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Chapter 1


I still can't believe that I had agreed to this. How could I be so stupid? Emmett is going to own me a big one after this. How could he even think about bringing him here?

My head kept spinning while the shower water kept falling on my tired body. I had just returned from a twelve hours trip, all I wanted and needed was to take a shower and go to bed, but no... my brother can't think of anything better other than ask me for my help, rather demand me to hide nothing more and nothing less than my public enemy number one for a few days.

Again; how could I be so stupid? I slap myself mentally; undoubtedly I was under the effects of exhaustion when I agreed to this. And the worst of all is... that they are almost here.

"Ahhh", I yelled in frustration as I closed the tap and wrapped myself in a towel. I went to my room with the same bad mood and put on the first thing I saw in my closet, which, to my bad luck, was the Hello Kitty pajamas, but of course, I didn't realize that until a little later.

I left the room and dried my hair a bit in the bathroom, I looked at the clock and saw that I only had fifteen minutes left until they arrive and although I was completely tired, I had to hurry to prepare the room HE is going to stay in.

In fact the only thing I would do is fix the bed with clean sheets, since the last time they were used was by the girls when they stayed before I left for my trip.

Without a doubt, they were the best thing that had happened to me since I left that damn old town. Alice Brandon was my best friend, you could say the sister I would have liked to have, and she was the one who give a little craziness to my life. And my other best friend Angela Webber was my personified conscience.

After getting the damn bed ready, God, I still don't understand how I can be making the bed for him, I was consumed with rage for a second, if Emmett takes over ten minutes to arrive, I swear I will not open the fucking door and justify myself saying that I felt exhausted and was not aware that he had been here... I smiled to myself thinking on the face they would have when they bang at my door and I didn't answer.

But of course... of course, the damn doorbell was ringing a second later, as if they could read my mind.

I went down the stars, with my bunny slippers and my Kitty pajamas on, to open the door of my apartment.

It was a very nice apartment big enough for me, and I felt like a fish in the water in it. It was cozy yet elegant. The room was simply stunning and the kitchen and the dining room had a lot of space. I loved the winter because I could enjoy the cozy warmth given off by the fireplace that distributed heat for all rooms. The floors were a nice color, the walls were all white, the color was provided by my paintings and photographs adorning the walls. But what I liked the most was the beautiful view I had from my room. The room had an outside view window wall, and taking into account that I lived on the tenth floor of a modern building, the views were simply breathtaking. It's the good thing about living in the Big Apple!

And that was what was bothering me, what had brought them here anyway? I had lived in New York for about two years now. It was my great freedom after completing my degree in Fine Arts. I went for what I really liked and with twenty-four years I had two galleries in the country with my work on display.

Yes, the truth is that I belong to one of the richest families in the country. My father, Charlie Swan, is a renowned architect like my brother who followed in his footsteps and, therefore, his best friend and my enemy, Edward Cullen is also an architect. I still wonder why is it that he didn't decided on medicine as his father, and my beloved godfather, is one of the most famous surgeons in the country.

Both my father and Carlisle are best friends since college. And Renee, and Esme, my mother and the mother of the above mentioned idiot, are also best friends.

That is why moving to New York, was a fairly substantial change in my life. I had never left Seattle; I even did my degree there and therefore continue living in the great house that my parents had, one of the most luxurious of the city. Of course, very close to their friends and so close to him.

And you wonder ... what happened with the guy who is supposed to be like my brother, to become my worst enemy? Simple... He, who is five years older than me, had always seeing me as a little girl. And there was a time when it didn't bother me, in fact, I admired him as much as I admired my brother, but when I turned fifteen, he did something I would never forgive him for. At the party that my parents held or rather let my friends organize for me, he humiliated me in what I considered the worst way possible.

I still remember how everyone was laughing at me when he, without thinking twice, slipped into the party and opened the closet door where Jacob, the captain of the basketball team, and I were enjoying our time together. He soon snatched me away from Jacob's arms and pulled me out of there, screaming in front of all my friends that that was not a proper behavior for a girl like me.

