It was my first week staying in semi rural Russia when my whole life was turned on its head. I had spent the last fourteen years studying and was taking a much needed holiday to get my thoughts in order before I embarked on even more studies. After much thought and arguments with Peter I decided to come to Russia. I stayed in the smaller town that were spread throughout the countryside thinking that at least this way I could see the real Russia and not commercial side of it.

It all started when I was walking thru the small town square on the way back to the little hotel I was staying in when I heard a scream from one of the small alley ways that separated the buildings. Most normal people would have ignored it and many of them did, some even went so far as to pick up speed but no, not me I decided to be a hero. Moving quickly towards the mouth of the alleyway I watched as this little girl no older than maybe four was attacked by two men or I hoped were men and I lost it. Without thinking I grabbed the can of pepper spray that Charlie all ways made sure I had on me and attacked them noticing at the last second I was in luck and they were indeed humans. The second they started to scream in pain I took hold of the small girl and started to run praying I wasn't going to trip over my own feet. I have no idea where I was running off to all I know was that I needed to get her away from those men. The moment I thought we were safe I walked straight into the arms of another group of men.

I back away until the little girl in my arms started to straggle causing me to loosen my hold on her. The moment she slipped from my hold she run in to the open arms of one of the men who on closer inspection actually looked like her father. The guy next door to him however was a vampire, from the way he hovered over the pair I guest he must have been the man's mate or his wives. I was hoping to slide away unnoticed however a cold hand on my shoulder stoped me from moving too far.

"Thank you young lady. My name is Stefan, little Anastasia is my mate's only daughter and was taken from us by people who wished to do my mates husband harm."

"You're welcome but I really must be going. The place I am staying closes its doors early and I don't have the money to find somewhere else to stay."

I felt him loosen his hold on my arm before nodding

"Can I at least get your name."

"Isabella Swan"

He raised my hand to his mouth before kissing it.

"Thank you again Miss Swan"

I nodded my head before running down the road making it back just in time. The rest of my holiday went to plan even though I kept feeling like I was being watched. By the time I climbed on the plane I was happy to be returning to America.

I hadn't realised I had fallen asleep until I was woken up by a young air hostess who informed me that we were landing in Seattle soon. I couldn't help but notice she was a vampire which was a little odd since most vampires tend to work in places that they could hide what they were. I shook my head and went to use the bathroom doing a quick fix up before I heard the call that we would be landing soon. I quickly made my way back to my seat and buckled up just as the my air hostess winked at me before going behind the curtain.

The moment I passed the security gates I found myself being picked up and span round by a very happy Peter. Peter mate Charlotte was my father's vampire mate. When I moved to Forks when I was seventeen it had been Peter and Charlotte that looked after me while Charlie was at work. Charlotte, become the mum I never really had with Renee and Peter, an older brother.

"So darlin' how was Russia? Was it as boring as I told you it would be?"

I giggled and shook my head before being pulled into a tight hug by Charlotte. Charlotte, stood back suddenly and started to fussed over me because I had lost unneeded weight while I was away. After convincing her that I would put it back on in no time she drew me in for enough hug as Peter wrapped himself round my back.

Ten minutes later we walked through the airport with Peter trailing with my bags talking about all the sights and place I had gone to. We were half way to Forks when Peter suddenly pulled onto the side of the road and turned the car off before swinging round to face me.

"Isabella, you have done a great job of NOT bring it up but do you care to inform me why Stefan Solovyov, phoned me a few weeks okay informing me that you rescued his daughter?"

I bite my bottom lip and lowered my head in a submissive gesture before I answered

"It was nothing. I was just heading back to the hotel when I thought I heard a scream coming from one of the allies. I can't tell you what I was thinking but the moment I saw little Anastasia, I couldn't control myself."

I heard his growl before he left the car suddenly slamming the door behind him. I felt Charlotte's hand on my knee giving my comfort as the sound of tree's being knocked down filled the air followed by a loud growl. I knew I should have phoned them the night it happened but everything was still to raw and I didn't want Peter to suddenly appear to drag me home again because despite being eighteen at times he still treated me like I was four years old . I had all forgot how much vampire's actually talked to each other about everything. The fact that Stefan knew who I was just by me telling him my name just proved made it sink in even more.

I was suddenly pulled from the car and sat on the hood before Peter, came and stood in between my legs with his hands on either side of my legs, glaring at me with pitch black eyes filled with worry.

"Isabella, if you had gotten yourself hurt do you have any idea what that would do to Charlie? How about Charlotte and me? You have become our daughter Isabella and we don't want to change you before it's time. Plus what would we tell your mate?"

I felt horrible, because at the time I hadn't really been thinking of my family. I heard him continue on but my mind kept going back to his last question. I held my hand up, causing him to pause midway through a sentence

"What do you mean my mate?"

