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Chapter 4

The boy and man separated as a noise from the door caught their attention.

" Sev'?" a blond boy said from the doorway.

" Ah! Draco, come on in and have a seat." Severus said as he gestured to the only other chair in the room besides the one that he was sitting in at the moment.

" Sev' what's going on? Mother got a message from father saying that we had a guest and to hurry home. Who is he? And what is he doing here?" Draco said staring at the small boy in the guest bed.

" Draco this," Severus gestured to the boy ," is Harry Potter. He will be staying here for the remainder of the summer till school starts. As to the reason why he is here, it is because his family hurt him very badly and if he goes back they very well might kill him."

" Ha..Harry Potter? The Harry Potter? Wow! The irony of it all. Well I am Draco Malfoy." Draco said as he extended his hand to the boy.

Harry looked at it for a moment before nervously taking the offered hand and giving it a slight shake. Harry blinked at the blond before said boy broke out into a bright grin. Feeling the stress leave his body at the sight of the beautiful smile he smiled back.

" Draco I want you to make Mr. Potter's stay here welcome. He has not been able to experience the joys of growing up in a loving home where he is able to be the child that he is." Lucius said from the door. Both boys jumped at the sound of the older man at the door. " Severus, come we have matters to discuss."

" Ah yes. Boys if you will excuse me. I have some business to take care of. I will leave you two to get better acquainted." Severus said as he stood up from the chair before walking to the door. " I will be back in a few hours. If you are feeling up to it you can get out of bed, maybe Draco can give you a tour of the manor." He said before he paused for a moment and turned and looked at the two boys. " Oh and Draco would you be so kind as to loan Harry here some clothes for the time being. I will take him later to acquire his school things and a new wardrobe."

" Of course. I will go get them now so I can give him the tour." Draco nodded eyes alight with childish glee.

Harry watched as everyone left him alone in the room that he had woken up in. He got up and wrapped the flat sheet that had been on the bed around his slim body before walking to the window. His breath caught in his throat as he admired the beautiful view.

" It can be quite shocking for someone to see the gardens for the first time. You know not having the opportunity to witness something to its extent before." Draco said as he walked to the bed and laid the clothes that he had retrieved for the small youth.

Harry nearly jumped out of his skin at the sudden appearance of the other boy. " Oh...yes... they are beautiful. I would like to see it up close." Harry said as a small smile glanced across his face. " Thank you for the clothes I will make sure that you get them back the way you gave them to me." the small boy said as he walked to the edge of the bed where the blond haired youth had deposited the bundle of material.

" No need to worry about it. They are old, plus I am too big for them anyways. You can keep them if you like." Draco said as he backed away from the bed. " I will wait outside the door until you are done dressing." Draco said as he nodded to the smaller boy before walking out of the bedroom door and closing it behind him.

Harry picked up the pants that were laying there and preceeded to put them on under to towel. He nodded his head in appreciation at the comfortability of the simple garment. He dropped the towel at his feet then picked up the shirt and pulled it over his head.

" Draco?" he called as he sat down on the bed.

Said boy opened the door and peeked in. " They fit you good." he said as he walked all the way in. " We'll have to find you a pair of shoes that fit. You can come with me if you want."

Harry nodded his head and followed Draco out the door and down the hall where his room was located.

" This is my room." he said as he motioned to an elaborately inlaid maple door before he opened it with a flourish.

" Th..this is your room?" Harry asked as he spun in circles, looking at the room with eyes as big as dinner plates.

The other boy only nodded before he preceeded to walk to another door that occupied the space. Harry could only guess that it was the boy's closet.

Draco opened it and walked in with Harry on his tail.

" Wow! I have never seen a closed this big in my life. This could practically be another bedroom. Of course I would have rather have stayed in here than in the cupboard..." Harry said as his voice trailed off as he eyed all the expensive clothing that otherwise inhabited the large space of the closet.

" A cupboard? Why were you in a cupboard? You must have been really naughty. Even my mother wouldn't do that to me. She has taken my broom away from me but never put me in a dirty cupboard." Draco said as he finally found the shoes he was looking for and then handed them to the other boy.