It took me more than two months to gather enough strength to leave the house after that monumental humiliation. I still remember the faces of Lauren, Jessica, Mike and even Jacob, laughing as I tried to wriggle out of Edward's grip cursing and hitting, it boiled my blood. And from that day, the boy, who until then had all my admiration, became my worst enemy.

Family gatherings became a torture. Arguing with my parents for not going to the Cullen's home and not have to face the animal, but, although my parents were quite compressive, in this case, they give the reason to him and thought he acted properly and they were disappointed on me.

What the FUCK? They are my parents they were supposed to support ME!

So, I had to endure his presence in all the family gatherings until I came to New York when I was 22. The worst part was that, he was treating me like a child, or rather; he took pleasure in humiliate, and laugh with his friends about me.

And now, after two years of true freedom, I am obliged to receive him in my house. ARHG!

I got to the door at the right moment that Emmett was going to bang on it. In fact, as I opened it he fell to the ground, animal!

"Emmett, are you stupid or what?" I snapped at him in desperation, Why the rush?

"Hey little sister." he said sarcastically. "I am glad to see you too."

I looked at him, arching an eyebrow. I would not even bother to answer, because he made it very clear to me, on whose side he was. He still says that had not been that he was bundled with a pretty blonde, he himself would had brought me out of there, and not so delicately as supposedly Edward had done.

"Okay, don't look at me like that". He said standing up and coming to kiss me. I, of course, rolled my face over and he ended up giving me a kiss on the ear, which made me smile at hear him complain.

The truth is that I really missed him, he was my only brother, but my pride, combined with his loyalty to his friend, had separated us.

Yes, I know, you say I'm very resentful... Well Yes, yes I am. Maybe all would have been different if he had come to apologize to me and not keep making fun of me. But his laughter and his jokes made me hate him more every day. Only when I finally left the house of my parents was that I stopped hating him that much, only going to the total indifference, at least when not looking at him. Because every time I traveled to Forks to visit my parents and my godparents and by some slight chance I saw him, the hatred flowed freely again.

"Hello Bella." I heard a velvet voice from the other side of the door. I turned and I was, as always, speechless. I could only look at him. What I hated the most is that ... after all, I had to admit that I was looking at the most handsome and sexier man that had ever walk in the face of the earth.

God, I had to mentally slapped myself for having fantasized about him, but is that his copper hair, those quite beautiful thick eyebrows, the deep emerald green eyes, that perfect square jaw, and that crocked smile that always graced his face, not forgetting that his body appeared to have been carved by one of those Greek God sculptors, each of his muscles, revealing his good shape, always make me get into a mental trance.

"You like what you see Swan?" He said suddenly in a mocking tone with that smirk on his face, pulling me out of my mental drooling, that was follow by the anger and hate that I was feeling two hours ago.

"I'll only say one thing, Cullen." I said glaring at him and pointing my finger menacingly. "You can stay here... but if you as much as irritate me, or talk to me in those terms... I will kick your ass out of my house. Understood?" "Moron", I mumbled that last part to myself as I turned back and passed by my brother.

"Come on Bells, don't be angry." Emmett said coming after me. "Edward, stop being an idiot, you promised to behave yourself." Emmet snapped between his teeth, I could not help but listen to him; it made me smile to see that for the first time, he was on my side and not in the jerk's.

"Sorry, but you know I couldn't help it." Edward murmured back.

That comment caught my attention. What? Just by looking at me urges him to insult me? I rolled my eyes and prayed that his stay here do not exceed more than two days. At least I have the option of lock myself in my studio and avoid him.

"Aren't you going to invite us a beer, little sister?" Emmett asked, seeing that I was going up the stairs.

I stood on the spot and turned around, set my eyes on Emmett and then on Edward noticing that he looked somewhat uncomfortable.

"Your room is the one down the hall, the bathroom, we have to share, so I would ask you to call before going in, you will find clean towels in the bathroom cabinet and..." I pause looking at Emmett. "You will find beers in the fridge, help yourself."

