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"Just follow me ..."

*** Edward ***

A slight twinge in my side awoke me from a torturer dream. The memory of the attack ran through my mind with the image of my angel. Bella, my Bella. It was for her that I got the strength to end this bloody fight. Just thinking I would never have the opportunity to tell her that I love her...

But, I knew that one day I have to confess my true feelings, but I saw that the day was not near. She hated me and rightly so. I had treated her like shit. If she knew the truth, if she knew that every time I saw her cry for my humiliations broke my soul, every time I saw her yell or fight for not being around me, hate me to death, I really wanted to die, I even had to stand Tanya's stupidity until Bella turned eighteen, I fear that at any moment my feelings about that little girl would consume me and I would have seduce her as I really wanted.

Because yes, I'm completely in love with that little devil. I still remember the day I heard Tanya's sister tell another friend over the phone what they were going to do against my little girl, plotting something against my Bella at her own party, and that Jacob jerk was more than willing to help with the little joke.

That stinky pooch had thoughts of taking her to bed and record the session on video and then post it on the internet. My blood boiled just listening to what they were planning. I arrived at her house an hour before the party, knowing that Emmett was not there yet, but I would not have let him do that to my girl. I was at the party until the game started... and they managed to take her to the closet with the mongrel, my poor innocent girl. Not even a minute passed when a kick opened the closet door and pulled Bella from the clutches of that animal.

I knew that, to her it was the greatest humiliation that she had ever been through in her life, and that was the trigger that cause her to hate me for life, but I would have never allow her to go through what they wanted for her. I think the secret is coming with me to the grave. I'd rather keep her thinking I'm an animal than to see her feel hurt by those she considered her friends and who would undoubtedly destroy her reputation.

My beautiful and sweet Bella, that's what she was for me; the most beautiful, sweeter woman that I have ever known. And the worst of all was her age, or rather mine. I am Five years older than her, and she is my best friend's sister, and if that was not enough, the goddaughter of my parents. And I couldn't have thought of anything better but to fall in love with her. But I could not do otherwise. Only by looking at her, my heart beats get faster and my breathing gets agitated. I loved her smile, and even her lack of balance was lovely. But surely it was her eyes, those beautiful, large, expressive chocolate brown eyes, which captivated me, and her lips, those pink lips that she always bites when she is nervous or embarrassed. And her body, her beautiful and shapely body… All of it was an invitation and I, an adult of twenty years old was drooling and lusting over a fifteen year old girl.

Emmett found out the day of that party, and although at first he was upset, he end up thanking me that I took her out of that party. The worst was that he demanded that I leave her alone, she was a child and it was his sister and he would not agree to this, at least until she was older and old enough to decide correctly.

So I started to behave like an idiot. I humiliated her every opportunity I had so I could make her stay away from me, that way I didn't have to stand her scent, her warmth, the harmonious sound of her voice. That was the plan of my best friend; to take me off of the temptation. And like the idiot that I am I did what he asked me for.

My poor girl… she cried many times because of me without knowing that I was as or more broken than her. But even her hatred, was something. So when one day during one of the family dinners we used to have, she informed her family and the rest of us that she was moving to New York, I thought my heart stopped beating. And what tore my soul was that I knew she was leaving to get away from me.

I think even my mother and Renee suspected of my feelings, because as soon as the news were released by Bella, the two of them looked at each other and then instantly looked at me with pity. Still, I appreciate that none of them press the issue ever. I could not bear their pity for a long time.

I know I'll never earn her forgiveness and if I ever dreamed to be more than a friend for her, I annihilated that possibility myself.

I suddenly felt someone was moving over my chest. I immediately forgot the pain in my side and opened my eyes to meet with the image I had always dreamed of seeing. My heart started pounding when I saw that wild brown hair covering part of my chest, and its owner, resting calmly on it.

I didn't know what was happening, how was it that Bella was sleeping with me in the same bed and on my chest? And then I thought it was my imagination, I surely was dreaming and to make sure that it was all a dream, I took my hand to her back and moved her closer to my body. And that's when I realized that it was not a dream, she really was there, beside me and as I hugged her, she deliciously curled up against me, intoxicating me with her delicious aroma and making my body tingle to the contact with the warmth of her skin, so delicate and sweet.

