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This story plot is almost entirely based on iTeribithia's video on YouTube, titled 'Edmund/Lucy-Angels should never touch the ground AU' I was deeply inspired by her video and was insanely upset when there was no story to go along with it. So, I decided to write my own based on her video. All of the original characters are the same but their identities may be a little twisted to suit the video.

Credits should go to iTeribithia for her awesome story plot and video, which drove me to tears at some points and the beautiful music 'Beautiful Girl' by Broken Iris. However, I interpreted some parts of her video differently. Watch it here: .com/watch?v=SQ4dPM_rNSc

Summary: At a tender age, Edmund has been crowned Prince of Narnia, future King of Narnia. He is the child of Jadis and King Miraz. One day, he gets lost in the woods and stumbles into Lucy Pevensie, an orphan who found Narnia through The Wardrobe. They become friends instantly but Lucy has to leave, promising to meet Edmund as soon as possible. True to her promise, Lucy goes through the wardrobe again but meets Mr Tumnus, who warns her to run away because he fears that Edmund will hand her over to the White Witch. Edmund is never to see Lucy again but years later, Lucy, along with her other adopted siblings, Peter Pevensie and Susan Pevensie, discover Narnia once again. This time, Edmund isn't letting go of Lucy that easily.


A ten year old boy with a shock of black hair stood in a corner. His dark brown eyes were hooded and his mouth was set in a grim line. Today was the day of his coronation as Prince of Narnia, future King of Narnia. He shifted his eyes to the side to where his mother, Jadis, stood on a podium, addressing his horde of spectators. Edmund ran a hand through his hair, releasing the small curls in there. His father, King Miraz, wasn't here. Edmund understood that his mother and father had issues but theirs was beyond settling and Edmund was the dice that was always caught between them. It was bad enough that they lived apart and Edmund had to be escorted from one part of Narnia to another just to visit his father but now,…now, his father wouldn't even come down to his coronation. Christ, what was their problem? Why couldn't they just be a normal family? For a moment, Edmund was gripped with a twinge of sadness but he brushed it aside roughly. Men didn't allow feelings to veer their judgement. Brushing his hair back into place, he stepped forward out of the shadows and was greeted with the sight of thousands of centaurs, fawns and whatever creatures existed in Narnia. They erupted into cheers as Edmund stepped forward towards the podium, bowing down to stoop in front of his mother. Jadis silenced the crowd with a wave of her hand.

"Rise, my son."

Edmund looked up to face his mother, who was holding his silver crown in her hand. For a moment, Jadis's focus was broken when Edmund's eyes held hers. They were such a deep brown, with lighter brown rings encircling them. They were framed by long lashes and had a deepness to them. It reminded her so much of his father's eyes.

"Mother?" Edmund was looking at her with worry etched deep in his youthful face. Jadis cursed herself. She flashed a rather eery smile and continued, much more fiercer than she intended.

"Do you, Edmund, son of Jadis and King Miraz, accept your role as Prince of Narnia and future King of Narnia?"

"Yes, mother."

Edmund replied without hesitation. Jadis looked down, laying the crown upon her son's head and announced loud enough for everyone to hear, "Then Edmund, you are the Prince of Narnia." Torchbearers threw their torches to the middle of the Ring of Fire, alighting the entire area with bright ruby flames and centaurs roared in celebration of their newly coronated Prince of Narnia. Edmund stood near the Ring of Fire and stared down into it. As the last of the embers died off, so did the last of the Prince of Narnia's personal desires.

