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December 24th 1991

My feet skimmed the cushion of moss, leaves and thick snow that blanketed the floor of the Olympic National Rain Forest as I weaved my body around trees, under low hanging branches and over the rocks and boulders that littered my path. I knew my final destination, it was the first time in over fifteen years that we had lived close enough for me to make the trip. I chuckled darkly to myself, as I skirted the outer limits of the small town of Forks, Washington. The dreams and excited thoughts of the children tucked up warm in their beds, centred around the jolly round man of myth that travelled this night. I wondered how terrifying those dreams would become if they knew what creature of myth truly lingered within in their midst.

I was that creature of myth and legend, one that supposedly hunted only at night, preying on innocent young women, slept in coffins or underground during daylight hours, burned in the sunlight and turned to ash when touched with garlic, holy water or after receiving a wooden stake through the heart, like I said. . .myth. The truth was that I hunted animals whenever my thirst became too much, attended college or high school during the day, never slept, stayed clear of garlic solely because of its foul smell, could bathe in holy water should the desire ever arise – something my fun loving brother Emmett had done on a dare – and would challenge anyone to attempt to pierce my granite like skin with a wooden stake, you'd have no more luck with a diamond tipped blade...oh did I mention that I also sparkle in the sunlight? My name is Edward Cullen and I am a vampire.

I sank further into the tree line after spotting car headlights about a mile ahead on the long deserted road of the I10, I was still five miles south of my meadow but at the speed that I was travelling, I would be there in under two minutes. The freezing wind that was coming at me from the west, carrying swirling snowflakes that clung to my hair and clothing, monumentally switched to rush from the north. I instantly ground myself to a halt, locked my muscles in place and sucked in a final breath and held it. Human blood. The scent of it hung in the air and caused the fire in my throat to burn like the midday sun in the Sahara Desert. As I centred myself, I noticed that the earlier pleasant thoughts of Santa had switched to those of pain, fear, desperation and helplessness.

Please God help us, Renee oh God, gun, glove-box, safety catch.

His thoughts were frantic and disjointed, I may be a soulless monster but the images flickering though this mans mind, of his wife lying bleeding on the floor with a dark figure hovering over her and those of his infant daughter nestled in her baby carrier in the rear of the car, set my feet back in motion. I braced myself as I ran in their direction and released the breath I had been holding, the fire that raged through my throat once again became the least of my worries, taking paramount was the distinct scent of another of my kind. This was a vampire attack.

We're thirty second out Edward

I had never been more grateful to hear the minds of my family. I would take a wild guess at this point, that Alice, the physic pixie-like vampire of our family, had seen this in a vision

The deafening sound of a gunshot, echoed though the night and with lightening fast reflexes my eyes darted in the direction of the sound in time to see the blond haired vampire drop the almost lifeless body of his kill and reach up to grab the bullet mid-flight. Stunned into silence took on a new meaning for me, as the mans frantic mind went completely blank for a split second before panicked thoughts set in once again. All of this took place in the space of five seconds and I was just another ten seconds out when the blond vampire smashed through the rear window of the car and pulled a screaming infant out through the hole he had created.

"Oh God no please, please not Bella, not my baby girl no,no" His pleas were falling on deaf ears and the attacker chuckled before raising the screaming weeks old infant to his lips. He was distracted enough with his sick game – because that's what is was, his disturbed mind held the images of kills he had made in Seattle earlier that day, this display of pure evil was solely to relive his boredom – to not notice my presence as I shot trough the tree line snatching the tiny girl from his clutches before his razor sharp teeth could penetrate her delicate skin. Her heart beat wildly within her as I cradled her against my hard chest as securely as I dared, the echo of it vibrated through my body as though my own dead heart had come back to life.

The hunter growled and crouched to attack, his black thoughts livid and deadly. It took me less than a second to take him in, his bare feet and chest, his blood stained jeans and dirty blond hair pulled back at the base of his neck with a leather tie, ever inch of him screamed nomad.

A sound like boulders crashing at the base of a mountain, vibrated through the night as my brother, jasper, collided with the nomad mid-flight as his sprang in my direction.

Give her to me Edward. I reluctantly handed the infant girl to my sister Rosalie as she reached my side, it was no surprise to me that she would be the one that would take the baby from me. Rosalie maybe a bitch ninety percent of the time, but her maternal instincts followed her from her human life. The fact that vampires are unable to have children is that one thing that would always haunt her. Flashing through her mind now were the images of the last time she held a child, the night she was raped, beaten and left for dead in the road in Rochester NY in nineteen thirty five, it was also the night that Carlisle found her and changed her into what she is today. The child, a boy, belonged to her best friend and she had cradled him and cooed softly as she did to the girl now. Esme, Carlisle's wife and my mother for all intents and purposes, rushed to comfort the girls father along side Alice, who pulled two blankets from a bag slung across her chest and handed one to Rose and the other to Esme, who wrapped it around the shoulders of the man. Carlisle was crouched beside the woman, who lay withering on the cold ground. His medical mind was assessing any damage done to the woman as his hands pulled two bags of blood from his bag – Alice really had seen everything.