I could not help but bring my face closer to her head and inhale her aroma. This is what I had wanted all my life. Share a moment so intimate with her, wake up one morning with her in my arms…

I unconsciously began to make small patterns with the hand I had in her back, I wish that once she woke up, she would not hate me as much as I knew she would. How I wish to wake up each morning in the same way!

But that wasn't going to happen. I stayed still and enjoyed the moment until she finally began to stir over me.

As soon as I felt her moving, I withdrew my hand from her back and left it on the pillow; I knew she would be upset if she knew that I had been touching her. But then something happened that surprised me.

She had not realized I was awake, in fact I closed my eyes, and after making sure I was still asleep, she curled up against me again and ran her hand gently on my chest. I thought I would have a heart attack because my heart was beating fast and I had to swallow to avoid the moan threatening to emerge from my lips by her touch. But then she did something that took me off guard completely.

She separated her face from my chest, which at first saddened me, but then I felt her warm breath on my face and then, the warmth of her lips on mine. God, she was kissing me! I had to do my best to not fully embrace her and drink the nectar of her lips. Not even the best of my dreams could compare with reality.

-"Why do you hate me so much, Edward?" she whispered over my lips-"What have I done to make you despise me like that?" And she pressed another warm kiss on my lips.

Then I could not stand it anymore. I opened my eyes and hold her neck with my hand and drew her back on my lips. At first she resisted and looked at me with open wide eyes, but after a few seconds she started to respond with the same eagerness as mine.

-"Bella" I groaned hopelessly over her mouth.

She began to open her mouth to give a clear access to my tongue into her mouth, her delicious taste lingered on my mouth.

-"Mnnnhh" She moaned on my lips and I knew I had to stop. Reluctantly, I released her tongue from mine and left another soft kiss on her lips.

I could feel her breathing hard hitting against my face and I was getting aroused. For a moment our eyes met and I could not be sure, but a special glow was in her beautiful eyes.

-"I've never hated you Bella" I finally answered without taking my eyes away from hers for a second. I noticed her slightly furrowed brow trying to understand what I said. –"And believe me when I say that I never wanted you to feel that I hated you, because I don't..."- I pause to see her reaction, but she was breathing hard and her eyes were fixed on mine. I felt my heart skipped a beat to see how she bite her lip again, and to restrain myself from capturing them with mine again, I confessed the truth. "Do you want to know what you have done to me?" I asked while looking at her, and noticed that her eyes were sad before nodding. –"What you did was make me fall in love with you... like a complete fool…"- I finally confessed.

I felt my heart beating furiously in my chest, thus reflecting the beating painfully in my ears and in my temple. I stared at her waiting for her to react, to say something to me, but she still did not react. Her eyes were open and then they watered with tears, causing my own.

-"I am sorry Bella, I am really, really sorry, I have been a real idiot"- I said, closing my eyes which caused a tear to run down my cheek, but I was incapable of looking back at her sad eyes. –"It was the only way I found to get you away from me" I said feeling like I was tearing apart my own chest.

-"But…" I heard her tried to say something.

Opening my eyes, that were clouded with tears, I saw her crying too.

"I'm sorry, my sweet Bella"- I whispered as I tried to clear her tears with my thumb.

-"You were..."

-"Yes" I replied without letting her finish the question. "I was completely and madly in love with you, Bella. But you had just turned fifteen, and I…I had no right to feel that way about you. Damn it, Bella! You were only a child and I was a fucking man of twenty years.

-"I wasn't a child" she muttered almost silently.

-"Yes you were, Bella, at least legally, you were a child. If I had been guided by my desire and lust, I would have taken you without hesitation, Bella. I would not have hesitated to steal your first kiss or be the first man to make love to you. But that was utterly impossible, you were a child, I would have committed a crime. And Emmett banned me from getting close to you until you reach adulthood.

-"Emmett?" –she asked in a low voice, without leaving her astonishment.

-"Yes Bella, your brother found out the same day that I got you from that party. He knew that a part of that protective instinct I felt for you, was something else. And I finally confessed to him that I loved you, that I was dying for you to choose me."

-"Why didn't you, I don't know…tell me? Why did you keep humiliating me?" she asked in a whisper, in her voice I could see the pain I had caused.

-"I…" I said turning my face to look toward the bathroom door and stay fixed in one spot. "...I guess I was just a coward. But... What did you want me to do?, that when you turned eighteen I suddenly appeared in front of your door and tell you I loved you? What, confess that I had years doing so?"-And you think, I did not want to- I muttered slowly to myself. "I was dying to tell you Bella, I was dying to hear that you loved me like I love you, but instead I had your hatred. A hatred that I had deserved. What would you have done if I had confessed my feelings Bella?"- I asked looking at her in the eyes again.