I watched as Peter, leant back before he started to pace back and forwards in front of the car while Charlotte, came and sat next to me taking my hand in hers before she spoke

"He arrived just after you left for your holiday. You might of also picked up that you were being watched after the little incident. That was his doing, he is somewhat protective and possessive over things that belong to him."

I rolled my eyes over her last comment. If I had learnt anything living with these two is that all vampire's are protective and possessive. The few people at school that turned eighteen before they graduated would often be followed around by their mates. History class was all ways fun when the teacher was the one who was actually being corrected. Peter, came in one day and took over the class when I told him we were doing World War One. The vampire's and I spent the whole class in stiches from laughing so much as he basically told a group of teenagers that there is nothing glorious about living in trenches full of mud, with someone you use to see as your best friend rotting next to you. It was the look on their faces as he went into the exact smell of a battle field in great detail.

I was brought back to the situation at hand when Peter's, phone suddenly went off. The look on his face informed me of who it was. Charlotte, turned her head so her lips where brushing against my ear as she spoke

"Don't worry honey, you actually know a lot about your mate. He is Peter's and mine sire, you know him as the Major."

I would have fallen off the car if Peter, didn't suddenly appear at my side catching me just before I hit the floor. I had spent most of my life hearing about the Major, and everything he had done including try and failing to go vegetarian due to some bitch that lied to him. I could hear a voice yelling over the phone trying to get Peter's, attention.

"She is fine Major. Yeah we will be home soon . Can I suggest that we do this slowly and let her have a nap before we go into everything."

I didn't hear the response as Charlotte, picked me up and placed me back in the car as my mind started to shut down. I didn't even realise we had arrived back home until I saw my dad kneeling in front of me with a worried look on his face.

"Hey daddy."

"Hey beautiful, you okay?"

I nodded my head as my father helped me out of the car before lifting me into his arms cradling me to his chest. Charlie was changed two years before I came to live with him by Charlotte. It actually physically hurt a vampire once they find their human mate to be away from them from long periods of times and most of the time the human would land up being changed. Renee, all ways blamed Charlotte, for the end of their marriage but Charlie, told me that Renee, was going to divorce him before Charlotte, entered our lives the only reason she didn't was due to his wealth and if she left she would get nothing. My father came from old money, but like every other male in his family for the last four generation he joined the police force and only touched the money when needed.

I saw a flash of blonde as he took me past the lounge room and up the winding steps to the second floor. When I first saw his new house I was trying to work out why they had gotten one so big but add three vampires and a teenage and it become a lot smaller now add my mate and well something told me that Charlotte, was planning on added a new story. I could remember the first time Charlie, brought me here. It was on the very outskirts of town, at the end of a very long drive way and I do mean long. Charlotte, didn't want destroy the forest too much and found a large enough clearing that was big enough for what she wanted so it now took at least 30 min driving normally to actually reach the end of it, in vampire terms about ten minutes. Even though two of its four walls where glass it was actually warm inside, much warmer than the little house that I grew up in. The inside looked like a giant wood cabin which I loved, it was better than poor Angela's, house. Her mate insisted everything was painted in creams and whites. We spent most of the time outside panicking that we were going to dirty something.

I have no idea how long I laid looking at the ceiling remember bits of my past before Charlotte, knock on the door. I knew it was her purely because Charlie, tends to open the door and then knock and Peter, just walks right in.

"Come in Char. "

I watched as she slowly walked across the room before laying next to me on the bed before running her fingers through my hair causing me to smile

"Do you want to talk about what is floating round that pretty little head of yours?"

"Just remembering the past and your excuse for having a long ass drive way."

We both looked at each other for a moment before breaking out in laughter. It was good to be home.

"Honestly love, you've been quiet ever since we brought up the Major. I know it's a lot to take in but at least you have an advantage that know a bit about his past. Most people don't even get that."

I nodded my head and curled into her side. Charlotte, and Peter, had told me all about their time in the Southern Wars and what they had to do to survive when I was ten. At first I was a little weary of them but soon came to the conclusion that is who they were then and not the people they were now. There were still times however that I would become scared to be around them mainly when they were angry about something.

Charlotte, laughing suddenly brought me back from my thoughts once again. I really needed to stop doing that.

"Love, Peter, is wanting to know when he is getting his present."

I smiled before winking at her before I raised my voice a little

"What present? Who said anything about presents?"

I couldn't stop laughing as I was suddenly face to face with a pouting Peter, who was trying to give me puppy dog eyes and failing.

"Peter, you know they don't work on me. Now get off me and get my suitcase, then get out. I'll meet in the family room once I have cleaned up and then we can open them"

Peter, nodded his head before doing as he was told for once. Around me he tended to act like a child unless I was in danger and then he went into Captain mood. I once admitted to Char, I kind of found him hot when he was like that which then led to three months of being teased endlessly by her. After shooing Char, out the room I went to have a shower. If possible I would never leave my shower but I could hear Peter, starting to whine like a little child followed by Charlotte, telling him to act his age. I rolled my eyes before yelling

"I said the family room, NOT my bedroom Peter."

