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Chapter 1

On a night much like this one, silent is all aspects but one; A scream that ripped through the air as a life left its body.
While the children of Private drive were asleep tucked sweetly in their bed, a young babe only but a year lay crying in the
rubble that once was a place that he would have called home. No one heard but those confined to the house as a soft
knock was laid to their door and the babe left on their letter left with the child would never get read through its entirety.
Number 4 Private Dr. will never be the same again, nor the life that was laid in their hands that day.

Nine and a half years later

Harry Potter woke up to a marginal normal day. He started it out like he always did cooking breakfast for his overly
obese uncle and cousin. His horse of and aunt was screeching in his ear, telling him not to burn the bacon.

" Yes Aunt Petunia." was all he muttered out as he set to plate the strips of crispy meat.

" I am taking Dudley to his orientation at Smeltings. I want you to behave when I am gone. Just remember your uncle
is going to be here and he will not tolerate any freakishness." she said with a sneer and putting on her coat.

" Yes Aunt Petunia." Harry said as he cleaned up the mess that was made from making the meal.

" Come Dudley. We must be off before we are late."

" Coming mummy." his whale of a cousin said as he followed her out the door.

His aunt took one last look at him before she closed the door behind her son.

Harry spent what was left of his ordinary afternoon in his cupboard under the stairs, twiddling his thumbs as he waited
for dinner time to approach. Things didn't start out the way they were. In the beginning the Dursley's welcomed him with mild
fear. They had it burned into the very cells of their brains that they were going to try to raise this boy like he was their own.
They were set on raising both boys together in a perfect life. But as Harry got older his heritage won out over the obscured
normality viewed by common society. He began to perform minor accidental magic. Nothing noticeable by those that professed
themselves to be the most ordinary of people. It wasn't but two years later that he began to have nightmarish dreams that
sparked a more monumental accidental magic in which the whole house shook with such force that the Dursley's thought the
very roof over their heads was going to come down on top of them. It wasn't long after the starting of the nightmares that the
couple discovered from where they were originating. It started out with verbal abuse, maybe if they screamed and yelled at him
enough it will help purge the freakishness from their nephew. In their hind sight, they didn't think that it would make it worse for
them and the budding toddler. At just seven years old, a time when a child should be worried about the television or video games,
he was beaten and pushed to do demeaning jobs around the house that were hard for a grown man to do let alone a seven year
old child. He was a slave to his own family. Nothing more than the dirt under their posh leather shoes. They hid his problems
behind a strict boarding school for troubled youth instead of accepting the fact that their nephew was from a different world than
they were used to. At nine his uncle began to drink very heavily as the days wore on. But this only caused a minor difference in the
way he was treated until tonight.

" Oh no uncle Vernon is drinking again." Harry said to himself. As he heard glass clanking as the fridge was closed with a slam.

" Harry! get your ass down here!"

The young boy knew his uncle was drunk. He recognized the signs a mile away since his uncle first started drinking.

" Yes uncle Vernon? I swear I didn't do it. I have been in my cupboard all day since aunt Petunia left this morning." he said as he
came out into the open.

" Come here." his uncle said. His speech was slured from the large amounts of whiskey he consumed not an hour before hand.

Harry cautiously walked into the living room where his uncle was watching t.v.

" Since your aunt and cousin are away and I am stuck here with you, I thought that we could have a bit of fun." Vernon said with
a malicious grin on his face as he stood up from the couch.

Harry stood there blinking back the fear he held for his uncle. He never seen that look before, and he didn't like it.

" My kind of fun." he said before slamming a ham sized fist into the side of Harry's head.

Harry's head snapped back with such force that it knocked him to the floor. He felt something trickle down the side of his face,
reaching up he touched the spot that was emitting the ooze. He brought his hand down and stared fascinated by his own blood
dripping down his fingers. He could not feel the pain from the blow for he was so consumed with awe and wonder for that crimson
liquid dripping down his fingers.

" Get up. I said get up. Now! You want to be a whore. Flaunting your body when ever your aunt is around. Knowing it would get
me excited. Well I will treat you like the one you are."

Harry stood up and looked at his uncle in confusion. He took a step back as his uncle stepped towards him.

" Uncle Vernon?"

" Shut up!" Vernon said as he slammed his fist into Harry again. This time Harry didn't get up. This blow left him unconscious. He
laid there limp.

Vernon pulled Harry's oversized pants down and then removed his own. Moving him into position; he slammed into him. Vernon
grinned as he felt the boy's hole rip as he entered him and his grin widened even more as he felt around for the boy's own member
and found it to be getting rapidly hard as well. As he kept pounding into the poor boy he began to jack him off until his release minutes
later. He pulled out and left the boy there bleeding from the various wounds he had received.

It wasn't long after Vernon had raped him when Harry became fully aware of what had just happened to him.

" Ugh." he whimpered as he sat up from the floor." Wha.. I... he raped me." Harry said in disbelief." He bloody well raped me. His
own family. I can't do this anymore. I just can't." he whispered to himself. He winced as he stood up from his place on the floor. Slowly
he limped his way up the stairs to the bathroom that he and his cousin shared. He then closed and locked the door behind him. He pulled
off his tattered clothes and then looked in the mirror. He seen bruises beginning to quickly darken as the broken blood vessels in the area
began to drown the tissue in blood. His left eye was swollen shut. And blood was quickly matting his hair together in some places. It was
the large gash on the side of his face that made him sigh in defeat. He would never be able to walk out in public without someone staring
at him. He got enough unwanted attention from the one on his forehead. He turned away from his reflection and got into the tub. He put
the stopper into the drain, then started the water. He sighed as the warm water consumed him.

Turning off the water, he leaned back and let the warmth take away the ache he had in his muscles and bones.

" I won't let anything like this to happen to me again...nothing like this will ever happen again." Harry said to himself before he pulled
out the old fashioned straight razor that he had hidden in the bathroom. He took one last look at his reflection in the blade before he began
slicing at the delicate tissue of his wrists. He sighed as the new pain engulfed him with bliss. He watched as the tub became a sea of red. He
watched as he bled his life away. Sweet darkness and perfect silence met him in a great symphony.

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