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Ch.1 "The Ghost Child"

"Ah, how cute, honey, let's adopt him." Two year old Uzumaki Naruto watched as all the couples of the day looking at the children to adopt. He was sitting against a tree, but no one would really notice him, let alone adopt him. Sure, he wasn't hit or hurt by the other people. He knew what a wound is, but he did know many people just ignored him and he was starting to wonder if people have begun to even forget his own presence.

"Huh? Who is that child over there?" Naruto's eyes lit up as a woman noticed him along with her husband.

"Wait. I think that is the demon." Naruto frowned as the woman then saw his whisker birth marks and glared at him before moving away, not wanting to see Naruto.

"…" Naruto got up and left the yard of the orphanage. 'If they don't want me here, then I will go so that I am no longer a burden." Naruto ran once out of sight of the orphanage. He always wondered why people hated him. He didn't know why, but he also saw people who were a lot ruder than the people at the orphanage, yet people don't see these people chasing him. This often shocks Naruto as he could clearly see the wounds on the people's bodies and the blood that dripped from them.

"Ack!" The two year old tripped and rubbed his forehead only to pale as he realized where he was. "Oh-no…Graweyerd." Naruto whimpered, seeing the tombstones of the graveyard. He was scared of this place for many reasons and all those reasons were he would often see the people who would chase him in graveyards, though this one seemed more of civilians and older.

"Huh? Why is this gaki here?" Naruto began sweating in fear as the seemingly empty graveyard was full of activitic of people… Most of them sitting above the tombstones or around them while they had no feet.

"Oh, how cute! But why is a two year old here? I like those whiskers on his face!" A woman chimed as Naruto recoiled. "Huh? You can see us?"

"Pleze don't gurt me!" Naruto cried out, covering his head in fear.

"…What did he just say?" A larger ghost that looked like a stronger carpenter asked as Naruto blinked, confused as to why these people haven't tried to hurt him like the others who didn't have feet.

"I think he thinks we are going to hurt him." Naruto instead froze as the people gathered around him. "Where's your parents little one? We know you are still alive."

"…Ztill alize?" Naruto asked, confused even more.

"Honey… We're dead. We can't be seen by the living." A woman sighed as Naruto eyes widen. He knew what dead mean. However, he was still confuse.

"Wha' cha mean ya cath be zeen by th' lixing?" Naruto asked, cocking his head. However, he instantly had a shiver go up his spine and turned around to see the ones who would chase him and sometimes managed to scratch him.

"There's the demon! Get it!" Naruto had tears welled up in his eyes as the mob of people went towards him, but then the others who he just met had gotten in front of him. "Hey! Get out of the way! We want to avenge our deaths!"

"Bakas. How could killing this child avenge your deaths? If you kill him, you'll end up in hell even if he did cause your deaths?" Naruto blinked, not realizing the other people were defending him.

"We can't pass on because of him!"

"Pazz on?" Everyone looked at Naruto who weakly spoke.

"…It means to go onto heaven where the dead go after dying." Another gentle woman explain.

"…Then… If I helt ya pazz on… Ya… leafe me alone?" Naruto weakly asked as everyone there looked at him with shock.

"Heh, if a demon could do that! If you can do it, then I will accept your not a demon and you will never have to worry about us chasing you again!" The leader of the group snorted as the rest nodded.

"Then, I know a way." Naruto looked the carpeter looking guy who grinned. "Kid, since you can see us, you have the potential to become a Shaman."

"A Zhamen?" Everyone sweated at the child.

"We really will need to teach you better speaking. Well, a Shaman is a person who can channel spirits like the dead and communicate with them. Some also can help spirits pass on."

"Then I wan to ze Zhamen!" Naruto shouted, grinning. He could finally have the meanies stop bothering him. He decided right then to train and become a Shaman.

Several Months Later

"Alriht, I radi." Naruto sighed, holding a long, bead rosemary he made by himself from wood as he couldn't afford to buy his own. The spirits-as he know knew who they were-that hated him stood before him. With the help of the ghosts, he found texts that showed him how to be a shaman.

"Come on, gaki, hurry up." The dead ninja growled as Naruto entered a trance like state with his hands together.

"I am God, flawlessly born leader of men, savior of worlds! I am the law, flawlessly kept, powerful script, harshly enforced! I am a soul, flawlessly saved, nowhere to go, out of my place!" Naruto chanted when all the rude ghosts blinked as they glowed and slowly faded away.

"Amazing! The first try and he has all of them passing on!" Several of the ghosts who were not passing on gasped in shock as the spirits that were disappeared in a whirlwind of leaves.

