By: Villainess Foul

Title: Instinct

Author: Villainess Foul

Rating for this One-Shot/Outtake: M 18 + ONLY PLEASE!(For the hot wild wolf sex that is bound to happen)

Summary for Outtake: She left feeling as if he hates her, he chased her because he didn't.

Pairing: Pure Jacob/Alice, slight mention of various other pairings this outtake.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Twilight, or it's franchises. Stephanie Meyer does. Also I do NOT own the song "It's beginning to get to me." That belongs to snow patrol. Which is a pretty awesome band :3

I want something

That's purer than the water

Like we were

It's not there now
Ineloquence and anger
Are all we have

Like Saturn's rings
An icy loop around me
Too hard to hold

(Alice's PoV)

I didn't really expect to end up here, It felt strange to be in a place where Jasper and I spent our 18th honey moon and even weirder to think about him in such an abstract way. For so long we have been together was always Alice and Jasper or Jasper and Alice.

"Here's your key Miss Brandon."

"Thank you." I replied as I took the card key from the conceraige.

I eyed him over quickly then dismissed him just as fast. He was cute but not my type. type was tall, wild, and russet skinned.

I sighed as I hurried into the elevator and thanking the elderly gentleman that was kind enough to hold the door open for me I got lost into my own thoughts.

The future was still blank, which I assumed meant Jacob hasn't given up his search for me. I tapped my foot anxiously at that thought. A very human gesture. Will Jacob still want me? Or is he looking for me out of some sort of revenge? Not knowing what could happen is destroying me on the inside. Never in all of my existence have I been this Uncertain.

I mean I really fucked up back in Forks.

I would be lucky if Jasper wasn't hunting me down, so he could make a bonfire out of my limbs.

The elevator 'dinged' shocking me out of my thoughts as I hurried off and onto my floor.

Everything was just so fucked up and It's my fault. I can admit it.

I slid the key into my door as I walked into my suite.

I sighed, again (something I have been doing a lot lately) as I turned the radio on by my beside and plopped onto the queen sized bed.

I missed Jacob.

I missed his warmth.


And it's beginning to get to me
That I know more of the stars and sea
Than I do of what's in your head
Barely touching in our cold bed

The un shed tears shimmered in my eyes as I listened to the song filling the empty room around me.

I couldn't even blame someone else for this empty loneliness I feel. I brought it all on myself. Due to my selfishness.

A rapid knocking startled me, and before I could even consider getting up to see who it could be the door was kicked open to reveal the last person I thought I'd see.

Jacob stood there, His dark eyes wild as his chest heaved in exertion as if he just came from a heavy run.

I sat up quickly as I felt fear and desire race through me all at once.


"Why?" He gasped out walking into the room as he closed the half broken door behind him.

"I, I'm sor -"

"Save it." Jacob interrupted "I don't want to hear your apologies, I want to hear your reasons why."

"I – I just couldn't face you for what I've done." I whispered facing away from him.

"What do you mean for what you've done?"

I felt him sit next to me on the bed however, I still refused to look at him. "Didn't you see what I did to Bella? Didn't you get my note?"

"No. I felt you leaving. I took off after you as soon as I took Jasper and Peter to their mates...What- What did you do Alice?"

I turned to look at him then, the surprise clearly written on my face. This is my chance. I could lie...convince him to stay out here with me...we could live in blissful ignorance and he'll love me, just like I want him too.

Alice, don't be a fucking idiot.

No...I couldn't do that to him...I couldn't be that cruel.

"I-I turned Bella on your land."

I heard a sharp intake of breath "Why?"

"It was a rash move." I admitted, "I did it because Bella was loosing it over Charlie and I just...didn't know what else to do."

He grabbed me then, startling me as he forcefully pulled me into an embrace.

"You stupid leech."


"What you did was stupid. What was even more stupid is that you thought you had to run from me."

"You're not mad?"

"I'm mad for a lot of things. But I still love you, you are still my Imprint."

And then as if by some magical force, his mouth found mine.

His grip on me loosened as his hands roamed, touching along the small of my back, skimming lightly along the sideline of my jaw. There was no pulse from my throat, no palpitating beats. But it didn't matter—as long as I heard his. He merely continued to touch me, grabbing my short, silky hair into his palms.

It felt like heaven having his scorching hot lips upon my icy ones. He was always so deliciously hot. As if he were burning me from in the inside out.

I heard tearing noises and was only vaguely aware that it was the Gucci dress I was wearing. I wanted to say something but couldn't find the strength in myself to actually care for the poor, now tattered garment that was being viciously ripped from my body. All I could think about – focus on was his hot burning hands as he palmed my breasts.

We were different. Jacob and I. Two being that were never meant to be together, mortal enemies.

Yet here we were, discarding our clothes in a frenzied fashion, trying desperately to get closer.

He wanted me, and I was going to give myself to him.