She was still looking at me but still in silence. –"Do you want me to tell you what you would have done? You would have just laughed in my face. Or worse"-I said fixing my eyes on hers-"You would have leaved and I would have stayed back with a broken hart"- I said with total conviction. –"You would have despised me and accused me of been a pervert for loving and wanting a child"- I concluded taking my gaze away from her.

"Or maybe I would have reciprocated your love"- She said in a whisper, making me look back at her.

-"What?"- I asked incredulously.

-"Yes Edward, I may have felt the same way about you"- She said looking at me differently from before. Her eyes sparkle with and unusual brightness. –"It is useless to keep denying it any longer"- She said more to herself than to me. –"I've always loved you Edward, that's why it hurt so much when you make fun of me or humiliate me".

-"I…" I was really lost for words.

-"Shsss!"- She hissed preventing me from speaking. –"I could never find an explanation for my feelings towards you, at one moment I hated you to death and the other I wanted to be in your arms. I could never find an explanation for my jealousy to any woman who was near to you or for why my heart was broken every time you make fun of me"- At that moment it broke my heart to hear it. How much damage have I done for been a coward?

-"I'm sorry Bella" I said with the voice broken by a sob –"so sorry"- I said not standing it. "Please forgive me" I needed her forgiveness, at least that.

-"You're an idiot you know that?" –She said suddenly and I just managed to look at her. She had every right to insult me; after all, I was the biggest of idiots anyway.

-"The greatest of all fools"- She said confirming what I had just been thinking. I only managed to lower my gaze embarrassed.

-"But you know why you are so stupid?" She asked me to take back my attention. I shook my head. At this point I had done so many mistakes that I didn't know which one was she talking about.

-"Because you have wasted six years of our lives, and you are still not taking the step". She finally said fixing her eyes on mine which made me shudder.

-"What do you mean?" - I asked her not sure of what she was saying.

-"Well what I mean is that I hope that I don't have to suffer another six years of teasing and torturing before you decide to tell me, what you should have said six years ago."

Then I understood perfectly what she meant. And although I was anxious, a little smile crossed my face.

-"I love you, Bella"- I whispered without taking my gaze from her a single moment. "I love you as I have never loved anyone. I've been waiting all my life for you, my little girl"- I ended up confessing totally excited. She looked at me equally excited and I could see again the tears overflowed her beautiful eyes.

-"I love you too, Edward. It's always been you. You were my choice since I was fifteen years Edward; in fact, I have loved you all my life."

-"Sorry it took so long, love"- I said pressing our foreheads together, before melting back into her lips that welcomed me without any resistance.

I wish I could show her how much I loved her in a more intense way but that was definitely impossible with the wound, and, I want to be on perfect conditions the day that I make her mine, the day I mark her body as mine.

The following days were without a doubt the best of my life. Bella didn't separate from me for a moment and she watched me with a dedication and a tenderness that overwhelmed me. Kiss and touching her had become my favorite hobbies and I was hoping that the wound heal enough to finally make her mine. The days went by and we had a nice routine. We slept in the same bed and Bella cleaned my wound every day, after a tasty breakfast, she invited me to her studio while she worked.

I had always admired her work, I knew she was a great artist, but I definitely had to see her working to know the extent to which she passes her enthusiasm in her paintings. The day she was determined to paint my portrait, was the day of our first fight since we were a couple, but finally she convinced me and I ended up as her model. I could not help to have my crocked smile in both the painting and the pictures. That smile she said she both hated and loved at the same time.

But the day finally arrived. She had not noticed but my wound had dried up. On the instruction of my father, I kept the wound covered and I made them heal myself so she could continue with her work.

The only one who knew that Bella and I had finally got together was my best friend and now brother in-law-to-be Emmett. Who of course welcomed me by saying that it was time already. We talked about break the news to our parents so we would have to travel. But I was hoping this day would come soon.

In the last days Bella had to leave for a few problems in the galleries that will soon expose her new work and the fact is that I am starting to miss her. But today would be a special day. As I was well and could walk without any hesitation, I went down to the nearest mall and bought a few things. I would surprise Bella with a romantic dinner and then the night would take its own course.