"Thank you, kid." Naruto's eyes widen when he heard their last words and tears formed in his eyes.

"Huh? Why you crying, kid?" The ghosts still around looked at Naruto who was trying to wipe his tears away.

"Tzat'z… th' furizt tine… Zomeon… Thax me." Naruto began to sob of joy, very happy. "I an… happy! Wah!" Naruto cried as the ghosts sweated at him.

'… How can he say the incantation perfectly when he still speaks horribly everything else?' All of the ghosts thought, unknowingly watching the newest resident to the graveyard sobbing away as other spirits tried to sooth the crying child.


-Three-Almost Four-Years Later-

"Naruto, where are you?" Sarutobi Hiruzen, the Third Hokage, sighed as he looked for Naruto in his room in the orphanage. The room was filled with all sorts of scrolls, texts, and objects Naruto had collected over last three years. The old Hokage didn't know what sparked Naruto to start collecting all the stuff, but Hiruzen found Naruto oddly happy since beginning the habit… Though he also found sometimes finding Naruto was hard now.

"Huh?" Hiruzen nearly had a heart attack when Naruto came out of a pile of scrolls on the floor, rubbing his eyes. "It's too early."

"…Naruto, it's one in the afternoon." Hiruzen sighed as he also remembered a habit he needed to break Naruto soon of which was Naruto's pretension to sleep more than a Nara. That, right there, was saying something as when Naruto was awake, he was hyper and happy in his own little way.

"Oh, Old Man, I thought it was one of my friends." The Hokage softly smiled at Naruto. He, however, knew one of these days his two advisers and Danzou would start to force him to fix Naruto's possibly mental instability as it seemed Naruto was seeing things that were not there. Even though Hiruzen saw Naruto's mental status also become somewhat the problem, he also saw why Naruto might have began resorting to the imagery for his companionship.

'Poor kid.' Hiruzen thought as Naruto got out of the pile and stood before him. Naruto was wearing a long sleeve white shirt with a high collar that seemed too big for him and black shorts that did fit, but nearly seem to be not their thanks to the large shirt. He also wore wooden clogs instead of ninja sandals like most kids his age would wear. Around his neck was a large beaded necklace with beads the size of Naruto's thumb. This one thing keeps amazing Hiruzen as he remember Naruto actually making that beaded necklace and wearing it even though it was pretty heavy than what it looked like it was.

"What cha want, Old Man?" Naruto sleepily looked at the Hokage with a glare and a frown. The Hokage was kind of worried though as he saw Naruto's appearance. Naruto was very pale and also short of his age. He also had let his sun kiss blond hair grew out the past four years and now it reached near to his hips in long spikes with short spikes at the top with his bangs which went in his face. His eyes were gentle and soft looking as if in a daze and black markings were beginning to form around his eyes from possibly lack of sleep even though he sleeps a lot during the day. Naruto looked much like what a person would envision a ghost to be even though his sapphire like eyes was still full of life.

"I decide to put you into the academy to become a ninja and also give you an apartment." The Hokage ruffled Naruto's hair that looked down.

"… Why do I have to become a ninja?" Naruto asked, knowing what he wanted to become. He discovered it during his studies and he wanted to become it, so he began training.

"Well, don't you want to become Hokage?" Naruto blinked at the Hokage. "You said that you want be respected by everyone by becoming power, so doesn't that mean you want to become the Hokage?"

"…" Naruto frowned before grinning. "Yeah! I want to become Hokage!" Naruto chimed.

"Alright, get your things together." The Hokage sighed as Naruto frowned behind his back.

'He would probably think I am crazy if I told him the truth… And there goes the life I want.' Naruto let out a sigh. He had a plan. He would pretend to become Hokage and go through the academy, but that will be it. He didn't care if he passed or not in the end. He would not become a ninja.

"…" The next day Naruto started at the academy and Naruto's eye twitched in annoyance while sitting in class. '…Why the heck do I have to go through this? … Well, I do remember ninja do have medical jutsu, so I might learn them so this is not a complete waste as right now it seems these classes are a complete waste.' Naruto thought before putting his head on the desk to sleep, the sensei and students completely forgetting his presence in the room.


"Dammit! I can't believe I trained that late!" Six year old Uchiha Sasuke was panicking as he ran through the streets for home after staying at a training ground late while training. "I'm going to miss my favorite show because of this!"

Sasuke then spotted the entrance of a civilian cemetery. "…Even with this bad feeling, this is faster and I might get home in time!" Sasuke chimed while climbing over the fence.

