By: A Villainess Foul

A Twilight Fanfiction by Villainess Foul © 2010

Title: Instinct

Author: Villainess Foul

Rating for overall fic WILL be 'M' for mature for future sexual situations and violence.

Rating for this chapter: T (for mild swearing and Violence)

Summary: I take over at the beginning of New Moon. It was instinctual for vampires to find their mates and When Bella cut her finger, Jasper got a whiff of her blood and knew...that she would be his.

Pairing: Jasper/Bella, Emmett/Rosalie, Carlisle/Esme, Charlie/Sue, Jacob/Alice, Edward and The werewolves are going to be my wildcards. Who knows what the fuck I'll end up doing with those guys. lol.

NOTE: That while this fic starts off pretty mild, for the most part it WILL get graphic so if you're a teenager under 17 with a healthy sense of moral values, I will advise you not to get too attached to this fanfic because lets face it the rating will go up, and when it does, it will psychologically mind fuck you bend you over and then viciously rape everything you have ever known.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Twilight, or it's franchises. Stephenie Meyer does. Trust me if I did Edward wouldn't have been such a controlling pussy and Breaking Dawn wouldn't have happened at all. Because lets all face it...there were ten kinds of WRONG smothered all in it's contents.

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It all happened at once in a flurry of motion, but like any other life or death situation time seemed to slow to a near crawl and stretch on forever...

I was there standing in a room full of ravenously hungry vampires... with one hell of a paper cut.

Smooth Bella... real smooth.

I watched in near horror as Jasper seemed to fixate on me, his golden brown eyes burning into my own, at first I thought he was looking at me as if he was going to eat me... but the passion and intensity behind the gaze told me other wise.

The sudden snarled out "No!" seemed to catch us both off guard as we turned to face Edward.

Edward must of sensed something, because without warning he shoved me back, sending me flying into the table. It fell as I did scattering the cake and presents, the flowers and the plates. Glass rained down as I landed on a mess of scattered crystal.

Jasper moved then, snarling and ready to attack. He slammed into Edward and the sound vaguely reminded me of what a crash of boulders would sound like in a rock slide.

Jasper desperately trying to get passed Edward and take a nice big bite out of me was what it would have looked like to anyone else in the room. However as in all life and death situations I could make out the little things. The small almost unnoticeable detail that would escape anyone else... and it was then that a startling realization smashed onto me like a ton of bricks.

Jasper wasn't trying to eat me... he was trying to attack Edward!

Startled and wanting so badly to get up, I tried, only to end up falling on my arm and slicing it open from all the glass on the floor.

I looked from my wounded arm to stare at the six suddenly very still vampires staring back at me. The only thought I had at this point was oh damn.

Emmett was quick to grab Jasper from behind, pulling him back and keeping him in place with those steel bands he liked to call arms. It was also at that moment I really wished he hadn't, because as soon as Jasper was off of me, Edward turned around. His Topaz colored eyes bared into mine for only a moment, before an oddly wicked grin spread across his face as he flashed his teeth.

Oh sweet Jesus he was going to bite me. The sudden realization squeezed painfully at my heart as I watched him lunge at me...

This is it... I'm really going to die... and by my own soul mate... how ironic.

Quickly clenching my eyes shut I waited for the inevitable. It seemed to be taking an eternity as I merely sat there holding my breath, my heart beating erratically in my chest.

After a few more agonizing moments I continued to wait, refusing to look my death in the face.


The sound of Emmett's voice caught me completely off guard as my eyes sprung open in surprise. Looking around the room I noticed two things at once...

The first and most important thing I noticed was that Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Edward were no longer in the room.

The second was that my arm was bleeding profusely, and it hurt like a bitch.

"E-Emmett?" I questioned, stuttering a little over his name. He must have seen the fear in my eyes because he dropped down to his knees in front of me and embraced me gently, cuddling me as if I were a small child, and at the moment... I felt like one.

"Oh Bella!" I heard Esme wail sadly as she patted my hair. While I enjoyed the comforting gestures, I had to shake off the fear that I was feeling and collect my scattered thoughts. I was so thoroughly confused, and I just wanted answers.