At eight pm, Bella finally came home from work. She felt tired, but was surprised to see the table, elegantly decorated; she apologized, saying she needed a shower.

I will not deny that it disappointed me a little, but I have to be more comprehensive, she came from a hard day at work.

While she was still in the shower, I finished preparing dinner and a half hour later I was a little desperate and went to knock at the bedroom door.

-"Bella, you okay, honey?" I asked –"Dinner is ready, please don't take long or it will get cold.

-"Don't worry love; I will be there in a minute."

Still a bit disappointed because things were not going as I expected, I approached the table and began to open the bottle of wine.

-"I'm sorry I kept you waiting"- Bella apologized behind me.

-"Don't worry; I know you are tired…" I started to say before I turned around and I got completely open-mouthed at the sight of the woman who was in front of me.

-"I have been waiting for this moment for a long time love", she said coming around me and running her hands through my neck. "I did not want to be dressed in any other way" She admitted, blushing.

-"Definitely, the wait has been worth it" I whisper on her lips before kissing her roughly. I ran my hands down her back until they were in her buttocks and squeezed it, pushing her into me so she could feel what she did to me just with her mere presence..

Bella appeared in a black dress without shoulder straps and very revealing. The dress was suited to her curves like a glove and it got a little under her ass, leaving me to appreciate the amazing body that my girlfriend had and I was sure that tonight I would enjoy. She had fuck me heels on and her hair was down. She was all about sensuality; her fragrance flooded the whole room blurring the scented candles that were placed throughout the apartment.

-"Mmmhh!" She moaned in my mouth at the feel of my erection. –"I think we better sit down, it would be a shame to spoil this wonderful dinner" She said taking my hand and walking to the table.

As the gentleman I was raced to be, I rushed to hold her chair and then, I went to plug in the iPod with slow soft piano music to follow the mood of the evening, I sat down to serve.

I had prepared a colorful salad that I knew she would love and as the main course I made mushroom ravioli.

The dinner went peacefully, we fall on a comfortable silence, I could feel anxiety and the sexual tension of the moment in the atmosphere. I wanted her so much and I had waited so long for her that I feared that at the end I will not keep up with her. At the end of the day I was twenty-nine already and she just twenty-four.

Every time our eyes meet, we smiled at each other, but I could still see that she was as nervous as me. And I understood perfectly, because although we have had relationships with other people, this is our first time together, and I hope it lasts forever.

When we finished the main course I was prepared to bring the dessert, but she hold me back.

-"I don't feel like dessert right now" She just said in a whisper.

-"You didn't like dinner?" I asked with concern

-"That's not it love, I'm full and I'd rather leave it for later" She said showing me the blush I so much admired in her.

Suddenly I felt like my stomach began to fill with butterflies. The nerves were piled in and I had to take another sip of my wine to keep in control. I could not believe I was so nervous. She looked at me, I suppose she noticed my anxious state and with a sweet smile, she stood up and took my hand urging me to follow her up.

It didn't took me long to follow her and she walked slowly pulling me. From here I could see her hips shaking, something that made me crazy and she began to climb slowly up the stairs and into the room.

-"Bella…" I tried to protest. This was not how I had planned it. I didn't want her to think that I was dying to get in her pants, even if I reality wanted that.

-"Shhhss!" She hissed making me go silent. –"Just follow me…"

As if lost in the sensual sway of her hips, I went up to our room. Then I realized why it had taken her so long to go down stairs, besides the fact of been so beautiful. The room was lit by candles that gave off a nice sweet smell. And the curtains were wide open, revealing as decoration the lights of the city. I knew that any pervert could be watching us with a telescope, very typical in this city, but at the same time I found it as a very interesting experience. Is not that I loved how somebody could see my beautiful naked woman while making love to me, but equally, it was arousing to feel that we could be observed.

Although only our silhouettes would be seen as there was very little light, enough to admire in its fullness the body of this magnificent woman.

She walked to the center of the room and suddenly stopped giving me her back and facing the front of the glass wall.

-"Edward" She said barely above a whisper, without turning. "I think that you should know that..." I noticed how she took a deep breath; I imagine it was to gather the courage to tell me what she was going to say next. "…I've never been with a man before" She finally confessed in a whisper.

-"Bella, I..." I really didn't know what to say, although I had never seen her in any serious relationship, I never imagined that she was a virgin.