"Hey, you there… What's the hurry?" Sasuke froze before looking where he heard the voice. He saw a long blond hair, pale skin girl sitting on a tombstone under a tree on a hill in the graveyard. 'What the heck is a girl doing here at this hour?' Suddenly, Sasuke paled. 'W-W-What if she's a ghost…' "No! What am I thinking! I need to get home!" Sasuke shouted, while running through the graveyard, passing the girl from behind.

"Wait a moment." Sasuke froze as the girl called him out. "You can see the stars really well tonight. You should come see them with everyone else." The girl smirked as Sasuke raised an eyebrow.

"Stars? Pff! Why would a future ninja like me look at stars?" Sasuke snorted. "Plus, you're grammar sucks. You shouldn't use 'everyone' if it's only you." Sasuke just wanted to get away from this weird idiot.

"No, I mean everyone." The girl chimed while stepping onto the ground. "All the people in this cemetery!" The girl grinned while pointing at all the people that suddenly appeared around her and they had no legs.

"…" Sasuke's eyes were as wide as plates as his skin was very pale.

"Don't look so startled. We're all friends here." The chimed while having her arms over two ghost's shoulders and was floating in the air because of it. "It's just these guys can't pass on yet." The girl then noticed Sasuke's reaction of not saying anything. "Eh? What's the matter?"

Sasuke did the one the he only knew to do in this situation. He screamed like a little girl and ran faster than he ever knew he could.

"I swear it! I saw ghosts in the graveyard!" Sasuke whined to his older brother who was getting ready for another mission.

"Sasuke, ghosts don't exist." Eleven year old Uchiha Itachi sighed while ruffling his brother's head. "But, I guess I have been flicking your forehead one too many times."

"No! Serious! I saw ghosts and they were watching the stars!" Sasuke growled before getting poked in the head.

"Whatever, Otouto." Sasuke glared at his brother as he left. Sasuke knew if his brother didn't believe him, then his parents wouldn't either.

'…Maybe it was just my imagination.' Sasuke sighed while getting his stuff together and ran to the academy, making sure to stay clear of the cemetery. Once there, he walked towards his class only to freeze. 'N-N-N-NANI?' Sasuke gaped as he saw the same girl from the cemetery walking in the hallway and going into one of the homerooms for the new students.

'What is she doing here?' Sasuke thought as he peeked into the room to see the girl walked up into one of the rows and sat in a desk before flopping her head down and falling asleep while the sensei and other students seemed to not see her as they continued to talk or writing on the board. 'S-So… She's a ghost! And I can only see her! But, why is she here at the academy when I saw her at the cemetery last night?' Sasuke thought before realizing what the time was and ran to his own class. He would see who that ghost was and see why she was haunting the academy.

"ACHOO!" Uzumaki Naruto sneezed, startling all of his classmates and his sensei as soon as Sasuke was out of range.

"Oh, it is good to see you decided to join us, Uzumaki-san." The sensei glared at Naruto, remembering not seeing the blond since classes began.

"Huh? What do you mean? I had been here the whole time for each class." Everyone sweated as Naruto dazedly frown. "In fact, I got locked up in the school once because I slept too long the other day and I had to pick the lock to go see my friends." Now, everyone was pale as they knew that wasn't a lie as in fact the other day, the teachers and students came back to school to find one of the outside doors had been unlocked by not the staff the night before.

'…Wow… He might become a good ninja… If he doesn't sleep like that anymore.' The sensei thought, not wanting to deal with a person like a lazy Nara. Though, he made a mental note to let Naruto at least make up the work he missed while sleeping thanks to the very fact he didn't realize Naruto had been there the whole time… That and to wake the kid up more.

"Hey, Itachi." Itachi looked at his best friend Shisui who was smirking.

"…What is it this time? You got promoted in the Military Police?" Itachi groaned. She, he did care about Shisui like almost a brother, but this said brother bragged a little too much.

"Oh, nothing. Just mastered my jutsu to control minds!" Shisui chimed as Itachi sighed. "Though, I know it won't work on you. You are always thinking 'Work, Work, Sasuke.'"

"…What?" Itachi's eyebrow twitched in anger.

"It's a joke!" Shisui sighed. "It's just you focus some much on your work as a ninja, that oddly enough the only other thing you seem to think about is your little sibling. I wished I was that simple minded." Shisui dodged a punch from Itachi. 'That… And I was free of being able to read other people's minds.' Shisui thought even though not many people were around, he could hear their thoughts. Unknowned to both shinobi, a demon like spirit was watching them and smirking from a tree as if it was happy.

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