New life

Chapter 1: The Soul wakes

Note I do not own Naruto or soul eater if I did they'd do some really odd things. Second story hope this goes well.

Thoughts and weapon forms are in italics

Shinigami looked at the body of Naruto sleeping in a special chamber in his house thinking that he would soon be waking since the deal was almost paid in full


"funny isn't it Madara, after everything you've done and taken from me we finish our battle at the valley of the ends. This time I'll finish what father started and take you down."

"Ha that is laughable really, you still don't understand anything with my eternal Sharingan there's no stopping me along side the power of the other clans. Still I'll admit this is poetic in a way, prepare to join your loved ones, Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto on this day October 10th on your 18th birthday you DIE"

"I know im going to die but im taking you with me teme" going through many seals in a matter seconds 'Kyubi please lend me your strength to mine' he asked he tennat and friend 'very well kit take him down for all of them' faces flashed in his mind including the former love of his life Hinata.

"SHIKI FUIN 1000 year sleep" the shinigami appeared behind him but not the one his father the yondaime or the sandaime summoned this one was all black with the top half of a skull mask.

"I knew dads seals were off by a millimetre no way the shinigami would take a good soul before its true time" he said to the figure behind him

"I must say Naruto I'm impressed that you saw the flaw and discovered the truth of me you're the first to do this. But you know what me being here to help you means." Said shinigami with a sad tone.

"there's nothing left for me here all those I cared for were taken from me all that's left is to get rid of him that I can rest easy even if it is 1000 years."

"very well Naruto if that is what you wish" only receiving a nod the shinigami used his hands of death to hold madara.


With his energy hands in place shinigami reached inside and took madara's soul it looked red with patches on it 'so sad when a human becomes a kishin egg' madara's body turned to dust and Naruto fell onto his knees beginning to fall on to his face when shinigami stopped him

"Naruto when you wake you will be like my son since your life is more than any good soul should handle, you'll have a second chance of happiness, until then sleep and await then day that you wake in the world."

"Thank…you…shini…gami…sama" he said with his breath leaving him and his eyes shut not to be opened for a millennium. Shinigami took his body away and went back to his home and placed his body in one of the many rooms and locked the door until the day he would wake.

/flashback end/

'Tomorrow is the day, Naruto-kun this time you'll have a better life and you'll find a family here waiting for you.' Thought Shinigami-sama who now had his changed appearance with his giant hands and circular mask (the one he made so he wouldn't scare children)

The next day Shinigami had called Spirit one of his death scythes, Kid his son, along side his weapons Elizabeth (Liz) and Patricia (Patty) Thompson, Sid the academy teacher (still alive), and Dr. Franken Stein were all in front of the door to where Naruto slept. All were curious to why Shinigami ha called them to this room which was always locked and almost no one knew what was in there.

"chichiue (honorable father) why did you ask us to come to this door, you always said to never try and get in" asked Kid

"Kid the reason for this is because there has been someone sleeping in this room for 1000 years today, and he is finally waking up. Do you remember the story of the ninja I told you as a child" answered shinigami.

"Hai chichiue but why do you ask, I mean it's just a story, right?" his father only shook his head

"So Blondie-kun is waking up today then right, hehe?" asked Patty excitedly to which Shinigami was confused by.

"how do you know he's blonde Patty" asked her elder sister a little surprised that her sister didn't tell her something.

"Umm, Shinigami-sama left the door open the other day and I saw a blonde boy with whiskers in a glass coffin" placing a finger on her lip to look quizzical. At which everyone sweat dropped.

"Well yes in exchange for helping Naruto-kun 1000 years ago he agreed to sleep within his body for that long since he couldn't live in his world anymore."

"Why is that shinigami-sama, what reason would he be willing to sleep for a millennium" asked Spirit.

"Put simply he saved the world that had taken everything he loved from him and more" he answered without his silly tone that he would use for students.

