The shadows disappeared and the moon created a dim light through the dark clouds that reflected against the calm water. The light wooden boat was halfway over the Brandybuch River when a shout though the night caused the two hobbits in the boat to turn around. On the grass by the river on the side where their home was, stood a small young boy only dressed in his night clothes.

"MOM! DAD!" He shouted.

"Drogo..." Primula said quietly. "We must hurry to go back"

Primula's husband sat quietly without a word and kept rowing while their son was standing on the other side and even if they couldn't hear it, he was crying.

"DAD!" He shouted again. "MOM!"

Primula put her hand to her mouth and shouted back. "Frodo! Go back inside!"


She tried to turn around to shout again, but she tripped in the dark over a basket she kept in the boat.

Just as Drogo noticed that his wife was about to fall in, he got up to grab her, but his weight and sudden movement caused the boat to fall over and they were both in the deep, dark and cold water.

"Ahhh!" Frodo screamed out in fear.

"Frodo!!" Primula managed to scream again before she disappeared under the water.

Drogo coudln't swim either, but dove under the water to find her, but neither of them came back to the surface. Frodo screamed and cried which soon caused Brandy hall's residents to wake up and out came Saradoc and his wife Esmeralda.

Saradoc ran up to Frodo and took him in his arms.

"What's the matter Frodo?" He asked worriedly as Frodo cried floods.

"MOM! DAD!!" he screamed again and got out of Saradoc's arms. He ran to the very edge to the river and pointed out.

"They disappeared!" He cried.

Saradoc exchanged looks with Esmeralda, then asked calmly: "Did your parents go out on the river?"

Frodo cried and nodded.

Like lightning struck Saradoc he ran to the alarm clock and pulled the rope to gather everyone from Brandy Hall.

When everyone was there Saradoc told them that they had to take all the boats they had to search for the couple even if it was dark. Many were afraid, cried and many also stayed with Frodo while all the men from Brandy Hall took the boats and row out on the water to search for Drogo and Primula Baggins, but whenever or however they would be found; they had left a young hobbit boy behind who no longer had a father and a mother. Never would Brandy Hall be the same again and never again did a hobbit trust a boat or the water.


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