"Thank you Bella, I hope not to be an inconvenience." Edward said suddenly.

"Stay away from me and you won't be." I said coldly. I know I was been mean, but they were many years of humiliation I had to endure. I turned around and went up the stairs.

"I told you it was not a good idea to bring me here, she hates me." Edward complained to Emmett.

"We have no choice dude, you can't stay in a hotel and go home just isn't an option. Does it hurt?" That suddenly made me stop in my tracks. They had walked into the kitchen and from there they could not see me but I could hear them.

"A little, I'm gonna take the painkiller as my father told me and I'll change the bandages later." Edward replied. I had admit that when he spoke of the bands I got worried, what was wrong with him?

"Be careful, Edward, Carlisle is right. Bella should be aware so she can take care of you ..."

"No, no..." Edward snarled quietly. "She doesn't need to bother, I can take care of myself, I am the son of a doctor remember?" He said with a friendly tone. "She has done enough by receiving me in her house even though she can even stand me. I shouldn't even be here; I am unnecessarily exposing her..." He said finally.

My stomach sank when I hear that last part. What was happening? What should I be aware of? What happened to Edward and why does he needs my help? And more alarmingly, what was I been exposed to? All these questions gave me a huge headache. I felt them began to walk and I rushed up the stairs and to my room.

"Let's go Edward; I will help you up the stairs." My brother said.

"There is no need Emmet, I can do it myself."

"Let me at least carry your bag."

"Okay big guy, but then you walk out of here, I am sure Rose has to be pulling her hair in exasperation waiting for you.

"Don't worry, her brother Jasper is with her."

I run the distance that separated me to the door of my room at the precise moment when Emmett appeared at the top of the stairs.

"Bella?" Emmett asked when he saw me about to close the door. I rolled my eyes for being so slow but now I was forced to open the door again.

"Do you need something?" I asked sharply but I could not avoid looking at Edward and see that he had a hand holding his side.

"No, I just wanted to say goodbye."

"Oh... well... okay, goodbye." I said no more. But he wasn't very satisfied with that, and without further hesitation he shortened the distance between us and imprisoned me between his arms.

"You are still mad at me, but I want you to know that I miss you a lot little squirrel." he said squeezing me tightly. "Believe it or not I love you Bells." He let go with a warm kiss on the top of my head.

For a moment I let go the bad feelings and tightened my grip around his waist. But that was for a second, because the moment I remembered why I was upset with him I step away abruptly. I caught the giggle that escaped from Edward's lips but he tried to disguise it with coughing. I glared at him.

"Well ... I'd better get back inside." I said a little uncomfortable about the situation.

"Goodnight, Bella." Edward said before I closed the door, almost in their face.

"I still don't understand how you have reached this situation dear friend." My brother said suddenly on the other side of the door, their voices were becoming less audible, I guess because they walked into the room.

"Of course you know how and why." Edward said. "You where the one who give me advised about it."

"You should have ended it when she...

"When she what Emmett?" I heard that Edward said with a sad voice. "When she could not see me, When my mere presence altered her in a way that she no longer wanted to go to my parent's house? When she was happy to go to another state and putting thousands of miles away from us?"

From there the conversation was silenced by the door. I still did not understand anything, suddenly everything was confusing, those comments behind me were nothing revealing, but intriguing. And then there was what he did not want me to know. I guess that they still think I'm too young to understand grownup things, jerks! Well... you know what? I will not waste a single second of my time thinking about it.

I left the door and finally, I fell on my soft bed, warmly welcoming me, almost instantly, I drip to sleep…

Suddenly a thud from the bathroom woke me up. I looked at the clock that was on the table and it marked eleven at night, barely an hour had passed since I had gone to bed and I didn't even heard the door when Emmett left. I got up slowly and hit the door leading to the bathroom from my room. But all I heard was a groan.