"H-How old was he when he made the deal?" asked Sid believing that it would take someone of experience and had lived a long time to have everything taken from him.

"18…he made the deal on his 18th birthday which was october 10th, today in fact."

Everyone was gob smacked by this, to think at age 18 you lost everything you loved and gave up your life to save the world. Liz and patty were looking at the door with empathy since they had lived tough lives before finding Kid but this Naruto had given his life to save many and had nothing where he lived that would make him want to stay.

"so are we going to stand around here or are we going to meet sleeping beauty, Shinigami-sama?" asked stein who was a little 'curious' to the boy now. 'after a 1000 years I wonder what his organs look like'.

"very well then but please remember this world will be much different from his own and after all that time his body and soul will have changed due to his burden." Said Shinigami-sama

Each member of the group entered the room to see the blonde haired ninja inside of a glass coffin but over time there had been indeed some changes since he now had ears on the top of his head and nine golden tails coming from the end of his spine. Although Kyubi was still sealed inside him Naruto now had the features of a hanyou (half demon).

Shinigami-sama went to the coffin and placed his large white hand on the glass and then raised it high "SHINIGAMI CHOP" the effect was instant the entire coffin shattered into tiny fragments and Naruto eyes bolted open and took a large gasp of air and hell to the floor.

"Oww, well that's one way to wake up" Naruto said and began to look at his surrounding then to Shinigami-sama. "Errm not to be rude but where's Shinigami-sama I figured he'd be here when I woke up."

"I'm right here Naruto-kun, I had to change a little a few years ago for certain reasons" getting a nod from "of course I'm not the only one to change if you look in the mirror" to which Liz gave him a small mirror which he thanked her for and took a look at himself and then behind himself to see his tails.

"So it finally happened then, good thing Kyubi told me that his power would be mine at some point and with it becoming a hanyou though I do like the tails, all 9 of them" he said amused

"8" said a voice "excuse me?" said Naruto "you should have 8 tails not nine, 8 is more perfectly symmetrical and having an extra is disgusting" said a frustrated kid. But Naruto didn't take to having his tails insulted "so you've only got three white lines on side of your head"

Three seconds went by before Kid put his head on the floor screaming about him being filthy and disgusting "is he okay" he asked the girl rubbing his head

"Not really Kid loves symmetry and cant stand anything not being so, I'm Liz, that's my little sister Patty" replied Liz and patty began laughing.

"~hehe Kids a little nuts in the head" said the younger Thompson to which Naruto laughed as well

"Indeed, but what now Shinigami-sama I mean where am I now?" he asked to which Shinigami-sama went right up to him

"Naruto-kun I said you would have a second chance and that has not changed and as such you will live here in my mansion in death city and to what you will do, you're going to join my academy here"

Naruto's response was a groan "ergh not more school I had enough of it last time"

There were giggles from the to girls in the room and chuckles from the men who found his comment entertaining seeing the carefree child only Shinigami-sama and Stein didn't join in not that anyone noticed.

"My academy is much different from what you experienced im sure but we can talk about that later. Stein-kun please stay, you me and Naruto-kun need to discuss something privately" all di as were told and left quickly but the Thompson sisters took glances at the blonde fox boy before leaving, "~See ya later Foxy-kun" said Patty as she closed the door.

Once he was sure they were out of range Shinigami-sama turned to Naruto "are you going to drop it now Naruto-kun I can see it and so can Stein-kun" Naruto's grinning face vanished as he turned to his new adoptive father.

"Sorry it's a force of habit, I don't like people to see everything, the few times I did, the people I share died in my arms." He hung his head and his ears dropped "what happened to Konoha after I left"

"simply put peace, all the lands wrote a treaty together with the land of fire under control of the 6th Hokage Konohamaru, you were forever seen as the hero of your world who gave everything to save it and your face was added to the mountain in memory of you but that was just in the first century or so" he went over to him

"Naruto-kun things will be different here, trust me, you gave up your dream to save what it stood for, protecting what's precious and in so you were seen as more than a jailor you were seen as the hero your father wanted. You may find some you can share with again while you're here and open your heart again. Shinigami-sama said with his large white hands patting his head.