-"No, I don't need you to say anything. If I had never been with a man it's because nobody had ever really interested me enough to give myself to them.


She turned and fixed her eyes on mine. "I don't say this to reproach you Edward. At least one of us has experience" She said this lowering her face and if not for the faint light, I would have swear that she was heavily blushing.

-"Come here" I said pulling her in my arms. –"Are you sure you want to do this…with me? Now? You know I can wait as long as you want me to." I asked to be completely sure she wanted it.

-"Completely sure" she said, raising her eyes to mine.

-"Right now, I feel like the luckiest man in the world" I said, lifting her face by the chin and pressing her lips to mine in a sweet and gentle kiss. "I love you Bella" I whispered on her lips.

-"I love you, Edward" she answered before putting her hands around my neck as she melted in my mouth with a kiss more demanding. My hands slowly went down from her shoulders to her hips. Our mouths, eager with desire clashed and danced in a real frenzy.

-"God, Bella…you are killing me" I muttered leaving her lips and kissing from her neck to her ear. "You don't know how many nights I've dreamed about this" I whispered in her ear feeling how her skin shuddered at the contact of my breath

-"Edward…" she whispered breathlessly.

I kept inhaling, kissing, biting and sucking the tender skin of her neck. "Your scent is intoxicating, it's like a drug Bella" I turned to whisper in her ear with my nose stroking the length of her neck to her earlobe –"This was one of the reasons why I had to walked away from you. Your smell was too addictive. You can't imagine what it meant for me every time you approached me innocently and sat on my lap while you put your arms around my neck. I had to restrain myself from burying my face in your neck.

-"Edward ..." she mumbled again, offering her neck entirely.

-"Everything about you made me want you even more" Unable to resist anymore, I took my hands slowly up her back until I found the zipper of her dress.

She shuddered when she felt my fingers on the bare skin of her exposed back. –"Are you really sure about this?" I asked again.

This time she just nodded her head as she looked at me intensely and I in turn got lost in the brightness of her eyes.

-"I love you" I said before embarking again to her lips and start kissing her with all the love, lust, passion and desire I could master. While she was panting over my mouth, I began to unzip the dress slowly. When it was finally fully open I start to take it down slowly until it slid down her hips and thighs and fell at her feet. I stopped a minute to contemplate her figure. And I could not help but admire her. She was just perfect –"You are incredibly beautiful Bella" I said sincerely taking with my eyes, what later I would take with my mouth.

-"Edward, you're… too much clothes…." she said bringing her hands to begin to unbuttoned my shirt.

-"Tonight is for you love," I said taking her hands and taking them back to my neck to take her in my arms tenderly and walk with her to the bed. I knelt down with her still in my arms and finally laid her gently on the soft bed.

-"Edward…" she moaned as my hands went from her neck, to the valley of her delicious breasts which I soon devoured and continue a tortuous path to her intimate place. I notice she was nervous and I decided to go back to her lips; I knew that my kisses would reassure her. Indeed, two minutes later, she returned to take my hair between her fingers and pull me to her.

-"Bella, you're killing me. I want to continue exploring your beautiful body…" I said in a whisper - I pointed and expertly, I got rid of the bra that deprived me of her two beautiful breasts.

-"Definitely beautiful"- I said before devouring them without mercy, touching, licking and biting lightly her pink nipples.

-"Ohhhh God, Edward" She moaned between gasps. I could feel her hard breathing and her breasts swinging furiously up and down filling her lungs with air. I got one of my hands to her center and started massaging her over her thong. Then I felt her wetness and I could not help my elaborate breathing. Gently, I put aside her panties and gently explored between her wet folds to find that blessed lump that would achieve her first orgasm.

-"Oh, Edward!" She groaned when she felt my touch at her center. Unable to stand it any longer, I got rid of her panties. I took off my own clothes and place my naked self above her once again.

-"I love you Bella, you are my life," I said before returning to her lips and go back to my job of pleasing her. Being this her first time, she needed to be very aroused so the pain would be minimum. I started to go down her body with my lips and my tongue to reach the place where minutes earlier my fingers had been.

-"Oh, God…." She moaned as she felt the warmth of my tongue massaging her clit. I went licking, sucking and biting gently all over her clit. It was definitely the most delicious dish I had ever tasted. Her sweet flavor mixed with wonderful scent of her make my erection to become painfully hard. I kept sucking introducing two fingers and within minutes felt her coming to her first orgasm.