Just when I had decided to just go back to my bed and leave him alone with his problem, the sound of a bang and the sound of something metallic hitting the ground made me jump. I quickly opened the door and the image I witnessed left me breathless.

Edward was lying on the floor between the sink and toilet and next to him, was a half-open metal box with health care products in it.

"Edward" I exclaimed running up to him with concern. As I reached him, a shiver ran down my spine. From where I was I could see a band half remove from a fairly large wound on the left side. You could tell it was recent, you could see black spots suture that completely swollen shut. I looked at his face and the shock was even greater. His face had lost all color; his lips were purple and a few drops of sweat beading his brow.

I went to him and put one of my arms under his neck to make him more comfortable and I started calling him. He had fainted and if I couldn't wake him, I could not bring him back to bed. He was much taller than me and weighed almost double, so a dead weight lift was scientifically impossible for me.

"Come on Edward, wake up," I said trying to stay calm, while giving taps on his cheek to wake him up.

"Edward, don't scare me like that, wake up." The minutes passed and he seemed to not hear anything. I noticed that his skin was burning. No doubt he was having fever; I got up to take a towel from the closet and placed it under his head to make him more comfortable. I rushed to my room and grabbed the phone to call Emmett.

"Hello, Bella?" Rosalie; my sister in-law answered on the other side of the phone.

"Yes, it's me, Rose can I talk to Emmett please?"

"Is something wrong Bella, your tone scares me." she asked with concern. In truth, I adored my sister in-law, she was the one with my parents and my godparents, who I missed most since I had moved. That's why I was surprised that she was here…

"Rose, I have no time to explain, just let me talk to my brother please." I pleaded.

"Okay, Bella, he is here..." She said and I could hear her calling my brother.

A few seconds later my brother's voice sounded on the phone.

"Bella, it's something wrong?" His voice sounded alarmed.

"You have to come Emmett." I said, almost sobbing, "Edward has fainted on the bathroom floor and... and I'm afraid... he has a fever and... and... I can't carry him." I stammered with the nerves.

"It's okay Bella, I'll be right there."

"Please hurry, he looks really bad…".

"It's okay, sweetheart, I'm on my way..." I knew it was true, I could hear him slamming the door in the background. "Bella, now I need you to go back where Edward is and stay with him.

"Yes, of course." I managed to say.

I quickly returned to the bathroom and I saw him in the same position I left him. The part of the wound was exposed, showing a bloody thread. At this time, I was glad to not be apprehensive with the blood, and then I remembered that he indeed was.

The memory of when I was ten years old and fell off the tree house that he and Emmett had built for me and as a result I fracture my knee came suddenly. I still remember how he ran to catch me even before my brother, but when he saw that my knee began to bleed he shouted for Emmett to step out and when he left me in his arms, he fell, almost, as if struck by lightning.

I guess that happen again when he was taking care of himself, he forgot that he was apprehensive to blood. I could not help but smile, despite the drama of the moment at the memory, at that time everything was fine, I felt so protected by them and I even admired him. He and Emmett were the most important people to me. I even felt jealous when any girl approached them because I feared that they separated them from me.

I turned back to reality when I heard Emmet's voice calling me in the phone.

"Bella, please answer me..." His voice sounded worried, I guess I was distracted by the memory a long time and had not heard him before.

"I'm here Emmet." I said.

"How is Edward doing?" He asked.

"He is still unconscious Emmett. And ..." I touch him in the forehead. "He has fever."

"I suppose the wound had infected. Don't worry, I'll call Carlisle and he'll tell me what I have to do."

"Why don't we take him to hospital?" I asked altered.

"They would ask too many questions and that wouldn't be good." He said after thinking the response for a while.

"You know you owe me an explanation right?" I let him know.

"Whatever, I will be there in five minutes, meanwhile, try to lower the fever."

"Okay, hurry."

After hanging up, I went to the closet and took a towel, and opened the tap in the sink to wet it. I knelt beside him and began to pass the towel on his forehead. At the feeling of the cold towel on his forehead he frowned so I knew he was waking up.