"I don't know if I can it hurts to much to see the ones you love die, to see the life fade from their eyes, so what is the real reason he is here for" pointing to Stein

"We need to see if you're a weapon or meister since the school teaches students about how to control their souls" Naruto closed his eyes to this and seemed to stay perfectly still for a few seconds before tuning to Shinigami-sama.

"Kyubi says that this time and this place has changed his soul slightly and that he can take form outside me in different shapes is that like a weapon Shinigami-sama" death seemed to lean to one side tilting her head and then placed both hands on Naruto's head.

What he was doing was looking over Naruto's and Kyubi's soul to see both size, wavelength and what type they were. He was shocked to find Naruto had the soul of a meister and a very large wavelength which was equalled by Kyubi's but it turned out indeed he was a weapon but he didn't have one form but multiple although he was curious to how he would materialise any weapon.

"he's correct so could you try and get her to take a weapon form Naruto-kun, and for the record what is Kyubi to you?" asked a curious lord death since he knew their history.

Stretching out his hands and allowing light to shine before grabbing it "simply put he is the last precious person to me but we can't be in physical contact since he resides in my mindscape." When the light dissipated what remained were a pair of dual ninjatou which had black and crimson hilts, silver guards in a diamond shape and sharp silver blades.

"wow" said Naruto since it surprised they did it so easily and having the blades in his hands felt right to him.

"indeed you seem to be perfectly synchronized with your partner but you said different forms, does that mean she has more than one" asked Stein resisting the urge to tackle him and dissect him here and now regardless of Shinigami-sama.

His response was was the light shinning from the weapons and confining to a new shape, what was left was a scythe which had a black handle the weapon itself was interesting as instead of just having the blade at the top there was also a smaller version of the blade at the bottom of the handle. The blade had a crimson outline with a smooth curve but where the blade met the handle it curved up to have an axe like addition. "satisfied, Mr. um…"

"Stein, but a scythe as well depending on what other forms you have you'll need to practice with each so that you can handle the missions Shinigami-sama gives you. I suggest finding someone who uses a scythe to teach you".

"No, give me three days and all of Kyubi's weapons forms will be mastered, then I'll be ready for anything. But if there's nothing else to talk about I'd ask if I could take a look at the surrounding area just to familiarise myself with it." He told him outright but with a respectful tone.

Getting a nod from both Naruto hid his fox appendages by changing into a human form similar to a henge and took out something that he had in his pocket from before his final battle, a Kakashi style mask which he'd worn since his death and put it back over his face so it covered his whiskers. "I'll be back later Shinigami-sama, Stein-san and thank you for letting me stay in your home" he then left the room with Shinigami-sama looking toward his friend.

"it's going to take him a while to adjust to life here in this world but I hope his partner can ease his pain, his soul looked stretched thin to breaking point while the other showed concern and longing since we know they cant touch each other, what do you think Shinigami-sama" asked stein taking a puff from his cigarette.

He sighed "Naruto-kun is at a complicated since he has such a strong soul but that light seems to have been dimmed by what life did and took from him, he needs a new light to add to his own to make him himself again, hopefully the academy and Kidd can help or at least ease his pain." Said an exhausted Shinigami-sama thinking that it would take some time for Naruto to see him as family.

Meanwhile Naruto was running across the roofs of death city and checking out what it had to offer. He was happy to see a restaurant that sold Japanese cuisine so hopefully that would sell ramen and dango. Eventually he found himself in forest which looked a bit dark if he was honest but his thoughts were stopped by a feeling by his leg.

A small black cat was rubbing against his leg, but what was off was that the cat seemed to have a large hat on its head, not that he minded, he'd seen a fair few weird things in his time.