He lays us down on the bed, both of us naked as he kissed a hot trial down the length of my body. I reached for his shoulders, wanting to pull him up to me so I could kiss him, but instead he settles himself between my legs. His fingers stroking and moving in and out of my pussy at a maddeningly slow pace. Teasing me in ways that had me gasping despite the fact that I didn't need air. I try to sit up, to watch him do this deliciously sinful act on me but his other hand settles over my belly, smoothing up my stomach and between my breasts. He pushes me, wanting me back on my back, and I let myself fall back down.

"No" he growls, burying his face between my legs. "I want you to stay still." is the last thing I hear before his tongue attacks my clit. He uses the fingers of his left hand to keep me spread open as he laps at my pussy, and his right hand, that was flat against my chest, traveled up a little further to palm my breast, messaging it.

I thread my fingers through his hair, urging him on. I shift my legs, trying to get my feet on the floor so I can push up against him, unfortunately I was too short to do so. Jacob works faster, wrapping his lips around my clit and sucking on it firmly.

"Jacob! Fuck!" I yell. He pulls back, a sexy smirk on his face as he licks his lips.

"What is it? What do you want?" he asks, teasing.

"I want you to fuck me. I want you to come inside of me." I plead, desperate to feel him over me.

"We'll do that later. Right now we're doing this," he says, confidently, flicking his tongue against my clit again. I throw my leg over his shoulder, using the leverage to pull him closer to me.

"Your fingers?" I whispered, my breath coming faster and harder. "Give me your fingers, I need you inside," I beg. I wanted, no needed something inside me, something to fulfill this aching need building up inside of me. He responds immediately, plunging two fingers into me, moving them fast and hard as I get closer to my orgasm.

The feel of his strong hands gripping me, manipulating me, pushes me over the edge, and I grind down against him as I come undone. I don't hold back, whimpering, moaning, screaming his name. He shocks me by pulling away while I'm still twitching. Curiously I open my eyes to find him towering over me, his cock large and standing proud. I licked my own lips as my eyes examined the girth of him. He was so huge...and if I were human I might have worried that he would have split me in half trying to fit such a massive cock into my tiny pussy. But I wasn't human, I was made of something stronger...and irrational fears were a thing of the past when it came to sex.

"I need you," Jacob says, leaning over me, hooking his hands under my arms and moving me up further on the bed. He crawls up after me, sliding his hands down to my ass, and lifts my hips up. He wastes no time; there's no teasing, just his thick, heavy cock between my legs. He reaches down to line us up and pushes into me, pushing me backwards with the force of his thrust to the point that I slam into the headboard and nearly crack it.

Well. Shit.

He looks worried for a moment but I merely cling to him, every nerve in my body still screaming in sensitivity from my previous orgasm. He kisses me, resting his forehead against mine, as he gazed into my eyes, his body crashing into mine, over and over.

I was lost. All coherency flew out of the window as he drilled himself into me.

He hitches my leg up over his, pushing harder, keeping eye contact with me the whole time. He growls looking completely feral as the noise when straight to my pussy making it wetter. His hips slamming savagely into mine as he drops his head to my neck, moaning my name, and I stroke his hair and his neck softly as his orgasm rocks through him triggering a second one from me. He lifts his head to kiss me sweetly after we started coming back down from our high.

"Fuck, Alice!" he mutters, pulling out of me, rolling off to the side. We lie on our backs, side by side, catching our breath. He reaches down to grab my hand, linking his fingers with mine, and brings them up to his chest. Turning slightly, I drank in his face, his beautiful, angular features, dark eyes, russet colored skin, his wild dark hair that was just starting to grow out.

He was achingly beautiful and I couldn't stop the words that were tumbling out of my mouth. "I love you."

His face softened at my confession as he leaned over to capture my lips with his own, I moaned slightly as the taste of me was still very much on his tongue.

When he pulled back he smiled wickedly, "I love you too, you know?"

I grinned, rolling over to straddle him, "You do huh? But puppy, you still call me leech. That hurts my feelings a little bit."

"It does, does it?" He questioned gently thrusting against me already signaling for a round two.

Wow. Wolves were full of stamina. I love being supernatural, it has wonderful benefits in the sack.

I moaned barely able to get the words out "Yeah, you should probably stop calling me that."

"Then what should I call you?"

I lifted myself up just enough so I could reach down and guide his already hard again cock into my wet and waiting pussy.

"Lover, hunny bunny, snookums..." I moaned, "sex goddess."

He snickered, "How about just Alice?"

I grinned, "I like it puppy. I like it a lot."

It's so thrilling but also wrong
Don't have to prove that you are so strong
'Cause I can carry you on my back
After our enemies attack

I tried to tell you before I left
But I was screaming under my breath
You are the only thing that makes sense
Just ignore all this present tense

We need to feel breathless with love
And not collapse under its weight
I'm gasping for the air to fill
My lungs with everything I've lost

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