He attached the bags swiftly to the crook of both of her elbows and Alice held them in the air as he lowered his head to the bite at the side of her neck and proceeded to suck the lingering venom from her system.

Blocking all but the thoughts of Emmett, Jasper and the hunter, I turned my attention back to the fight. Emmett stood on the sidelines, arms folder across his chest, as Jasper and the Hunter danced around one-another, hissing and growling.

Ah this is no fun, it's too easy Emmett whined in his thoughts, I caught his eyes and shrugged. It really was too easy, Jasper was just playing with him, letting him think he had a fighting chance but with Emmett's strength, Jaspers military training and my mind reading, finishing him off was like stealing candy from a baby.

Edward, please end this, we have a human witness that is completely terrified, damage control and an infant to get in out of the cold. I turned and nodded to Esme to let her know that I had heard her plea. She was correct after all...she normally was.

"Finish him" I directed Jasper. As if they were the mind readers and not I, Emmett and Jaspers grabbed one arm each and forced the nomad to his knees.

Don't ask why, but Alice insisted that this one be on you Ed. Jasper thought. After hearing the thoughts of the sick bastard, and seeing him raise a helpless infant to his lips, I took great pleasure in ripping his head clean off his shoulders. The metallic screeching sound that accompanies the destruction of our kind, continued as we tour his limbs from his torso. The three of us collected the parts of his dismembered body and ran a couple of miles in to the forest, to a clearing that we had, in the past, used as a baseball pitch. Purple smoke filled the air as we torched the the remains of the hunter.

The whole ordeal had taken no more than ten minutes, when we arrive back at the scene Rose and Esme were nowhere to be seen, Alice was still holding the two bags of blood, as well as her breath, Carlisle had wrapped the woman in a sliver, insulated blanket and the man was sat slumped over himself in the passenger side of the car, his feet still resting on the road and his head in his hands.

"What's the plan" I asked as I approached Carlisle.

"Rose and Esme have taken the girl to our house here in Forks. I need to get Renee there as soon as possible and get more blood into her system." He replied as he gently lifted her off the snowy ground.

"Is that the best idea? Would it not make more sense to take them to the hospital?" Emmett asked.

"And tell them what Em?" I enquired. He was quiet for a few seconds as he ran over possible story lines in his mind.

"Yeah, point taken" he concluded.

"Edward, can you deal with Charlie, Emmett, Jasper, can you bring follow with the car please" Carlisle concluded. Not knowing the mans name before, I saw from Alice's mind the man telling Esme that his name was Charlie Swan and he was a police officer here in forks.

"Sure, we'll meet you at that house" I braced myself for his mental anguish and made my way over to Charlie.

"Officer Swan, sir" I said as soothingly as possible as I approached his and knelt to his level. Without the panic, his mind was surprisingly quiet, I was picking up more on the emotions behind his thoughts rather then thoughts themselves, I put this down to shock. He raised his head and looked me dead in the eye.

"I own you the lives of my wife and daughter and I don't even know your name" he whispered horsely. Looking at him now, I noticed that he was probably not much older then my human age of seventeen, I would probably put him at around nineteen or twenty.

"You, own me nothing, I'm sure that if you found yourself in my position, you would have done the same but my name is Edward Cullen" I reassured him. He shook his head slightly.

"His eyes were red, he stopped the car with his bare hands and he was drink...oh God, he was drinking her blood" He looked up at me again begging me with his eyes to either confirm his suspicions or offer a more plausible explanation. While he was focusing he thoughts were becoming clear, the word vampire was spinning around his mind and he was trying with all him might to push it aside, trying desperately to hang on to his belief that vampires were not real. He had seen everything having not been able to tear his eyes away despite Esme's pleading. He saw our speed, strength and agility, he saw the nomad catch the bullet, he saw me pull the baby from the arms of the dangerous creature, he saw my family rush out of the trees behind me, Jasper colliding twenty foot in the air with the nomad, Carlisle and Alice having everything they needed – even blood for his wife – and lastly he saw me rip the head off the vampire that was going to end the lives of him and 'his girls' – as his referred to them in his head. "What are you?" He final asked.

"I'm sure you have many, many question, and my family and I are willing to answer them, but first let me take you back to our home here in Forks, out of the cold and reunited with your girls, okay?" He closed his eyes and nodded. "Can you stand?"

"Sure" He said as he rose from his seat. I stepped back to give him room to balance himself.

"Climb on my back, I'm sure you noticed out speed, running will be the quickest way to get there" I knew that he had noticed the speed, but didn't want to sound confrontational with my request. He didn't respond, just resined himself to the fact that worse things had happened that night, and he wanted to be reunited with his family as soon as possible.