It was then I heard the most panty soaking voice I'd ever heard.

"Sorry my darlin', it's my fault."

The soft Texan accent wrapped it's way round my body causing me to fall to my knees as I struggled to keep myself from moaning. How on earth could a voice alone do this to me. I felt myself suddenly become air born and one of my towels wrapped round me. I looked up to see a smiling Charlotte.

"You've just made the Major a happy man. If you have this kind of reaction to his voice I can't wait to see your reaction when you actually see him."

I just nodded my head and allowed her to dress me. Most of the time I would have complained about it but at the moment I don't think I could even walk by myself. I had asked Charlie, once what it felt like when he was first mated to Charlotte. I remember him closing his eyes before giving me a one word answer


At the time I didn't understand what he meant but if his reaction to her was anything like mine to the Major then I could understand.

"Bella, honey, which suitcase do I need to bring down we us."

I pointed to the small purple one I had landed up buying while I was over there having run out of room in the main suitcase. I slowly followed her down stairs making sure I paid attention to where I put my feet. The day after I had saves Anastasia, I fell down a pot hole and twisted my ankle, only to be helped by a passing vampire. I had all most made it to the bottom when I lost my balance and started to fall. I was caught by a pair of strong arms that I didn't recognise causing me to panic for a moment before he spoke again

"Charlie, did say you could trip in thin air. I thought he was joking darlin', I see however he wasn't."

I couldn't stop the blush that crossed my face as I actually felt my panties become damp causing him to purr.

"I love the way your body reacts to me."

All I could do was nod and turn a deeper shade of red causing him to purr louder and Charlotte, the traitor to start to giggle. I tried to wiggle my way out of his hold but all he did was tighten his arms around me and let out a low growl in warning before walking towards the large family room.

The look on Charlie's, face was priceless to say the least but he back down when the Major growled at him causing Charlotte, to go into defence mode. Peter, just stood there watching and knowing him calculating how to get me out of the way in case things got heated.

"Daddy, it's okay. I just had one of my moment that's all."

I watched as Charlie, back down before nodding his head causing me to let out a deep breath that I hadn't even realised I was holding. The silence that filled the room was starting to get to me as Charlie and the Major kept glaring at each other. It was the sound of the old grandfather clock striking six that ended the silence causing me to jump and my stomach to growl.

"Now boys you behave yourself for moment while we go and cook Bella, her dinner and then I am sure she will do presents."

Jasper, growled as Charlotte, tried to take me from his hold. In the end we landed up all moving to the kitchen where he finally put me down so I could help her however he never took his eyes off me. When it actually came time for me to eat the Major took control and feed me. I half remembered Charlotte, doing the same thing to Charlie, in the first few weeks of the connection and from what Angela, said to me her mate did the same thing.

Once we had finished he picked me up and took me back to the family room where Peter was poking the suitcase trying to work out what was in there.

"Peter, you're like a child on Christmas morning. For heaven shake you're a vampire behaviour yourself."

I watched as he slank over to Charlotte, pouting as Charlie, shook his head at his playfulness. I bite my tongue to stop myself from moaning as the Major leant down and brushed his lips over my ear as he whispered in my ear,

"What have you done to my Captain? I have nether seen him act like this before. You've bewitched him just like you have me."

I shuddered as I felt his lips brush the small spot behind my ear before Charlie, let out a small growl earning one back.

"Okay enough. Um can you put me down please Major."

"It's Jasper, to you my dear."

I nodded my head and swayed a bit as he put me down though still not releasing me fully until I had my balance. I carefully made my way over to suitcase and giggled as I noticed Peter, was sliding across the floor ever so slowly.

I opened the lid but only so it was open enough for me to get things out. I felt bad that I didn't bring Jasper, back anything but as I had no idea he was even here it wasn't my fault. I handed Charlie, his present first. I couldn't help but smile at the look on his face as he held a handmade dagger that was made by the village black smith. Charlie, all ways wanted one but couldn't buy get one here without having to fill out more paper work than it was worth. Me on the other hand could get any kind of weapon I wanted because I was human.

"I had it handmade by the local blacksmith. He said the stone in it is black sapphire very rare."

I was picked off the floor and span round by Charlie, as he continued to thank me over and over again. It was the least I could do for him since he had managed to put with some of the worst of my teenage hormones. Once I was place back on the floor I gave Charlotte, her present. It was a beautiful dress that I had seen during my one day I had spent in Moscow before moving on. It was simple in design but the pattern was from the last days of the empire. The smile that crossed her face told me how much she loved it.

