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Chapter 32

Agent Hotchner drove his SUV towards the hospital; he had turned on the siren lights so he could make it through the traffic. He was sure the damage caused by Murph was superficial, just as his agent had said. But he just wanted to be sure. While he was driving Agent Rossi was calling the local PD about Murph's body.

In the meantime Morgan was in the backseat with Reid, watching over him.

Reid had appeared to be solemn. He wasn't overly emotional or withdrawn. This was taken as a good sign.

When they arrived at the hospital Morgan had immediately requested that Dr. Melissa Matthews see Reid. He had been impressed by her professionalism when she examined Reid after the first attack. She would be a good choice.

The nurse saw the badge that Morgan displayed and immediately directed them into one of the private rooms.

"We're going to find J.J. and let her know you are alright." Hotch said to Reid. He knew the kid wanted his privacy right then. "Morgan, stay with him."

Rossi and Hotch left Morgan and Reid alone to locate J.J.

It did not take long to find her. Rossi had spotted Will and Henry. Will had rushed down immediately when he heard J.J. had been taken to the emergency room.

J.J. had called Prentiss to see if there were any leads on Reid. Prentiss had told her how Hotch, Rossi, and Morgan had gone out to the property and found Reid. She was on her way to the hospital now that she had seen Viola off.

"Are you alright?" Hotch said when he saw J.J. Her arm was in a sling and there was a bandage where the bullet had hit her.

"I'll live. Where's Reid?"

"He's with the doctor right now to look over his injuries." Hotch said.

"What happened out there?" J.J. asked.

Hotch told J.J. how Reid had managed to survive the attack and stab Murph, killing him.

"This should be over then." Will said. "I've never been happy to see or hear of guy being killed, but in this case I would say it was a relief."

"We will have to see how Reid takes it." Rossi said.


Reid took a seat on the bed as he waited. Morgan stood next to him.

It wasn't long until Dr. Matthews came in.

"Dr. Reid" Dr. Matthews said when she came in along with Margot Fields. "I'm sorry to see you again under these circumstances." She said standing in front of Reid, taking the site of the blood on his face and clothes. "I will hurry through this exam. Margot will interview you the same as before. It will just be the same as last time. If you want to stop just say so."

"I will be alright. He wasn't able to rape me this time." Reid said clearly and calmly. "But there was damage done to my back." Reid carefully took off his shirt to expose his back.

Dr. Matthews walked over to the other side of the bed and looked over the injuries. She immediately began to treat them.

Morgan had looked at the damage as well. If that son of a bitch wasn't already dead he would have killed him.

"Are you ready now?" Margot asked as Dr. Matthews worked.

"Yes," Reid answered.

Margot started the tape recorder. "Go ahead."

Reid started from the beginning. He described how he had received a call from Murph saying he had Viola. Reid said that he knew Viola would have been killed if he didn't go.

Margot could not hide her surprise at the story. Where did creeps like this come from?

Reid continued with describing how Murph had taken him to the shed and had tried to attack him. He then came to the part about how Murph had repeatedly hit him with his belt. He looked towards Morgan. "I didn't scream." Reid said with a look of satisfaction on his face. "I didn't give him what he wanted."

Morgan nodded in understanding.

"What happened then?" Margot asked.

Reid told Margot and Morgan how he had gotten a hold of the knife and had managed to stab Murph. He had included how Murph used a last bit of fight to attack him after he had found the keys.

Morgan only thought about how big a monster Murph truly was.

"I'm glad he wasn't able to hurt you more than what he did." Dr. Matthews said after Reid finished his story. "I treated the wounds. I want you to use the cream you have been using for the wounds until they are healed. When you go home and wash be careful with your back. I want you to leave the bandages on overnight."

"If you wait just a moment, I can find you some pants that are in better condition." Margot said leaving with the tape.

"I'm done. You can sign out at the front desk after Margot comes back." Dr. Matthews said before she left.

Reid said good bye and put his shirt back on. He was still uncomfortable about being naked in front of others.

"I'm proud of you kid." Morgan said. "It took a lot to fight Murph like you did."

Margot returned with a pair of pants that were slightly too big and a sweater, saying it was cold out.

Reid gratefully put on the pants and the sweater saying he wanted to find J.J.