"Well how might you be cutie and that's a very nice hat you have there" taking the cat into his arms and scratching what was clearly a female cat behind the ear to which she purred in enjoyment.

"Blair really likes what your doing there please don't stop" a talking cat wondered Naruto as he continued without stopping since he loved caring for animals.

"Blair…that's a nice name, my names Naruto, I'm new around here so could you tell me who lives in that cottage over there, the on in the shape of a pumpkin" he asked hoping to make friends with the owner since this area would be a great place to train.

"that's easy Blair lives there its Blair's house silly" that made him stop scratching which elected a moan from the cat. "okay how can a cat live in a house on her own doesn't make sense" he said plainly.

There was a puff of smoke and where there was once a black cat there was now a beautiful purple haired girl in a skin tight dress which hugged her generous assets and curves and she was hanging on to his neck while he held her back and behind. He had the decency to have a small nose bleed uner his mask since he hadn't seen someone this beautiful in some time but he shook his head to gather his senses.

"well I guess answers my question, so might I ask you something on the inside then Blair-chan" he said with a smile through the mask as held carried her into her home and placed her on the couch and sat next to her.

"mind if I change Blair-chan?" the girl shook her head and grinned excitedly at what she thought he was going to do 'Blair cant wait to see the muscles under the shirt' only to be shocked when he grew fox ears and a tail.

"ahhhh, much better, feels nice having them loose. You okay Blair-chan?" he asked at the look of awe on her face. And her instincts took over as she pounced on him so he was on the floor and she was on top "Blair likes what she see with Naruto-kun" she started to caress his hard defined abs feeling her body becoming hot just from the feel of his muscles.

"Blair-chan please stop, right now" he said in a panic he wasn't ready for something like this after he just woke up. After pushing her off he looked at her and saw she was upset "please understand Blair-chan I'm not…stable at the moment it's just… something like that will be difficult for me please understand." 'she's like you Anko but more innocent'

"Blair understands and is sorry Naruto-kun Blair wanted to play, Blair didn't want to hurt you. You seem nice Naruto-kun, some people in the city stay away from me for something that's not true" she said the last part annoyed.

"I know the feeling but I think we can still play if you want, how is your combat ability a.k.a. fighting" he asked since he could feel a strange power radiating from her.

"Blair's magic is strong and can beat up nasty people why do you wanna have a play fight" he nodded "sure Blair is always happy to play come outside then." Skipping along to the door she led him to a large open space and she began chanting "Pum-Pum Pumpkin" preparing her spells.

Naruto took out his ninjatou and got into a battle stance "When your ready Blair-chan" his reply was a cry of "Halloween Cannon" to which his instincts told him to avoid. Gathering chakra to his feet he jumped out of the way of the blast and saw a large crater 'that was some blast' he looked at Blair to see a grin on her face 'I know that look anywhere, she likes to play with her food it seems'.

He moved so he could bounce of a tree branch he sped forward to his opponent and began spinning his two blades in each hand with his arms outstretched.

Seeing this, the cat-girl hoped onto a floating pumpkin she conjured so she could avoid his attack and was happy he jumped out the way since it would be no fun if your opponent went down from the first attack. Launching several pumpkins at the boy he nimbly avoided all with grace and flexibility while slashing them all with a cross slash and before long he was upon her so she used her hat-hand to punch him away and continue her assault while smiling like a Cheshire.

"Well that was unexpected, guess you've got a few tricks in your hat Blair-chan" said Naruto smiling since this was a pretty good work out and a good chance to practice what Kyubi coul change into.

'Kyubi, I need a long range weapon, do you think you can help partner?' he asked 'sure kit I think this should work just fine for you' he replied'. His ninjatou changed into a single form a large Fuuma shuriken 'thanks Kyubi now let's see if the old tactic works."

Throwing down a smoke bomb he created a shadow clone while he turned into a second shuriken and the clone threw both in Blair's direction. She used her hat to grab one by the hole while she dodge the other while on the pumpkin and fired at the clone. She was shocked to see that when the smoke cleared from her attack there was only a crater and no Naruto.