"Bella… Bella…" He began to murmur my name.

"Edward I'm here, wake up… I need you to wake up."

"Bella… My Bella..." He continued babbling. When he said "My Bella", something inside me snap. Without a doubt he was in a pretty bad condition, the fever was making him incoherent.

"Edward, Edward." I began to slap his cheeks lightly to see if this time I had more luck.

He suddenly opened his eyes and stared into mine. I was totally overwhelmed by the intensity of his gaze. I could not even gesture a word, I just stood there, lost in that sea of green that I looked. "Bella, are you here?" He whispered suddenly while looking at me.

I was not moving, my heart started beating rapidly. My breathing became heavier and I suddenly felt a warm feeling in my cheek. At that moment I realized it was his hand gently stroking my face, I had not even realized that he had raised his hand to touch me. "Bella, my beautiful and sweet Bella…" he muttered, leaving me totally amazed.

I move my face causing his hand to fell sharply on his body. I watched as his eyes went from devotion to sadness, but I thought that he wasn't even looking at me, or at least in this reality he wasn't.

Suddenly I could feel his body began to tremble. I quickly put my hand over his forehead and notice that the fever was rising. I stand up and moistened the towel with cold water and returned to his side and put it back on his forehead.

He sighed and closed his eyes again. "Edward, no... Don't go to sleep." I began to tell Edward fearing that he would loose consciousness again.

At that very moment the doorbell rang and I jumped up and ran to open the door.

"How is he?" Emmett asked me passing by and leaving his coat on the couch.

"He opened his eyes for a moment but he is unconscious again. And the fever is rising." I said running after him.

"God, Edward! You are so damn stubborn." Emmett said noticeably upset when he saw his friend lying on the ground. "Come on Bella; help me get him to bed. Grab the legs while I take the arms, I don't want the wound to open more."

"Sure…" I said and held him by the ankles without wasting time.

"One, two, three." Emmett counted to synchronize the movement.
He weighed too much for me to take him to the room on the other side of the hall.

"Are you sure?" Emmett asked me just before putting him in my bed.

"Yes Emmett, I can't take him to the other side of the hall and he needs to be comfortable. I would do the same for you." I said smiling at him.

"Thanks, Bells, I knew I could count on you…" He hugged me, and this time I reciprocated it, I really needed to feel his arms to feel safe as before.

We settled Edward and I give Emmet anything he asked me for. I observed how carefully he removed his shirt that was soaked in sweat leaving him bare-chested. I could not keep my eyes from wandering around his torso glistening with sweat, his chest, his abs, the "V" of his hips, everything was perfect in him. Suddenly I found myself looking forward to touching each of these lines, the heat began to increase in me and I could not stop a small sigh to escape my lips.

"Don't worry Bella, he will get well soon. The wound is not deep but has a small infection which caused the fever." Emmett said, thinking that the breath was caused by my concern; of course I didn't do anything to correct him.

"I'm glad." I said making the greatest effort to take my eyes off his naked chest and concentrate on the wound.

"How did he do that to himself?" I asked.

Emmett didn't answer me but I asked again. "Emmett, I think you owe me an explanation at least? How did he cause this wound?"

"Okay Bella, you're right, how about we let him rest and we go down to have some coffee? I really need one…" He said looking at me with those eyes the same color as mine, and he seriously looked like the cat from Shrek, it was sickening but you couldn't say no to that face.

"Sure, come on…" I invite him to follow me.

Once in the kitchen, I started to make coffee, a quarter of an hour later we were both sitting on the banks of the kitchen counter with two cups of coffee with us.

"Okay, you've got your coffee, now start talking!" I demanded.

He began to pinch the bridge of his nose, a nervous habit that he acquired from his dear friend.

"Bella, you have to swear not to tell anyone what I'm going to say."

I looked at him intensely before answering. "I will be like a tomb."

"Bella, mom does not have to know a word about this." Suddenly my anxiety doubled.

