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a Vespertine Haunting

Sometimes he didn't sleep; he couldn't bring himself to do so.

The silence around him served as nothing more than reminder, a fucking reminder of the emptiness he felt inside of himself. He was so used to her being there, in between. Not really there but, having enough of her essence lingering around to know that she was still there with them, with him.

He remembers those nights he fell asleep to the sound of the kitchen cabinets and drawers opening and closing, the light padding of feet as she shuffled around downstairs either making coffee or tea or simply moving about, the breathy whispers that would escape her mouth when she was trying to be quiet and not wake them up as she muttered to herself; those simple sounds were his very own lullaby, a lullaby only she could sing.

And now that she was gone so was the lullaby, leaving him behind to find peace in this silence that only drove him crazy and reminded them, him, that she wasn't there anymore.

Somehow she had gotten inside his system; he remembers those nights he would strain his hearing just to catch a tiny airy sound of her and once he caught it he would start to drift, knowing that she was there and she would be there when he woke up. Yes, during the day there were times when he would hardly see her around but at night; at night is when he needed her the most, when he felt her.

He can't really remember when it all had started; but if he had to guess he would say that it was when he accidentally kissed her. The tingly sensation he felt at the feathery touch of her lips against his had somehow sunken under his skin, worked its way into his veins, imprinting and blending a bit of her essence into him, connecting them. At the time he had passed it off as hunger or well anything else maybe, but now, now he knew what that feeling was.

He knew what he had to do and when he set his mind on something he never backed down. He was going to get her back; he was going to fill that emptiness he felt inside him.

He would feel her essence lingering around him again.