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Chapter Summary: Though doing better than even he imagined, Trunks is still out of his league. Cell has won, but he chooses to spare his opponent's life for the time being. He wants to fully test his new powers and decides to do so in an event that Earth hasn't seen in years. Cell leaves to ready his new tournament – stunning Trunks. The other Z Senshi will certainly be surprised, too.

Chapter 11: The Cell Games

At Kami's Lookout…

"An incredible Ki…" Tien gasped at the still rising aura. "Is this?"

"It's Trunks' Ki." Piccolo confirmed.

"It's more awesome than Vegeta's." Tien added. "Far more awesome. He'll be able to beat Cell like this."

Back on the battlefield…

"An admirable power." Cell admitted. "Certainly one incomparable to that of your father, Vegeta's."

"I will not allow you Androids to have your own way." Trunks swore. "I will not let you create that miserable future, and allow that hell to be repeated. I won' t let that miserable future happen again, Cell. For the future of the Earth, I will kill you."

"Good, good." Cell smirked. "Better and better. Such marvelous power. You might have surpassed me. I am pleased. I would bet even Dr. Gero –sama is happy because of you. After all, we have finally come across an opponent to test my ultimate power. I would like to test the power of this 'Perfect Form' right away."

"That's what I was hoping for, Cell." Trunks barked. "I will now show you the true power of the Saiyans." And sent Cell flying back with a tackle.

The two adversaries then took the fight to the air, with Trunks releasing a barrage of Ki blasts at the Android.

"What?" Trunks gaped when Cell vanished after the smoke cleared.

Cell appeared behind him, sending him downwards with a kick on the back.

Trunks shot behind Cell, kicking the Android towards the ground, before reappearing in front of Cell, punching him across the face, the fight resuming as the both opponents traded blows.

"What are those guys?" even Android 16 was stunned. "I can't see their movements at all."

"I will kill you." Trunks declared. "I won't let you Androids have your way with the Earth." And powered up again, both fighters meeting fist-to-fist.

Cell broke the stalemate with a head-butt to Trunks' forehead, widening the distance, only to have Trunks charged forward, the fist fight resuming. The lilac-haired teen then sent Cell into a cliff with a Ki blast.

"Indeed, you certainly do have marvelous power." Cell admitted. "You have well surpassed me. However, you can't beat me like this. Absolutely not."

"Speaking hollow boasts to me, will you?" Trunks snorted, landing.

"I see…" Cell smirked.

"Dammit!" Trunks cursed, his punch missing its mark again.

"Going eve higher, are you?" Cell noted as Trunks flared up some more. "It's not use. You cannot beat me."


"Hey." Krillin looked over his shoulder at the awakening Vegeta. "Are you okay, Vegeta? I have to hurry and give him his Senzu." He stopped in mid-flight. "Over there is good." He spotted an island. "Hey, Vegeta." He voiced. "Here's a Senzu. Swallow this for me." He fed Vegeta the Senzu Bean. "Vegeta, have you come around?"

"Miserable Cell!" Vegeta cursed, sitting up.

At Kami's Lookout…

"Extraordinary power…" Tien was stunned.

"He's completely surpassed Cell." Piccolo agreed. "Unbelievable."

"Say there, who has?" Bulma pressed. "You guys, don't talk so muddled. Explain things so I can understand more easily."

"Trunks, of course!" Piccolo barked.

"Trunks has?" Bulma blinked.

Back on the battlefield…

In his 'Ultra Super Saiyan' form, Trunks launched an attack on Cell who merely side-stepped the assault. "Damn!" the young half-Saiyan cursed when his punches and kicks missed their target. "Impossible. This is impossible. Why can't I hit him?"

"I'm disappointed at you too." Cell landed. "You are no test to the strength of my 'Perfect Form' like this."

"What?" Trunks snapped and charged at Cell who side-stepped the attack and landed a punch onto Trunks' stomach.

Leveling around punch across his face, Cell sent the teen warrior flying off. Not giving Trunks any time to react, Cell proceeded to pummel the half-Saiyan.

"Dammit!" Trunks cursed.

"It's the same, no matter how many times you do it." Cell stated, dodging the enraged teen's attacks. "You can't possibly win against me." He chopped Trunks' neck and back-handled him, before continuing his relentless assault on the half-Saiyan.

Why? Trunks was puzzled. Why, when I'm supposed to be powered up this much?

"You're such a greenhorn." Cell chuckled. "For you to say that you're going to show your true power, and then undergo a transformation that relies on even more power." He stated upon landing. "That transformation is a simple matter." With that, he too, took on a similar transformation. "However, the transformation to achieve this sort of power does not give rise to anything. Nothing at all. Anyone would know something like that. Even your father, Vegeta. You are a fool."