"What happened Emmett, you're scaring me." I said desperately.

"Well…" He paused to stare at me. "A year ago, the company accepted a project in Italy." I nodded.

Although I had left the house, I was in contact with my parents almost daily so I was aware of everything.

"The thing is, this latest project was to build a mansion for one of Italy's most important business person: Aro Volturi. Although we could consider it a fortress mansion. I knew that dad did not agree at first and that both Edward and I were the ones who convince him to accept a project of this magnitude. Dad finally agreed and we started with the project." He went on while I was watching him carefully. "Of course we investigate and discovered that Aro belonged to the Mob organization in Italy, hence the interest in the safety of his mansion."

My head began to connect the dots. If Aro belonged to the mob and Edward was on my bed with a clear wound produced by a knife, no doubt, the mob was after him. "Are you trying to tell me that Edward is the target of the mafia, Emmett? You have got to be kidding me." I exclaimed exasperatedly.

"Bella, listen to me." He ordered me holding my hands.

"Relax, Bella ... We've got everything under control..."

"How the hell do you have everything under control? Do you really expect me to believe that? Having Edward in my bed with a wound in his side?" I snapped at him between my teeth to avoid yelling.

"With Edward, it has been an unfortunate accident. Aro is aware of everything and he is giving us security." Emmet said again.

"Are you saying that you have associated with the Mafia, Emmett?" This time I could not help yelling as I rose from the bench and walked back and forth.

"We're not associated with them, who do you think we are?" He said offended. "What happened was that some weeks ago we got some anonymous letters delivered to the office, they were addressed to dad and they clearly told us that either we let the plans for the new mansion in a particular place, o... " He left the sentence unfinished; I guess preventing the threat.

"Emmet, is dad in danger?" I said going to him and taking his hands tightly.

"Don't worry, I told you we have everything under control. Aro mobilized… haha mob-ilized…" I just glared at him; this wasn't the time for bad jokes. He cleared his throat and continued talking. "He mobilized people and they have those responsible for the treats. Apparently it was a small band of an enemy clan but not insignificant for Aro. I suppose they have done their job, as the anonymous stopped appearing."

"So what happened to Edward?" I asked with genuine concern.

He pinched his nose again "Well, the thing is that while we were in Italy working… Edward kind of met someone…" He said looking into my eyes.

I must admit that when I heard that I felt a pinch squeezed my stomach. But I tried to hide this by rolling my eyes. Emmett, saw my reaction and smiled, shaking his head, I guess my performance was good. If I really showed how every relationship Edward had affected me, he would not be telling me this.

"It couldn't be any other way, another fight for a girl. Wasn't he going out with that Tanya girl anyway?" I asked innocently.

"God, Bella, in what world do you live?" He said rolling his eyes. I looked at him blankly and confused. "Don't you know that he ended it with Tanya six years ago?"

"Really? That long ago?" I asked in amazement. "No, I didn't know, I really don't give a damn what he do with his life." I said truthfully, or not so sincerely, because even though I hated him to death, It hurt deeply whenever I saw him with her.

"Well, Bella, it's been more than six years that Edward does not maintain a stable relationship, in fact, the last two years he hasn't even had a relationship."

"Really?" I asked suspiciously. "What about Italy? You just told me that he met someone."

"My fault…" He said, clapping a hand to his chest dramatically. "There was a girl who became infatuated with him and apparently she did not accept the negative…"

He said smiling.

I could not help but smile too, I was glad that he didn't want her. I still didn't understand why I had to get jealous of every woman who approached him. It didn't happen with Emmett anymore. In fact, when he began to date Rose, I didn't really agreed, she was too loud for my taste and I thought she wouldn't be good for him, but when I took the chance to get to know her, I just knew they were perfect for each other. But with Edward I couldn't help but feeling that jealousy. I guess when the right girl comes it will be just like with Emmet…I hope…

"Whatcha thinking?" My brothers asked taking me out of my thoughts.

