New Life

Chapter 14: Cup of Joe

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XChapter StartX

- Previously on New Life –

"Naruto…is it true?" asked Maka wide eyed "…Yes" he answered "a long time ago I asked Shinigami-sama to take the soul of an evil man at the cost of me falling asleep for 100 years and I only woke up last year" he explained before pointing his gun at Mosquito.

"But what I don't need is someone reminding me of what I had to do, Soul Resonance" he shouted as his gun took on it's advanced form Death Penalty which now had five unravelling chambers and looked more menacing than it's previous form. "Guys I can explain after this battle but now I need you to help me so we can get that tool and get out of here" he said to the team who nodded and got to their feet.

-Flashback End-

It matters not about you Uzumaki; once Arachnophobia obtains Brew it obtains the world. It's Arachne-sama's, everything is. It'll be a top-class world so you should all just give Shibusen" Mosquito said laughing.

"Like hell we will, Tsubaki!" shouted Black Star "It doesn't matter about Naruto being who care how old. And how the hell should I know what the Demon Tool is baldy? I'll just destroy it since the great Black Star doesn't need it. Arachno-whatever, Shibusen they don't matter…I'm not gonna give it to them now come and face the great Black Star."

Naruto smiled hearing the teens proclamation "Maka, Naruto, Kid be the shadows of my shadow…Shadow Star" he shouted charging forward with his shadow aiming to cut the old man only to not do any damage.

"An attack like that won't defeat my wall of flesh" Naruto and the others tried to catch the brute while he defended with his arms. However the old man smirked as he spun round with his huge arms knocking the four away before charging at Maka like a gorilla on his knuckles.

"Maka" cried Soul as she was about to be hit but Naruto got in the way using his tails to anchor him to the floor and stop his charge as he fired off a few rounds pushing Mosquito back. Naruto was still panting and he felt weak at the knees from his mind hurting like hell.

"We can't win like this…" muttered Soul as the black door stood open. "If you line up like that, it's easy to attack you from your blind spots…" Mosquito commented as he curled up in a rolling ball and got a strike against the student knocking them in the air. "I'll blow all of you away at once" he shouted bouncing into the air catching two of them on each arm to slam them back into the ground. "How's it feel, the weight of 100 years?"

As they were slammed down Naruto coughed up blood as where Mosquito had hit before was damaged further when he hit the ground "Naruto-kun, everyone" shouted Liz and Patty.

"It's about time I closed the curtain on this…" muttered Mosquito rubbing his nose. "No the curtain's just opening…isn't that right Soul-san" said the little ogre in souls mind. "Stinger" shouted Mosquito shouted extending his nose to stab Maka but was blocked by Black Star and Naruto the latter having blood drip from his mouth "Hmm that blood will be all mine soon."

"Thos isn't the time to be worrying; you could turn them into the greatest combat squad…" he attempted to sway Soul. "The black blood in Maka…won't it infect the rest of them this time? And Naruto has enough on his plate already…" retorted Soul.

"Team Soul Resonance is an indirect connection. Unless they resonate terribly strongly with Maka it won't infect them. Plus that boy won't resonate in his state so you'd best focus on your two team mates." He then grinned "Come…enter the Black room change the connection between each of you to one of 'Sound'. The black blood inside you will empower you…"

"I understand" said Soul while he thought 'I wonder if it'll work, it I for it whether the piano will reach. Whether my insanity will reach… "Who knows?"

"Everyone, listen!" shouted Soul outside his mindscape catching their attention. "We're going to do Team Resonance using sound as a medium, an don't worry it won't reach you I can tell you couldn't manage it right now."

"Using sound, it that even…can you do it, Soul?" asked Maka as she and the other got to their feet again. "Yeah, when you were retaking your duel arts training I figured that maybe I could do it too since I can sense everyone's wavelengths through you Maka. It's thanks to you having the ability to sense souls, Maka."

"But how does the transmission of the soul wavelength work?" questioned Tsubaki. "I'll play the piano in my soul and the sound will transmit directly to your souls" Soul explained but heard a chuckle "What is it? You think this is funny Naruto?"

"No it's just that the boy who ended up in his underwear for a test gives his team such a great strategy, reminds me of my lazy friend way back when." Maka and the others also giggled "Plus we were all thinking of a way to get Soul to play piano in front of the others since you refused" said Maka.

"Don't act so high-and –mighty yo…" commented Black Star. "We don't even have 5 minutes left inside the field, it's too bad we can't take out time listening to it" added Kid. "Please just make it quick Soul I doubt I can stay on my feet much longer" said Naruto leaning against a pillar still aiming at Mosquito.