I went back to her lips when I had been filled with her delicious juices and kissed her frantically. She was still under the influence of the powerful orgasm that she had just taken, but she still kissed me impetuously. Tasting herself in my mouth which I thought was really hot and it make my erection almost painful.

-"Bella, are you sure?" I asked again for the last time, I didn't want her to regret anything. She nodded without a word, but when she saw me lean toward the table to take a condom, she stopped me.

-"No… Edward is not necessary" she said looking at me as she bit her lip. Fuck! I love when she did that. "I am on the pill" She finally said leaving me surprised. She seemed to notice my confusion and smiled gently kissing my lips. –"I've always had problems with my menstrual cycles, my gynecologist prescribed me the pill and I started taking it since I was eighteen" She said with a shrug.

I shook my head at the thought that it was like a joke of fate. Even unconsciously she was ready for me, and to think that if I would have had the courage six years ago to tell her the truth I would have been enjoying this wonderful woman ever since then. But this was not the time for regrets but rather for enjoyment. Again I bring my hands to her sex to make sure she was ready and surprisingly, she was… even more than before. -"I would try to make it as painless as possible love."

-"I know Edward ... I'm ready."

-"I love you Bella." I said before beginning to sink slowly inside her.

-"I love you, Edward"- She said before starting to bite her bottom lip.

-"Relax Bella" I murmured over her lips, biting and kissing the to help her relax while still sinking inside her, then I felt the little skin that would not allow me to continue, I knew there was not other way and although I felt more than proud to be the first and also the last to enter her, in a way I hated being the one that provoked her this pain, but I knew I had to push hard, and I did, I stepped back a bit and push hard to broke that fragile skin opening her for me.

Bella dug her nails into my arms as she bit my shoulder trying to silence the cry of pain when it happened, I kept quiet hoping her body will adapt to me. –"It's going to go away little girl, I would make it go away" I whispered trying to comfort her, I wanted her to know, that I was with her and that I shared her pain, and I would wait as long as she needed it.

After agonizing minutes of fighting the urge that I had to start moving in and out of her, she began to move and with that indicated me that the pain was abating.

-"Are you okay love?" I asked with a quivering voice, slowly moving my hips while moving my hips slowly in and out of her warm opening.

She just nodded, closing her eyes, and I could not help but to loose myself in the beauty of her face. Her open mouth let out small gasps, her chest was rocking with the rhythm of my thrusts and her hands grabbed my hair pulling and bringing me to her lips. I was in a total frenzy, my hands flew around her body wildly and my mouth kissed, sucked and licked every piece of skin that was exposed to me, my member came and went in and out of it in slow but profound strokes, again and again, almost taking me to the edge at the feel of her tight, wet, and warm flesh around me.

But that was not fair to her. I could not get carried away by my own desire; I held my desire to come inside her. I kept slamming inside her despite how painful it was to hold my desire to come but I knew she was not ready yet and if anything was certain, is that my little girl deserved the sacrifice.

I took one of my hands through her tight and raise one of her legs to my hip, thus giving us another angle that I knew would lead her to an orgasm.

-"Ohhhhh…. Edward, that feels so good"

Her body began to shake under me, her face twisted in pleasure revealing the most beautiful face I've ever seen.

-"Ohh please… faster…ohhh…..harder…..ahhh….yeahh"

Her moans started to accelerate and became screams asking me to take her faster and harder, -"Fuck Bella come for me"- her body finally arched and her walls contracted so hard that I could not help but follow her, coming inside her in the most incredible and delicious orgasm I had ever had in my life. And I collapse on her top.

I don't know how long exactly, I just know that enough time passed until I finally, got my breath back and regain the strength to get out of her. Before moving, I looked in her eyes and saw small tears slowly fall across her face.

-"Bella .. Are you okay, honey?" I asked concerned to see her crying.

-"Edward, what I felt was so intense that I could not help being moved, I love you" She told me looking at me with sparkling eyes and a small blush coloring her cheeks.

-"I love you, my Bella," I whispered before starting to drink every one of her salty tears. And for the first time, I was proud of them. "You don't know what it means for me to know that these tears are not caused by pain, my Bella."

That night, I slept like I had never slept, and the next morning, I got lost again in her body bringing us back to our own paradise. For many years, the burden of age kept us apart, but fortunately that time had passed.

And better times will come; now I just have to propose and ask for her hand to her parents...

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