"What? No, no nothing… well yes, I was wondering… Why is Edward hurt if he didn't have anything to do with her?" I asked really intrigued.

"The truth is that the girl in question turned out to be the girlfriend of one of the minions of the clan who was blackmailing us, she accused him with her boyfriend and without thinking twice he attacked Edward."

"Oh, my God, he could have been killed. He could be dead." I said, touching my mouth.

"The other guy got the worst part…" he said between laughing.

"What do you mean?"

"Well... Edward defended himself well enough; in fact, I think the boy will need several months of recovery to walk again.

"So... why is he hurt then? I don't get it" I asked again.

Emmett started laughing. "Let's just say that the girl didn't like to see her boyfriend in that state so she took a glass bottle, and hit Edward with it.

"That motherfucking bitch…" I stopped myself from cursing in front of my brother.

"That's what I said." He replied, laughing.

"I guess Esme does not know anything about this right?"

"That is why we should not tell mom, she would tell Esme and Carlisle doesn't want to worry her, and Edward doesn't want his mother to be worried about him every time her little baby goes somewhere to work."He said with a laugh.

"I understand I would feel the same way…" I said without thinking.

"What did you just said?" Emmet asked suddenly.

"What? Ah, I think we should go see the patient."

"Yeah right, wait... Carlisle told me to give him this medicine it will help to stop the infection." He said giving me the box with some medications. "He said he has to take a dose every eight hours. Can you handle that?" He asked putting the face of the cat from Shrek again. And how can you refuse to that face… really!

"Don't worry; I'll make him take it religiously." I said walking to the kitchen to take a glass of water and prepare the first dose. "Emmett, why are you in New York anyways?"

"We were not in the city, well yes, we got here from Italy yesterday. Edward has been in a hospital in Volterra for the last three days. Carlisle and dad picked us up with the private jet and brought us this far so we didn't have to confront mom and Esme. We spent the night in a hotel, waiting for your return today.

"What if I had refused to help you? If I had not accepted it?" I asked with curiosity.

"I knew you would. You're the best sister in the world." I rolled my eyes at his compliment. "Anyway we had a plan B." He said smiling.

"Rosalie." We both said it at the same time. And we broke into laughter.

"I do prefer a thousand times more for him to stay with you. Rosalie doesn't like him much."

-"That's because she's smarter than you and she doesn't get any shit from anybody." I said it like it was the most obvious thing.

"Don't say that Bella, Edward is not as bad as he looks, and someday, I hope that day comes soon, you'll find that out yourself.

"Yes, of course, and frogs have hair."

He approached me and began to stir my hair. "Ahhhh, Emmett! You know how I hate when you do that" I snapped.

"Duh that's why I do it." And he began to climb the stairs to the room.


Half an hour later Emmett went back to his hotel as Edward was feeling better. He told me to don't forget to give him the medicine. That night, I decided to pass out on the sofa of my room. I could have gone to his room, but after all, I was afraid the fever will go up overnight, and I was right.

Three hours later he began to speak in his sleep and I realized that the fever had gone up. I immediately went for more cold towels and started rubbing him in the forehead and at the chest and wrists. I will not deny that I liked it; I like to take care of him. He remained unconscious and I was able to revel in his smoothness, the hardness and softness while pampering his skin. I could not help myself from letting my fingers remain in contact with his skin, and I was really alarmed at the ease with which my body was reacting just by touching him.

It took me two hours to make the fever to go down and I was, exhausted. Without realizing it I fell into bed beside him and fell asleep. My excuse was that I needed to be close to him in case the fever was rising again, but the reality was that I was extremely tired and I missed my bed and his smell overpowered my nose and I had no desire to be apart from it. I had been away from him for so long that I had forgotten what his scent produced in me. And there it was again, like when I was a teenager and every time he hugged me or approached to whisper in my ear, I feel like thousands of butterflies were fluttering in my stomach.

I approached him carefully and rested my head on his chest. Both his smell and the rhythmic beating of his hart felt like a lullaby and I fell asleep almost immediately.


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