"Naruto where did you go Blair still wants to play" she said with a pout believing he'd run away.

A giggle could be heard "I'm right here Blair-chan" the shuriken she held in her hands changed into Naruto "but I'd get of the pumpkin if I were you" he said with his own Cheshire grin as his 'actual weapon' came back like a boomerang an sliced the floating pumpkin in two causing it to explode.

Naruto ended up with Blair in his arms bridal style and landed on the ground "you okay Blair-chan" he asked hoping she was uninjured he only wanted a friendly spar. "Hai, Blair had lots of fun with Naruto-kun, can we do it again sometime?" she asked with a puppy dog pout.

He chuckled thinking how cute it is when girls do the PDP "sure thing Blair-chan, but I think I need to get home now, I might be round tomorrow to train if that's alright" getting a nod he left her by the front door and began leaving for the mansion.

As he walked toward home a few tears fell from his eyes 'Anko, I wish I could have protected you, she so like you, but she hasn't seen the world like we did, I think I'll watch out for her she said people stay away from her.' He wiped his eyes and remembered the time he spent with one of his wives, and made his way toward the mansion where one of the sisters was waiting, Patty the younger one if he recalled.

"hey there…patty was it?" he asked the gun girl. She was leaning on the door of the mansion.

"~Hai, Shinigami-sama told me to take you to your new room….why are you wearing a mask now your face was cute and your missing your ears Foxy-kun? Hehe", Naruto mused at the child like behaviour of the young Thompson.

"the ears I hide simply because people don't usually have animal features so I take this form." He then looked to the sky wistfully "the mask is in remembrance of someone I knew a long time ago" turning back to her "shall we go then Patty-chan" giving a mask smile.

She then grabbed his arm and gave him an unintentional (maybe intentional) feel of her ample chest when she pushed against him 'she must not realise what she's doing, she seems naïve any who'. He blushed at the sensation she gave him, but unseen by him as he averted his gaze was the grin on patty's face know exactly what she was doing.

it wasn't long thankfully for Naruto before they were in front of a door which had his clan symbol of the Uzumaki (the spiral). He opened the door and went in with patty he saw a simple bedroom with a closet for clothes, an en suite bathroom, a desk for working, a window overlooking a garden, a large king sized bed with orange coloured sheets and on the bed were a series of clothes which he presumed death had got him so he would be stuck in his jumpsuit. All in all a pretty good room for any boy his age or at least physical age.

"Patty-chan thank you for showing me t my room, I think I'll head straight for bed so see you and the others in the mourning okay." Slipping out of her grip to which she pouted for.

"Hai, see you later foxy-kun then", "Naruto, patty-chan please use my name" he added since being called fox was something he generally disliked "hai Naruto-kun see ya".

She gave him a quick hug "you'll be okay me, onee-chan and kid-kun will help where we can" she whispered into his ear, before running off with a spring in her step.

"she's smarter than she lets on, funny some one else with a mask" he said to his partner "indeed but hers is much different to yours kit. But at least you made some friends already maybe what Shinigami said was right about the second chance" he replied hoping he'd see the bright side like he used to. 'who knows only time will tell but I think they are some interesting friends, just got to look out for them as well really' the fox shook his head 'no matter who it is, even in a new place you still look out for others kit, it's one of the reasons I respect you as a ningen, even more now you turned hanyou. I'll see what else has changed between us in this place while you sleep, don't worry about the nightmares I'll suppress them alright kit, now get to sleep not that you need it' he chuckled at the last part.

Naruto got out of his clothes and took off his headband and set it on the side he thought to himself that he wouldn't wear it on his head any more now seeing as no one woul be likely to know of the hidden villages in Death City. He left the repaired shodaime's necklace on as he got into bed and drifted to a dreamless sleep.