Soul gave a metal nod walking into the black room his attire become a suit and tie as dark as the room, "How is it?" the ogre asked as Soul grinned. "I'm an important guest" he said looking round the room as the ogre bit his hand in excitement "What a suspicious room…"

The ogre walked him over to the piano in the middle of the room "No need to worry it's been tuned." Soul lifted up the cover on the keys "Is that so…" he muttered taking his seat.

"Play, Soul…not everything has to be done for the sake of being cool. Live coolly? Don't say such stupid things, we won't forgive you. Your blood is boiling isn't it?" the ogre continued to goad Soul.

"Play, come on nobody's looking down on you waiting to judge you. I'm certain of it idiot. Your soul's gonna rot, look at it! Your soul ain't moving. It's irresistible ain't it? You're bored aren't you? Have some fun, come on."

The voice began coming faster "because of those cynical bastards you came to look at the world with spite. Not happy, not enjoying anything. Ain't it sad? Your soul's crying…Play…Play! Induldge yourself, that's it Play! Now! Do it! PLAY! PLAYYYYYY!"

Soul slammed down on the keys beginning the resonance and the three young meisters instantly felt the sound as Soul played his dark tune. Awe…Awesome" said Kid hearing the piano Everybody's wavelengths are being transmitted!" muttered Black Star.

"Dark…" muttered Naruto as he fired a couple rounds at the attacking Mosquito who tried to strike the three with his fist. However the three's movements became very different, more unified, striking in tandem with each other. Covering the others weak points and allowing them to dominate Mosquito.

'So strong and fast, I didn't think they had it in them' thought Naruto. 'That Naruto is the power of Soul's sound resonance it's impressive to say the least and I think we might be needed in a second' replied Kyuubi.

'To think that I would be totally unable to counterattack, especially without much contribution from Uzumaki. But attacks of this level…100 years ago was the era when ii was at my toughest!' thought Mosquito, his mind unable to fathom how the three were able to get the best of him.

"Black Star" soul hit another key "Tsubaki, Soul resonance" called Black Star as his shadows became like black flames. 'Soul-kun's piano is even causing our resonance ratio to increase. But id we continue it like this in Yōtō…' the weapon thought.

The shadows grabbed hold of Mosquito "What the shadow?" the large man said shocked. "Play! Tsubaki!" shouted Black Star as the shadows restraining Mosquito pulled him in to which he cut him in the blink of an eye "Shadow Star, Endgame Cleave" he announced as Mosquito's arms split open.

"Hyahaha how's that?" said Black Star panting "Tsubaki cancel Yōtō mode" the weapon did so but he still felt pain in his chest. "You…bas…tard" muttered Mosquito through the pain but hearing someone else speaking in the back.

"Resonance ratio stable, noise: 2.4%." Mosquito turned to see Kid and Naruto charging their weapons, "Black needles: Soul Wavelength charging complete. Time till feedback: 5 seconds."

You ready Kid?" he nodded "Yeah and it looks like his iron flesh has been cut…" the end of the barrels looked to have skulls. "Death/Chaos Cannon" they exclaimed blasting Mosquito with their shoots.

"What?" he shouted holding his damaged arms in front of him to protect him self as the blasts hit. The explosion was huge "I'd forgotten because he's low key, but he's a Shinigami after all. But that with Naruto was a whole different level" when the blast from the smoke cleared it revealed Mosquito his arms completely blown off and sticking his nose in the ground.

"Ugh…my arms…I can't keep my balance" he muttered still smoking. "okay his guard is down, lets get the Demon Tool in his hat" instructed Kid. "Looks like he can't move anymore, this'll be a piece of cake" commented Maka "No it's over" said Soul ending the resonance.

"Time's up" he old them which infuriated the ogre "Soul you bastard, you accompaniment…" Maka tried to argue "Why, Soul? We still have one minute left. Look at his state it wpn't take even a minute!"

"No he's right Maka-san. Didn't you hear" interrupted Naruto from the side now completely leaning against the pillar for support. "Seems you two understand the situation you're in" said Mosquito from his position as Naruto explained.

"Before he said '400 years back? No 100 should be plenty…' this means he has more transformation that more than likely make him a more difficult opponent and you three are out of time. And with every transformation he'll get more time in the field."