Some where else in another world, an eight year old girl also stood in a corner, huddled in a long trench coat that reached to below her knees. This was the third orphanage that she had been sent to. Every time, it was the same. The same cruel treatment, cruel stares, cruel words. Cruel everything. Her short mahogany-coloured hair was tied up with a white cloth and underneath the trench coat was a button down rag dress that they forced every new orphan to wear. Lucy was almost trembling with fear and her large doe-like eyes held the anxiety she felt in every fiber of her body. Her eyes were a very light blue, almost grey and she found it utterly depressing, like everything about her life. Her real parents had been the perfect lovers before they died in an unexpected fire. Before Lucy had time to dwell on the past, she was roughly pushed to the front of the open door by a horrible-looking old woman who had stringy white hair and a missing tooth. Biting back her disgust, Lucy stepped forward and almost dragged herself to the front of the hallway. The hall was filled with orphans who were now looking at her with contempt and she could almost feel herself pulsating with anger. When she finally reached the front of the hallway, she was face to face with a middle-aged man with his red hair parted to the side. He surveyed her up and down, taking in her gaudy appearance.

"What is your name?" Lucy kept quiet. She wouldn't answer to this monster.

"What, is your NAME!" the red-haired man bellowed. Lucy flinched but answered just as well.

"I'm sorry, I didn't hear that. If you don't have a name, we'll have to give you one." Lucy's head shot up instantly.

"No! You can't change my name! It's mine!" Lucy yelled vehemently. They couldn't take away the last bit of her. Her parents had given her that name.

"Well, if you want you name so much, why don't you just wear it?"

With that, he scribbled her name onto a wooden board and threw it viciously over her neck. Lucy staggered under its heavy weight and almost lost her footing. The orphans who watched on guffawed at her predicament and some already started mocking her. Lucy held back tears and fought to keep her gaze straight at the cruel man. With one last fleeting glance at her, he shoved her away from him and sent her stumbling with a warning

"Take it off and you're whipped. Now get lost!" Lucy ran out of the hall with the sounds of cruel laughter filling her ears, following her. She felt hollow, devoid of all love and feelings. She had nothing worth living for, fighting for. She was nothing.


Lucy was wrong about this orphanage. It wasn't bad. It was beyond INSANE. Everywhere she went, she was pushed and shoved and if it wasn't physical abuse, it was verbal abuse. She was called Cardboard Lucy or some other cruel insider joke. Apparently, the red-haired man wasn't kidding about not taking off the wooden board. When she had tried to take it off on the second day, she was dragged by the ear and smacked all over by that same dreaded wooden board. She quickly learnt to keep that board around her neck, always. However, it had been two weeks already and it seemed that board was to be permanently attached to her. Just as she was rounding off a corner, she was greeted by a group of much older orphans, aged between thirteen and fifteen. She recognized them instantly. They were the ones who had spread rumours about her and now, their eyes were almost alight with menace.

"Look who it is, dear Cardboard Lucy..." One girl with blonde pigtails stepped forward with her hands on her hips while another boy with a greasy-looking face rubbed his meaty hands together as if he couldn't wait to throw a punch at her.

The blonde, who was rather skimpily-clad, puckered her lips at the boy and whispered something in his ear that made him smile knowingly at Lucy. When she pulled away, the boy was already cracking his knuckles and stomping towards Lucy. Lucy took that as her cue to run. As she fled, she could hear the heavy pounding of the boy behind her and she scrambled for an escape. Granted, she was smaller and quicker but he would soon catch up with her when she tired out. She would need to hide somewhere where he couldn't find her…a room, a cupboard, under a table if she had to! Willing herself to speed up, Lucy bolted for the first door but it was locked. She tried the second but it was spartan, no place to hide. By the time she got to the fifth door, she was desperate for anything, even if she had to hide in a toilet bowl. The door swung open to reveal a single wardrobe that was antique and made of glossy wood that had lost its shine over some time. Lucy groaned inwardly. It would be so obvious that she was hiding in there but as soon as she heard the familiar grunts of exasperation behind her that indicated just how close the boy was to her, Lucy slammed the door behind her and crawled into the wardrobe. Panting, she huddled as far back as she could in the wardrobe, anything to distance herself from the mad boy. She could still hear him pounding away furiously at the door and let out a startled gasp when it banged open. He was in the room! She had underestimated how strong he was. Holding her breath, Lucy could only wish for a miracle.

