Here is the teaser start to my next story, be forewarned. This is not my usual writing.

Chapter 1 Coming Home

The ride home in the jet seemed to take forever. The team was on their way back from California. They had just finished up a grueling case. An Un-Subs had taken to beating up and in a few cases killing several homeless men, prostitutes, and gang bangers in the San Diego area.

It did not take long at all for the team to determine that it was a house cleaner at work. They also knew what it meant to find the Un-Sub and capturing them. The local police was very grateful for the BAUs help in the manner. The attacks had generated a lot of media attention that J.J. had to counter.

The main person that they worked with was Deputy Price. The team found her pleasant enough and had set them up as best she could.

During the case the Deputy's sixteen year old daughter, Carol had dropped by the station after school. J.J. laughed at the scene she had watched when Carol and Reid interacted.

They had stepped away from the conference room for a moment to let their heads clear. Reid had made his way over to the Deputy's desk. She had all the sugar in the building.

Carol was at the desk waiting to go home, it was the routine. She would wait at her mother's desk and they would go home together. Carol had pulled out her chemistry book out of her backpack and started reading through it and her notes. Reid looked at her book and asked her what she was studying.

"Chemistry." Carol answered. "I have a test tomorrow, I wanted to study." Carol answered looking over her book.

"You don't like it much." Reid said reading her behavior.

"I just don't understand it, that well." Carol answered.

"What don't you understand?" Reid asked looking over the section of the book that she was reading.

Carol looked at him funny. "You know this stuff."

"I'm pretty good at it." Reid answered.

J.J. wished she had a video camera for this show, Garcia would have loved it.

Reid read from the book and broke down what it had said in a visual diagram using different things he found on the desk.

At the end of it, Carol seemed to have understood better than she had before.

After they were airborne on their jet Hotch received a call from the deputy. "Well congratulations Reid." Hotch said after he had hung up the phone. "You can now consider yourself welcomed guest of Deputy Price. Carol came back with her test score, B+."

"Be careful Reid, she might develop a crush on you." Morgan warned.

"Please," Prentiss said shaking her head.

"Not my type." Reid shot back.

"Kid, you don't have a type." Morgan replied.

Reid ignored it and instead tried working on his pillow so he could go to sleep.

After the jet had landed Hotchner ordered everyone to go home and get some sleep. They were too tired to even attempt to read any paperwork right now, much less fill it out.

Reid got a ride from Garcia, who said he looked too tired to move. She dropped him off at his apartment building. He walked up the steps and towards the door.

Across the hall Reid could hear Mrs. Jenkins' T.V. she was watching some movie probably. Reid really did like his neighbor Mrs. Jenkins. She was a sweet old widow. Reid would always help carry out her trash when he saw her. In return she would drop off some kind of food for him, usually fresh baked cookies.

She described him as looking too thin and needed to be fattened up. She really had no one else in the world to care for so she had adopted Reid as a kind of surrogate grandson.

Reid reached into his messenger bag and pulled out his keys. He was just putting the key in the door when he heard someone behind him.

"Police Officer, don't move." A voice said behind him. "Hands on your head."

Reid turned his head slightly and caught a quick peak of what looked like a plain clothes police detective. He had a standard issue Glock pointed at him. Reid saw the badge attached to his belt.

"I'm an FBI Agent." Reid said very calmly. "My name is Dr."

"I know who you are." The detective said. "Slide that bag off your arm very carefully. Then set it on the ground."

Reid did as he was instructed. He had no idea why he was being arrested. How was he going to explain this to Hotch or Morgan?

"Are you armed with anything else?"

"Just the one on my waist." Reid said.

The detective grabbed his handcuffs and cuffed Reid behind his back.

"Can I know what I am being arrested for?" Reid asked.

"That can be discussed later." The detective said. He removed Reid's gun and patted him down to see if there weren't any other weapons on him. "In the meantime, you have the right to remain silent." The detective continued on with the Miranda rights. Reid already knew them well, he could even tell the officer the history and reasons behind why he had to say that.

After being satisfied with the search the detective took the bag and the gun and walked Reid down the hall

Mrs. Jenkins had heard voices outside. She thought one of them belonged to Spencer. She wondered why he was coming in at this time of night. She looked out the peephole of her door and she could not believe it.

Spencer was being arrested.

It was by far and wide the strangest thing. He was always such a nice and sweet boy. She couldn't imagine him doing anything wrong.