" Well I'm not entirely sure. They told me I was bad, but when I got here the things I was punished for are rewarded. Like the fre... I mean magic that everyone uses. But I really don't want to talk about that right now." Harry said as he took the shoes from Draco.

" Why that is absurd... I have never heard of such things like that."

" Well my aunt and uncle... well i guess they really weren't my family after all... but they're how you say... muggles." he said as he slipped the shoes on his feet.

" Oh well that explains it. My father is always telling me that muggles are the worst sort. He is always telling me that we should close ourselves off from them, because they cause nothing but misery for us because they are so closed minded that they turn against their own kin. But like you said lets not talk about that. Come let's go take a walk in the gardens. My mother is always telling me that Fresh air and sunlight makes for a happier and healthier body." Draco said as he walked out of the closet. Harry nodded his head and followed.

" So how did he take everything?" Lucius asked as he sat down in an arm chair.

" Fairly well considering where he came from. I half expected him to break down. We will need to keep an eye on him, I fear that everything will overbear him eventually and will set him back."

" That is good. When are you planning on taking off the glamour on him?"

" Before I take him to Diagon Alley. I plan on getting him a full wardrobe and anything else that he may want. Of course he probably isn't going to ask of anything so I will just have to keep an eye on him as we shop to see if anything catches his eye."

" He seems very timid for a boy his age hopefully he will grow out of that. That is not a way for a child to live, and they definitely shouldn't be raised in a house where they know nothing but abuse and neglect. Do not worry Severus, Dumbledore will reap what he has sewn. He cannot play lord of the light now that his savior is gone."

" Yes but we will have to play it off until the last possible moment. I am going to go see if Harry is ready to go. Do you mind if I have Draco accompany us on our little endeavor?" Severus said as he eyed his long time childhood friend.

" No of course not. It might do the boy some good to be around children his age."

" Very well. I assume that they went to the garden." the dark man said as he stood up and made his way out of the study door. He then preceeded to walk out of the patio doors into the entrance of the massive garden. " Draco! Harry!" Severus called.

" Coming uncle Sev." Draco called out from his left right before his blond hair appeared over a massive rose bush. " Draco your father has given me permission to take you with us on our trip to Diagon Alley. Maybe you can help Harry Pick out some nice robes that are in style for children your age among other things such as your school supplies. But first I have to take the glamour off you." he said turning to his son.

" Glamour? What's a glamour?" Harry said as he looked at his father.

" It is a bit of magic that enables someone to change their appearance. The people that had you put it on you to help further their claims on you being their child. Even though you do resemble me and your Da there are still some qualities that do not belong. Such as your need to wear glasses and your unruly hair." He said as me ruffled the small boy's hair.

" Oh so if you take it off I won't have to wear glasses anymore and my hair will be straight?" Harry said as his face lit up at the prospect.

" Well I am not entirely sure about your hair because Gabriel had curly hair and mine is straight so I am leaning towards wavy, but as far as the glasses no you will not have to worry about glasses anymore."

" Let's do it." the boy said as he shifted from foot to foot.

" Alright now you are going to have to stand still for me." Severus said as he pulled out his wand.

Harry nodded.

He started muttering the counter incantation for the powerful glamour that was placed on his son. He gave his wand a flick and then watched as the glamour faded. His son took on a noticeably altered appearance. His unruly dark brown hair turned in to solid black glossy curls with a hint of red streaked through the ringlets. His cheek bones were more defined and his eyes brightened a shade making them look eerily fluorescent.

" How do I look?" he asked as he looked up at his father with his eyes crossed.

" How about you take them glasses off first." Severus said ad he pulled the offending item off of his son before stepping back and giving him a proper looking at. " Much better. You are a good combination of both me and your Da. But..." his voice trailed off as he took a closer look at the boy's forehead. The scar that once adorned the young child's forehead was gone. " Come Harry, Draco I need to speak with your father before we leave.

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