Turning my complete attention to the Vampire who held me in his arms, I knew that if anyone was going to tell me anything, it was going to be Emmett.

"Emmett, what Happened?"

He stilled and I knew that was a bad sign.

"I'm not sure I can tell you."

"Why not?" Now I was really confused. Not sure if he can tell me? I was almost killed! I think I deserve some form of explanation if I almost became food.

"Bella honey, we really need to take care of that arm." Esme cut in quietly as Carlisle walked over and started examining my arm, I could feel the grimace he had on his face more than I could actually see it. I knew my arm had to look nasty.

"There is a lot of glass here, I'm going to have to pull it out and you're definitely going to end up with stitches."

"Can someone please tell me what happened? I think I'm a little entitled to know something." I snapped, my mood turning sour as I realized their attempts to change the subject. Oh no, This was not something I was going to let them easily brush off.

Everyone seemed to exchange some sort of knowing glance, and it would have peeved me off a little if I wasn't so sick with fear and worry.

"Bella..." Emmett began, however the look from Esme cut him off and I nearly growled in annoyance.

"Can you guys at least tell me why Edward was about to make me his dinner?"

"It's complicated dear..." Esme started, " Something... displeased him and well... dear you are his singer and he … lost control."

Oh, that did it. I'm angry now. "Please tell me that isn't the best explanation I'm going to get."

"For now Bella, it is. At least until I can take care of your arm." Carlisle cut in as he stood up and silently motioned Emmett to pick me up. I felt the world shift as I was lifted from the ground and taken toward the kitchen, Carlisle following close behind.

"I'll go get your bag." Esme chimed as she darted off and back so quickly it made my head spin... or maybe it was the loss of so much blood.

Either way I came to the conclusion that I was dizzy and I didn't very much like it.

Emmett set me down gently on one of the kitchen chairs as Carlisle was quick to get to work on my arm. Everything was such a mess and all I wanted to know was what was going on.

"How are you feeling Bella?" Carlisle asked as he did something that made me hiss between my teeth. That really stung.

I considered lying for a second and just settling on a generic 'I'm fine.' answer but I decided against it, I was in rare Bella form this evening and I didn't have it in me to really be nice.

"I feel hurt, betrayed, and a little cheated."

Emmett looked at me with such surprise if it was under any other circumstance I probably would have laughed.


"Really?" I shot back incredulously. "You're really asking me why?"

Carlisle sighed but continued his work on my arm "Just humor me."

"I feel hurt because I was flung back onto a table and landed into a pile of shattered glass. I feel betrayed because the love of my life, the one I was willing to spend eternity with has decided that tonight... my birthday of all nights, would be a good night to make me his dinner. And I feel cheated because no one here is willing to give me a decent explanation on what the hell is going on, and on top of that I feel like throwing up because I'm ridiculously sick with worry."

Wow, I really let it all hang out there. I must be extremely worried to have such verbal diarrhea... but I couldn't help it. I feel like I was nearing some sort of line or breaking point and I just had to... let it out.

Carlisle said nothing as he handed me what appeared to be a painkiller. Without much thought I took it, realizing that I still trusted him explicitly despite everything that has happened tonight.

"Don't worry Bella, You'll get a better explanation as soon as we figure it out."

The way Emmett said that didn't sit too well with me, and if I wasn't starting to feel so incredibly and deliciously numb from the painkiller I'd just taken I might have been thrown into panic.

"You mean to tell me you have no idea what happened either?" I asked surprisingly calm, despite how I have been feeling. I was startled when Carlisle patted my now freshly stitched and bandaged arm affectionately, letting me know he was done.

Wow those painkillers were good, I didn't even notice him stitching me up.

"Not exactly, We have an idea but none of us are certain." Esme stated as she watched me with what would have been tear filled eyes if she were able to still cry.

"Come on Bells," Emmett stated taking me into his arms again "Let me take you home."

I could do nothing but let him take me away. However tomorrow was another day... and I vowed to myself that I would get answers. I needed them, desperately.

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