-Naruto woke the next morning at 6 o'clock as was usual for him when he was able to sleep. Sadly after seeing so much Naruto began to have nightmares where events from his past were experienced again, most night he'd end up in a cold sweat and crying. It was only Kyubi that helped him these through some of those times but he couldn't help all the time.

Getting out and taking a shower he quickly changed into his new clothes his clothing consists of a high collar black shirt with no sleeves, black pants and boots, and black cloth covering his left leg and arms (see if you can guess who he looks like) he decided to check what Kyubi had discovered about what he could change into.

'kyubi what did you find out about your weapon forms last night if I may ask?' he asked politely, he learned from someone that being polite usually got better results.

'from what I can tell aside from the twin ninjatou, dual edged scythe and shuirken I can change into a nodachi, a pair of gauntlets that use razor sharp string, a staff that can extend both length and size, a Hiraishin kunai and last, some sort of ethereal blades that are made purely from our soul. Not a bad set of forms for me heh kit' he said with pride

'yeah sometimes I have the best of luck, getting you as my weapon and with other forms since I bet most can take only one, we should train with each using Kage Bunshin later just so we can use each with precision. What do you think Kyubi?' he asked since he valued his partners opinion.

'you always did make good training plans kit so go for it, I'd say 150 clones for each form, but another 200 to look over your hanyou abilities along side another 150 to look through the library the girl showed us to get a better understanding of this place, start after a good breakfast. Who knows you might meet some more interesting faces today' Kyubi finished getting a nod from his tenant.

Breakfast was straight forward and was done before anyone was done and left a note explaining what he would be doing that morning to the others in the house. From there he created his 1650 clones and set them to work while he decided to go for another walk in the city, to which he got a fair few looks mainly from the female population of the city and a few of males two (those…made him shiver). He eventually found Shibusen and was taken back by the sheer size since the ninja academy was a small school in Konoha nowhere near the scale of what he was looking at.

He decided to stop for a drink in restaurant that sold ramen an dango, thankfully Shinigami-sama had left him a wallet with a decent amount of cash in it. Inside the place named 'Himari's' the setting was very like what he remembered of some of the places in Konoha and so he made his order of tea with a side of dango as a snack.

Of course being who he was and how he dressed many were staring with the young blonde with anticipation since like with Kakashi they wanted to know 'what does he look like under it'. Sadly he ha experience and when he was about to reach for his mask to eat he dropped a smoke bomb he had in case and finished everything quickly before using wind charka to blow away any smoke.

"well you certainly know how to impress" said a voice behind him, he turned to see Shinigami's death scythe. "by the way I'm Spirit but I also go by Death Scythe, nice to meet you Naruto"

He reahed out with his hand and Naruto took it in a firm handshake and giving him a mask smile "pleasure to meet you Spirit-san, what brings you here if I may ask?" the question got an immediate reaction as he began to look depressed.

"is something wrong Spirit-san, you don't look well" he asked concerned since he looked very down. Spirit looked up and answered "Well the thing is I'm supposed to meet my daughter Maka here but she's not here yet you see and we aren't on the best of terms" he didn't want to continue explaining why.

"By any chance is she a 15 year old girl with blonde hair and olive coloured eyes, in a sweater and chequered skirt" he received a nod from Spirit who hadn't fully realised what was just said still in his 'gloom mode'. "well then turn around since she's looking at us and it nice to meet you Maka-san" he said to the girl behind her father with a book in hand.

Finally turning round he immediately jumped toward his daughter only to be stopped by the words and actions of 'MAKA CHOP' which left him on the floor with a book indentation in his head. Finishing her business with her 'baka father' she bowed slightly to the masked blonde.

"hello I'm Maka Alburn nice to meet you mr…" she greeted.

"Naruto. Naruto Uzumaki I just moved here a short time ago, I must say you have some strength to do that to your father Maka-san" she looked disapprovingly down at the man at her feet.

