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There was a knock at the door of the Sanctuary, but Helen was already half way down the stairs, a large smile gracing her face when it sounded. Swiftly, she made her way across the lobby to the front door, pulling it open to James Watson. He grinned as he saw her, pulling her to him.

She was positively glowing, making her appear more beautiful than he remembered her to be. She wore a simple baby blue dress, a black belt around her waist and her hair was pulled back lazily, strands of her dark hair falling loosely around her face.

"Hello my dear," He said softly into her hair, and he felt her hug him tighter.

"It's lovely to see you, James." Helen pulled back, looking over his shoulder to his passengers.

She wasn't sure what she expected to see, but two children possibly 2 or 3 years of age, wasn't it. They were apparently twins, the girl with long black curls and the boy's hair mussed from sleep, the same colour. They shared a resemblance to someone, though Helen couldn't quite put her finger on whom.

She stood agape as James stepped back over to the pair, bending to their eye level.

"This is—," His voice was gentle as he spoke to them and the children looked from him to her. Their black eyes suddenly went wide, running to her as they hugged her legs, cutting him off.

"Mommy," The boy whispered through tears, James watching on in curiosity. Helen knelt to the pair, pulling them towards her and rubbed their backs soothingly as she glanced over to her friend confused.

She hadn't been expecting this reaction, and apparently James hadn't either yet she felt the need to comfort the children, to reassure them that everything was going to be okay. Questions swarmed her mind; where was their mother? Or their father, for that matter? And why had James brought them with him?

James' face said that he would answer all her questions in time, and Helen pulled away from the children gently, watching as the two became sleepy, tears staining their pale faces. The girl yawned, rubbing her eyes groggily and snuggled into Helen's embrace.

"Perhaps we should get you two to bed, hm?" James suggested, watching as the children clung to Helen more tightly. He smiled slightly as she picked them up carefully, resting them on her hips and with a quick glance to her old friend, Helen took them up to her room, her heart swelling with possessiveness over these two unknown children.


"I have it!" James called from the desk and Helen stood, stretching her body leisurely. She made her way over to her friend where he sat at her desk, replacing the phone to the receiver.

"Their names are Jessamine and Nikola Harris, born on the 16th of October 1982, to Jonathan and Lillian. My contact is faxing through their pictures right now." James said, spinning to face Helen who nodded running her hands over her stomach absently.

"I hope we may get to the bottom of this, James," She noted, leaning against the desk. "You said that you found these two where?"

"Near Hyde Park next to a dead woman, I am afraid." He explained "It appears that she was killed inside her vehicle when someone moved her body onto the sidewalk. There was too much blood inside the car to have just come from the woman herself, though I did spot peculiar tears in the children's clothing." James said, gesturing towards his bag. Helen moved over to it, rummaging through the contents until she found an evidence bag with the items her friend had been speaking about. The fax machine beeped suddenly as the paper began dispersing and James quickly took hold of it, reading it over.

"Will wonders never cease?" he mumbled, shaking his head, "Helen, take a look at this."

Helen looked up curiously, discarding the bag before she found her way over to James, resting her head gently on his shoulder. Silence encased the pair as Helen read the fax, her curious smile turning into a disbelieving frown.

"You have got to be kidding me! Nikola, that selfish bastard," She cussed, and James raised an eyebrow at her. "For years he has been in hiding and then he starts a family and his wife turns up dead, his children are left abandoned…Where the hell is he? It was selfish for him to even think that he could lead a normal life while people were hunting him."

"Helen, you know Nikola well enough to know that he would not purposely jeopardize the lives of people he cared for." She sent him a pointed look and James nodded, seeing her point. Nikola had endangered The Five several times when they were a group, with no regard for his friend's lives but surely he wouldn't let his family be attacked and left for dead without trying to interfere. What if he had tried to interfere and the enemy was too great for even his vampire strength to fend them off?

"I suppose you're right, James. For all we know, Nikola could be in danger right now. We have to attempt to get in contact with him. Even if he hasn't been captured, I am sure he would be highly worried of his children, supposing he knows about his wife, that is."

James studied Helen for a moment, his brown eyes roaming inquisitively over his friend, and occasional lover, looking as if he was trying to determine whether she was over her bout of hormones.

Then he nodded, beginning to turn back to the phone before he stopped halfway.

"Helen, why don't you go catch up on some rest? That child of yours is going getting rather restless and you need to keep your strength up."

Helen looked as if she was going to argue when exhaustion hit her and she smiled softly, rubbing her hands over her swollen belly. She leant over, kissing James on the cheek then she turned and waddled from the room.