Edmund was frustrated but beneath that frustration was disbelief at himself. This was the second time he had lost his way while visiting his father, King Miraz. His mother, Jadis, had insisted he be escorted but he stubbornly refused, thinking he would be smart enough to find his way around the forest to Cair Paravel where his father's army was. Unfortunately, he had proved himself wrong. Three months as Prince of Narnia had certainly boosted his ego but he would have thought himself wise enough to keep his ego in check. To make matters worse, he had thought that he would be able to make it in time to his father's castle to avoid the winter storm and didn't bring a coat. Now, he was lost in the middle of nowhere with a winter storm bound to come any moment, without even a coat.

"Way to go, Ed." He thought to himself.

Surveying the woods, he tried to backtrack his footsteps and apply the hunting skills his father had taught him. He straightened up when he found the footprints of a deer heading North-East and was careful to not lose its track by treading on the snow. He smiled almost wildly when he saw deep footprints about twenty meters away and quickened up his pace. If he was going to camp out in the forest tonight, he at least needed food. After walking for about another fifty meters, he halted in his tracks when he indeed saw a deer with white spots resting under a tree. Adrenaline flowed through his body and he crept stealthily to the side of the deer. He was already planning on ways to cook it. When the deer turned to face him, he almost smiled sardonically at it. Suddenly, he stopped in his tracks. His eyes flitted over to behind the deer and he saw four baby deers hiding behind their mother. Their glassy eyes were looking almost quizzically at him as if wondering what he was doing. Immediately, all the energy left his body and he shooed frustratedly at them.

"Go! Go on! Before I change my mind and have all of you for dinner!" Just as he said so, he felt a strong gust of wind blow past him, chilling him to the bone. The winter storm had arrived.

"Ah, darn it."

"Get out of that wardrobe!" The boy continued raining punches on the door and the wardrobe started to rattle violently.

Lucy choked back a sob and dived even further into the closet, past the tiny shelves holding winter gloves, then past the winter coats and the snow boots.

"Snow boots?" Lucy thought for an instant but then drove that thought aside, putting as much distance apart between them as she could.

All of a sudden, she tripped on something hard and fell backwards, landing unceremoniously on the ground. Pressing her hand to the back of her head, she tried to will the pain away while shaking snow out of her hair. Wait…, SNOW? Lucy was in the middle of a heap of snow but her foot was still stuck in the wooden hitch of the wardrobe. It seemed as if the wardrobe was a portal to another world!

"Oh my. Oh my! Haha!" Lucy squealed.

She couldn't believe the miracle that had fallen on her. With a spring in her steps, Lucy grabbed the nearest pink winter jacket from the wardrobe that seemed to fit her well, pulled on a pair of brown boots and put a red cap over her head. Despite being completely mismatched, Lucy was so excited. She had never experienced winter before. She grasped a ball of snow, relishing the icy feeling and started to make a miniature snowman.

Meanwhile, Edmund was not having as much fun as Lucy was. He was staggering through the winter storm that had decided to drop by all too suddenly and was cursing his stupidity for letting his dinner go. It was almost comical. When he finally saw a clearing, he ran towards it and ducked under a concave made of two big boulders, shivering as a sharp breeze slapped across his cheek, turning it into a welt of pink. Suddenly, he heard the sound of giggling not too far from him and he stilled. Was it perhaps one of the strange village children that kidnapped outsiders and brought them home to be fried?

"But I didn't kill the deer! I don't deserve this bad luck!" Edmund complained silently.

When the giggling ceased for an instant, Edmund took the opportunity to draw out his dagger and jump out at the figure, expecting the worst. Only, the figure was that of a little girl clad mostly in pink with the sweetest expression he had ever seen. The dagger stilled in the air.

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