Another of the thing the bride is allowed to for again,with the help of the.I have the best brides maid in the whole ,that is to say,me and Liv,walked through the roads,with me protesting.

"Liv,you know I want to wear mom's dress for the wedding."

Liv looked at me with that exasperated look of hers.

"Emma,have you forgotten that I have already torn your mom's dress?"

She said it with a sheepish grin.

So we walked into the biggest boutique I have ever was full of wedding kinds of dresses.

Ya,I have been to purchase Liv's wedding that was a different place.

"So Emma,what do you think?"said Liv

I turned to face Liv.I guessed my eyes were shining like the fourth of July because Liv grinned.

"Right."she said."Let us see."

So for the next 4 hours,we spend our time in the boutique,during which we were joined by Deb.

The first thing was Deb's bridesmaid ,that was the most easiest as Deb herself chose it,looking over just four dresses.

She chose a black,strapless knee length dress with a white ribbon looked great on her as she lost lots of weight since the last wedding.

Liv was more difficult to choose.

Both of us liked a blue one and a lavender was very finally,we chose the blue one.

Well,the only one left was me.

Finally,finally after hours of trying out like hundreds of dresses,I selected ,we selected looked so beautiful that both of us immediately fell in love with it.

It was a beautiful dress,and I hate to admit it,but it was nicer looking than my mom's.I loved it very much and so did we bought that.

We walked out of the boutique and suddenly I slapped my hands to my forehead.

"Liv."I said,as I snapped my mobile shut."I need to go home.I have got something really important to do.

"Why so urgent?"said Liv.

"Liv,but I gotta is really important."

"Okay,I will drop the things later when I come with Daniel."

So I grabbed a taxi and within fifteen minutes,I was in our apartment.I walked inside to find Nate standing in the balcony,a drinking from a bottle of empty bottles were piled together beside ,he had been drinking a lot.

"Nate?"I called."Honey?What happened?"

Nate turned.

"Nate."I called."What happened?"

"Emma,dad called today."

Oh,so that is .Lerner and Nate did not go along well.

"And?"I asked

"He apologized to congratulated me."

"Well,that is what is all this?"

"I am happy called me."

He hugged me.I hugged him was a long time since his dad called him.

"So what did you do today?"

I Know it is short,but I promise the next chapter will be long...And to see Liv's,Emma's and Deb's dresses,just see my profile.