderful people whom I was fortunate enough to get in my first is my best friend,Emma Allan."I pointed at her."As many of you gathered around here probably know,we two had a fight over this whole wedding I am sure all of you witnessed the squabble we had earlier today."I felt my face grow hot.

"But we have been together for the last twenty years and had been dreaming of this over these days,when we were fighting,she made me realize a very important don't have to be always ahead of you Emma,for making me realize this little girls in us have always dreamed of our wedding day.I have got mine.I am sure that you'll get yours one you can be sure of me to be at your side on that day."

I watched as Emma's eyes filled with tears,as everybody smiled at me and I smiled back.I realized I had tears in my eyes too.I wiped it away and continued.

Nate's POV

Liv wiped her .I had never seen her cry just then,I saw Emma crying ,why do women always cry.

But Liv continued.

"Next,I want thank my dearest brother was,well,very supportive during this crazy is also a very great ,you have made me the luckiest and proudest sister today.I am proud of you bro."
The crowd clapped and I felt my cheeks grow hot.

"Liv..."I said.

But she merely grinned at well,it is not everyday your younger sister get married.