I closed my case and looked at Peter, who was sulking when he realised that there wasn't anything else in the suitcase.

"Peter, your present is up stairs. It's the long package that someone place on the sofa in my room."

Before I could blink he had disappeared causing me to shake my head and laugh. Charlotte, stood up and gave me a quick hug

"Thank you sweet heart for the dress. So can I ask what you got my husband? And why on earth did you post it?"

"It was easier to post it than it was bring it back on the plane. As for what it is give a second and I sure you will find out."

As soon as the words left my mouth I was air born and being hugged to a very happy Peter, before I was pulled from his arms by a very pissed off looking Major who pulled me behind his back before crouching down in defence mode.

"Don't touch my mate that way again. She is MINE."

I watched as my family bowed their heads in a submissive stance as the Major back me out of the room. During one of our talks Charlotte, told me what to expect in situations like this. I was lucky to have her guidance in these aspects of things because I had to admit I was getting a bit scared. I closed my eyes for a split second and suddenly found myself in my bedroom on the edge of the bed as the Major run his hands over my body looking to make sure I wasn't hurt.

"Jasper, I am fine. Peter, just got a little carried away with his behaviour. Now why don't we have a little talk before I go to sleep."

I watched as his eyes turned back to their sparkling red before he nodded his head.

"Do you mind if I get changed first and say good night to my family?"

Again all he did was nodded but his eyes darkened a fraction. I called for the family to come up and one by one they came and said good night. My father picked me and hugged me again before kissing the top of my head before leaving the room.

"Don't worry sweet heart, we are all going hunting tonight. We'll be back in the morning. I have my phone on me if you need to talk."

I nodded my head before kissing her on the check as she did to me. Peter, through the Major a quick look as he hugged me earning a low growl in return.

"Thank you beautiful for the present. Everything will be better in the morning."

I nodded my head and kissed his check earning yet another growl off the Major. Peter, gave me a weak smile before disappearing from the room closing the door behind him. I heard the front door being closed and locked before I found myself back in the Major's arms.

I stood still as he run his nose down my throat as his hands rested on my hips pulling me into his chest. I could feel as well as hear as he purred before he licked my neck causing me to shudder and actually moan out loud.

"I thought we were going to talk?"

I felt him sigh before he stopped licking the spot behind my ear.

"You're right. Go and get change before I loss control anymore."

I run from the room picking up nightdress and dressing gown hoping the major wouldn't hate it too much.

I took my time in the bathroom and re brushed my now dry hair. I was debating on wither or not I was going to re shave my legs when my phone vibrated on the side where I had plugged it in to charge.

Peter: Get your ass in that bedroom girl. He isn't going to bite you

Taking a deep breath I opened the bathroom the door to see that the Major had been busy. The room was filled with candles giving everything a soft glow. I noticed that my bed had been turned down and the spare pillows had been place on the small sofa that sat at the end of my bed. The Major had taken his top of giving me a nice view of his chest. I noticed his scares and they didn't bother me in the slightest having seen both Charlotte's, and Peter's.

The purr that left the Major's mouth as he took in my appearance made me glade that I had chosen the correct nightdress. It was silk and low cut in a deep green, the slits on either side reached my hips.

I was suddenly in his arms as he kissed his way down my neck before pulling me to the bed. He sat against the head board before pulling me so I was in between his legs.

"So where do you want to start Isabella. From what Charlotte, has told me you're at an advantage here."

"I was thinking you could ask me question actually. I mean you know very little about me and..."

I felt his lips brush against my neck before his scent clouded my mind

"Well let's see, your full name in Isabella Marie Swam Whitlock, you grew up with your mum but came here every summer apart from the two years before you moved here. Both Peter and Charlotte adopted you even though Charlotte, was the one to be mated to your father. You graduated top of your class and want to spend a year off school in order to fresh your mind before going to University. You've never had a boyfriend because they were scared of Charlie and Peter, your closet friend Angela, is mated to Alistair, an old friend of ours. Oh and you have this habit of tripping over thin air. Have I left anything out?"

I shook my head as I blushed. He must have been talking to Peter about me because I knew Charlotte and Charlie would have respected my privacy.

"Don't be angry with him. I can be very demanding at times and Peter knows this. Plus I made it an order."

I nodded my head again as I started to play with the hem of my dressing gown. He knew then that I had no experience and was still pure. Charlotte once told me that that was the greatest gift I could give him because like Alistair and Angela, we would be each other's only mates.

I couldn't stop the yawn that left my mouth causing Jasper to let out a small laugh before moving about a bit so I was laid on the bed with my head on the pillows. I didn't see him as he blew out the candles one by one but the room soon become dark. I jumped as I felt him come and lay by side and pulled me against his chest before kissing my neck right over the main artery.

"Sleep my Isabella. I will watch over you to keep the nightmares away."

I yawned once again before closing my eyes as he started to hum.