"He's an idiot man I'd rather not call him my father after he kept flirting with women even when he 'was' married to my mother but that's over now" letting him know exactly what he was like.

"Where ever I go there's always a pervert with the people I hang round with, I think kami as a fun sence of humour but as it is I agree that he is an idiot for cheating when you're married its an insult to the other person. Thank kami though she didn't turn me into one" he said standing up began leaving.

"wait you said you just moved here, do you need help being shown round" she asked hoping to leave her father before he wakes. He shook his head for no, she sighed since she now had to talk to him.

But you might be able to help with something, do you attend shibusen" he inquired and getting a confirmation nod he continued "well I'm starting there soon so if it's not too much trouble Maka-san, could you show me round the building so I can get a feel for it". Noticing her father moving she grabbed his arm and began dragging him outside and heading back to the DMWA. "Anything to avoid him and its no trouble at all Naruto-san" she said while running.

Arriving quickly at shibusen Maka began the tour over the school showing him where the classrooms where along side the directions to the mission hall and death room. But eventually Naruto asked the question that was on his mind.

"Maka-san can I ask a question about shibusen?" she looked at him then stopped to answer.

"of course ask away Naruto-san" looking out the window to see the laughing sun. "Please just Naruto never was one for formality, well could you tell me what's the purpose of this school its not like a regular school I can tell" 'although ninja academy cant be regular really".

"sure the school is split in two in a way, do you know of weapons and meisters" he nodded "as a meister it's our job to help our weapons become a death scythe for Shinigami-sama by collecting 99 kishin souls and one witch's soul.

Now then when a human soul becomes corrupt it has a chance of becoming a kishin so this school was brought into place to stop that usually students have a quote to fill during the month. Me and my partner soul are up to 88 soul we're going to get our next tomorrow."

He nodded again "thank you Maka-san at least I know what I'm going to do these days, what's you weapon then since your clearly very proficient with it, 88 soul and all" she now had a large grin on her face from the praise.

"soul's a scythe like dad and he a really good weapon. So what are you Naruto, weapon or meister" she was very curious at this question only to get a mask smirk from Naruto.

Forming his nodachi from his ninjatou in each hand to a shocked Maka "meister but my weapon lives inside me, always has anyway thanks for showing me around Maka-san see you around". He left the girl standing in her daze at what she saw 'a meister that has a weapon inside him Naruto your arecertainly different but I wonder what you look like under that mask.'

When he got back home he signalled his clones to start dispersing at intervals of 10 per minute so as not to overload him with the memory feedback. And began working on physical training with his usual regime of 500 press ups 500 squats among other Gai worthy execises.

After the last of the clones had dispersed Naruto began to meditate to look over all the information he received. He'd become handy with all the weapons the strangest one was the ethereal blades since they were constructed purely from the combined souls of him and Kyubi, also they could be manipulated into a whip like form, joining them at ends to form a double edged sword.

Naruto also looked over what the library clones had found, from what they read he'd learned how this worlds culture was somewhat advanced from his along side more info on shibusen which pretty much matched what Maka had said. Lastly was the book on soul resonance since it stated that when a weapon and meister match their souls more power can be drawn from each other which would be easy for them in reality.

For his hanyou abilities he had learned to take fox form as well, along side Kitsune-bi, illusions and that he's be able to understand animal language. All in all Naruto felt a little better that he was still strong and would be able to help people again and it would start tomorrow but for now he decided to visit Blair again. Taking his fox form with blonde fur and white underbelly and tail tip he set off to her house.

It wasn't long before he arrived at Blair pumpkin house, making sure no one was around he changed into hanyou form and knocked on the door for it to be opened moments later by a towel clag Blair.

Despite having wives in the past Naruto found it difficult to look at beautiful women when they wore very little. "H-Hey Blair-chan, w-why are you i-in j-just a t-t-towel?" he stuttered only to be dragged inside and hugged.