J.J. had refused to leave until she saw Reid with her own eyes. When he came out of the private room she was waiting outside of she hugged him. The rest of the team was right behind her.

Reid was careful about hugging J.J. because of her arm. "I'm sorry you got hurt."

"Of all the times for me to have missed. I'm sorry I didn't hit him."

"It was foolish of me to have gone out there like that." Reid said.

"But he's gone now." Will said.

"I know. It's over." Reid said. That was honestly how he felt.

With that Morgan took Reid back to his apartment. They walked up the steps together and to the door.

What they saw when they arrived there surprised them. In the hurry of leaving neither Reid or J.J. took the time to lock the door. It was slightly open.

Morgan went in first, his hand on his sidearm, ready.

There was a man in a suit sitting in the chair facing the door. He stood as soon as he saw Morgan and Reid.

"Dad?" Reid said surprised. "What are you doing here?"

"You didn't return any of calls the last two weeks. I was worried." William Reid said.

That's when Spencer Reid did something unexpected. He walked over and hugged his father. They both held onto each other for a moment.

After they parted William took notice of the blood that was in his son's hair. "My god."

"It's not mine." Reid answered to his father.

Morgan gave the Reids plenty of room by going into the kitchen area to make some coffee.

"Not that I am glad to see you, but why are you here." Reid asked. He wasn't used to his dad visiting on a whim.

"I was having lunch with your mother. I told her that you haven't called me in the last few days. I said I was worried. Diana said that your last letters were a little vague. I told her that my gut was saying that you were in trouble and I should go to DC to see for myself." William Reid smiled slightly. "She told me that if I wasn't on the next plane out that she would take my spleen out with her teeth. I didn't think it was right arguing with her."

Reid laughed at his mother's comment. He knew the significance.

"I'm sorry that I was right. What happened to you Spencer?"

Morgan sat down with Reid and his father while the story was told. He had given both of them a cup of coffee. Spencer gladly sipped his.

Spencer had described to his father about being "arrested" by Rhodes and how he had accused him of raping his daughter. Spencer also told his dad about Viola and her attempt to rescue him. He then went into Murph and what he had initially done.

Morgan expected Reid to break down at this point, but he didn't.

Reid then described how Rhodes had left him for dead. "But the team found me. They used the profile with help from Viola."

"But then what happened? What happened tonight?" William Reid asked.

Spencer then went on to how Murph had kidnapped him and Garcia. He had admitted to being raped the second time.

William had seemed surprised by this of all things. He would have figured that Murph would have just ran.

Morgan briefly explained obsessional behavior to William so he would understand.

Spencer then went into the latest kidnapping and how he had killed Murph.

William Reid took in the story. "What is the bureau going to do?"

"He'll have a psych-eval and that will determine if he will be allowed back to full duty and the field." Morgan explained.

"Is the FBI in the habit of letting agents that have been attacked back into the field?"

Morgan shot a look at Reid, nonverbally asking him if he had told his father about Tobias Hankel and Cyrus.

Reid shot back a look that clearly said no.

"I think that's enough for tonight." Morgan said. "You need to clean up."

Reid nodded and then proceeded to his shower and then to bed.

Morgan went home, knowing Reid was fine.

William Reid took the couch at his son's apartment.

In the morning, Spencer had breakfast with his father. It had been years since William Reid had cooked breakfast for his son. While they ate Reid told his father about what had happened to him with Hankel and Cyrus. Spencer had told his father the truth and had not left anything out.

William Reid took in the story of what his son had been through. "You're stronger than I ever was."

Reid arrived at his office a little later than what he usually did.

The team actually seemed a little surprised to see him.

As soon as Hotch saw Reid he called him into the office. "Sit down." Hotch said pointing at the couch.

Reid took a seat, making himself comfortable.

"Are you okay?" Hotch asked.

"I know it seems strange to say, but I beat him Hotch." Reid said. "I'm fine. I will make it through this." Reid told Hotch about his father coming and how they had talked last night and that morning. "He's going to be spending the next week here. It just felt good reconnecting with him."

Hotch listened to his Agent talk. He knew Reid would survive this. Reid knew this was over. He wouldn't have to worry about Murph any longer. Murph was gone along with Rhodes.

Reid could move on with his life.