"Is that right?" Trunks realized his folly. "Dad was able to make this transformation. He didn't do it anyway. He knew this is what would happen. Ami… she was right." He recalled what the Earth Princess had told him before he left; she had warned him about using his 'Ultra Super Saiyan' form.

"Leave the thinking to your girlfriend, kid." Cell snorted. "Obviously, she's the brains between the two of you."

"What a fool I've been." Trunks admitted, powering down and landing. "Any chance I had of winning is completely gone. Kill me."

"That I will do." Cell smirked.

On the island…

"Trunks' Ki has gotten extremely small." Krillin noticed the decrease in Ki. "What's wrong? What's the matter? Cell's Ki is still enormous… has Trunks been beaten? He said he could win, though…"

"Dammit, that miserable Cell!" Vegeta cursed.

"Hey, what are you planning to do?" Krillin asked the enraged Prince.

"There's only one thing to do, kill Cell." Vegeta retorted.

"You…" Krillin started.

"Shut up!" Vegeta snapped and shot off.

"Good grief." Krillin sighed. "Those Saiyans are one outrageous warrior race. You just can't keep up with them." And he too, took off.

At Kami's Lookout…

"He's incredible!" Piccolo gaped.

"Is he all that incredible?" Bulma echoed. "Trunks?"

"No, it's Cell in his 'Perfect Form' that's incredible." Tien corrected.

"Trunks is going to be killed." Piccolo stated.

"You've got to be kidding." Bulma exclaimed. "Look, isn't there anything you can do? Do something!"

"I warned him about using that!" Ami hissed. "Why won't he listen?"

Back on the battlefield…

"I have been considerably disappointed, both by you and your father, Vegeta." Cell raised a hand. "I was expecting this to be more enjoyable. I have one final question. Never mind that you were decisively beaten by me, you and Vegeta, both upped your powers dramatically in a short period of time. Just what was it that you did? You don't want to talk?" he inquired after Trunks remained silent. "In that case, I'll alter the question for you. If you had more time, is it possible you could up yourselves even more? How about it?"

"How should I know?" Trunks snapped. "I couldn't tell if I tried it. But why would you ask such a thing?"

"So then, it's not impossible then?" Cell questioned. "Very well, next question. What is Son Goku doing? Why hasn't he shown up here?"

"Goku is in the middle of training to defeat you." Trunks supplied. "Knowing Goku, he will defeat you and fulfill our wishes. I'm convinced of that."

"That's a good answer." Cell noted. "In that case, I will hold a martial arts tournament."

"Martial arts tournament?" Trunks echoed.

At Kami's Lookout…

"What?" Piccolo repeated. "What was that?"

"What is it?" Bulma pressed. "Don't tell me Trunks has been killed."

"No, Cell just said that he would hold a martial arts tournament." Ami replied.

"A martial arts tournament?" Tien echoed.

Back on the battlefield…

"I'll hold it in ten days." Cell laughed. "Free of charge. Get as strong as you can and entertain me, if you would."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Trunks was confused.

"You probably wouldn't know, but in the past there was a martial arts tournament, called the Tenkaichi Tournament." Cell supplied. "I'm saying I'm going to hold one again for you. However, I alone will be your opponent. The fights will be one-on-one. If I win, the next person will fight me, once again. Any number of you will be fine. The more people you have there, that's just how much the greater your advantage will be. Have as many people as you can get assemble there. I'll let you know the location and other details in a short while via a television broadcast or something."

"What?" Trunks demanded.

"It seems like a good way to kill some time." Cell shrugged. "So then, you'd better prepare a good deal of Senzu."

"Wait, Cell!" Trunks voiced, stopping Cell in his tracks. "What is the purpose of this martial arts tournament? And what is your ultimate goal? I don't understand this at all. Are you out to rule the Earth – no, the Universe?"

"The purpose of the martial arts tournament is to confirm the strength of my 'Perfect Form' as well as plunge the whole world into terror." Cell replied. "Besides that, it will serve as an exercise to further draw out my strength. I don't particularly have any ultimate goal. I have no interest in such base things as conquest. The original purpose for which I was created, to kill Son Goku, does not hold any great meaning for me as of now. If I had to say, enjoying myself is my goal, I suppose. My biggest aim, of course, is to see the faces of humans, struck with terror when I devour the Divine Ki girl right before their eyes. Yes, yes, that's the sort of expression." He noticed Trunks' shocked face. "Well then…" he bade the shell-shocked half-Saiyan farewell and flew off.

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