"Naruto-kun you came back Blair hoped you would I just was having a bath and Blair thinks you should join me now nya" not givin him time to answer she dragged him to the bathroom and used magic to get rid of his clothes but the masked stayed on oddly before pushing him in the bath.

"GAH Blair-chan did you have to throw me in her…" his brain had shut down as Blair was now completely naked in front of him. Clearly she was F-cup but her hip were proportionate to her giving her a natural beauty and cat ears and tail adding, to give her a cute factor. Before he began to bleed he covered his eyes with his tails repeating a mantra in his head of 'I am not a perv I am not a perv'.

"Blair smells sweat on you Naruto-kun I think I'll wash your back now nya" climbing into the bath with him she got 'very' close an began scrubbing away the suds on his back.

"Blair-chan there's no need really I can wash myself please, there's no need to trouble yourself" he said a little panicked since he remembered how his body looked. Unfortunately luck wasn't on his side since the scrubbing came to an abrupt stop when she saw the state of his back.

Lined with various scares and marks many looked aged so would have happened when young and one large scare on his back where the lungs where but the most shocking thing was the words carved into his back "AKUMA (demon) BAKEMONO (monster)" she traced the words with shock. Despite how she acted Blair was intelligent she just liked to act she id to have the most fun however she knew this was not something that happened to everyone.

"N-Naruto-kun what is this" he said nothing, no movement he shut off as it were unable to even start to explain what his scares meant. "my curse" was the only thing he said after a few minutes in a whisper, although Blair was able to hear it she wanted to know as a magical cat she often got confused for a witch an was often forced to deal with people who wanted her soul.

But seeing the brands on her new friends back she began to question who he was. "What c-curse Naruto-kun" he turned his head to let her see his now blue slit pupil eyes "the curse of human sacrifice, I can't tell you everything yet but I can say my life is something no one should experience. The marks on my back are curses as well since all who I showed died soon after, so please don't ask about them Blair-chan like before I just can't."

Finishing in the bath Naruto decided to sit on a tall tree branch outside the house and looked and the strange moon. He thought about Blair seeing the scars and sighed 'it would have been better if she didn't see them, friends for a day and she sees them. Why can't my life ever be simple, there's always something, well at least the academy might offer something huh Kyubi?' the fox piped up at this.

'indeed kit but I think the kitten isn't that bad, her seeing the marks could be for the better you need someone in your life now' mentally shaking his head 'no, when they all died I thought it was best not to get close to anyone, besides as a hanyou my life is near eternal so mates are out of the question, like the jinchuuriki of the past we are to sacrifice ourselves for other and not care about what becomes of us.'


'Kit please I've been with you through it all don't live that life again that year before the final fight with Madara alone was torture for the both of us before you faced him, let someone else in you never know what can happen. Besides it seems the kitten wants to talk with you look to your right' cutting off the mental conversation. Naruto looked and indeed there was Blair looking at him with a worried expression.

"Naruto-kun, are you…okay" he took the cat in his lap and began softly petting her "at the moment I guess but fully okay, in time maybe, but for now I suppose I'm confused over everything; coming here, seeing this new world, finding out how things have changed over time it just too much, you seeing the scars just reminded me of the past and how different it all is now."

She snuggled into his hand "if you want Blair will help you if you want to talk, I wont turn you away, your like Blair misunderstood, plus your even thought Blair hasn't known you long she really likes you Naruto-kun nya." She smiled and brought her close to his chest in a gentle hug "thanks Blair-chan, thanks"

They stayed there for a good amount of time watching the sun begin to set before he broke the silence "Blair-chan I think I need to get home now, but I'll see you soon okay "giving her another hug in her cat form before changing into fox form.

"by Naruto-kun Blair will miss you nya" smiling through his nuzzle he jumped down and headed home. 'maybe this place won't be so bad after all'

Well that's the first chapter done of this cross over I should say that this wil be a harem for Naruto the confirmed are




Chrona (clearly a girl)

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