Mosquito smirked "Nice to see that age does become wisdom Uzumaki, with you as you are and the other about to start fading you had no chance from the start. Still for doing so well I'll let you all go." The three students were berating themselves for the situation but before they could do anything Naruto's tails grabbed them and he began making a brake for it.

"Stop Naruto I can still fight…" shouted Black Star before gripping his chest in pain. "no you can't we can't fight him right now or in this place we need to get out of here" he said going on all fours trying his best to get out of there before the last of his adrenaline worn off and his collapsed from the memory pains.

"Yes hurry they don't have much time. Hehe I'll take it easy transforming into my shape from 200 years ago for you. This is my shape from 200 years ago…" he exclaimed as his wavelength rose again shooting into the sky.

"It's up..guess he's not impotent anyway…I'm disappointed" muttered the ogre in the mindscape. "Maka, Black Star, Kid" called Ox and Kilik c getting closer to the temple who then spotted Naruto running toward them before collapsing.

"Naruto-san…you okay" asked Ox "Not really Ox, mind giving me a bit of help" the boy nodded and hoisted Naruto on his shoulder. Kilik noticed Black Star's state and did the same "What's wrong Black Star, this isn't like you." He commented as the boy gave a weak grin "Shut up and keep you mouth shut and lend me your shoulder" Kilik returned the grin "Yeah that's what I'm here for."

"How mad was Marie-chan, Ox?" Naruto asked getting Ox to sigh "You are in a lot of trouble when we get out Naruto-san." The temple behind them suddenly exploded "Wh…What the hell is that?" shouted Kilik. "It's too late, we won't make it! Kim!"

"Ox, it's just an image from 800 years ago. This is what happened when the facility blew up here all that time ago. Now let's just get out of here." Not long after the group existed the field with Marie and Mifune waiting for them. She smiled and walked over to them "Sorry Marie-chan we lost the demon tool…" Naruto managed to say before going unconscious.

She immediately ran over to his body as it slumped off Ox's "Damn it Naruto-kun…why did you have to be so reckless" she muttered before looking at the students "When we get back to the school, all of you are getting called into my office so prepare yourselves. But…thank goodness you're alright."

Mifune smiled and went to pick up Naruto and put him on his back but was stopped by Marie "I'll take him Mifune-san" the samurai nodded as Marie picked up Naruto and carried him bridal style to which the boys were half tempted to laugh at but knew better.

"Oi everyone alright" shouted Sid with his group of soldiers and Justin. "Sid, Nygus, and Justin too" called Marie seeing them. "We were worried about you" he told her "Looks like everyone had been found. But might I ask what happened to Naruto-kun there?" asked Justin.

Marie looked down at the unconscious blond "His memory pains flared up as we ere inside the field and when my time was up he sent me outside while the others went in" she informed them holding Naruto closer as his face scrunched up in pain.

"What of BREW?" asked Sid which Marie shook her head to making Sid sigh and toss something to Maka. "mirror?" she questioned "After we leave this island use that to give a mission report to Shinigami-sama, can you do that?" she nodded with a "Yes."


On the boat home Maka took out the mirror and wrote in the number to call Shinigami-sama. "Hello, Shinigami-sama this is technician Maka…" she was greeted to the face of her father "Makaaaaaa, are you okay it's papa" he screamed.

"Yeah, yeah put Shinigami-sama on" she told him making him crouch down with a depressed look. "Yo, Sup, hey, Well dooooone~ how did it go?" asked Shinigami.

"Well…" Maka went on to explain what had happened in the field and what happened with Naruto too and saying how they were unable to obtain BREW. "Is that so…you all worked hard…" he told her.


Meanwhile in Baba Yaga's castle mosquito was bowing to Arachne. "I have returned" he announced. "That is wonderful mosquito, BREW now belongs to me. Hurry and show it to me."

He pulled out the box not lifting his face to her "Yes, here…" Arachne noticed his demeanour. "What is it? hurry up and take it out" she ordered a little irritated. Mosquito began to sweat "Well…it seems that 800 years in that field was too long. Although BREW was Eibon's greatest master piece it seems it could withstand it."

Arachne lowered her fan a little "Explain clearly" she said her tone an eerily calm. "As it has stopped functioning BREW is now just junk" Mosquito sweating more now awaiting his punishment. There was a pause before Arachne slapped her fan shut "Well that's alright I expected as much now lift your head."

He did so "But…800 years of effort have come to nothing" said the old man. "It's true that I wanted BREW for myself but Shibusen doesn't know that BREW has been destroyed. It should be enough of a threat hanging over them since they think that BREW is still functional" she enlightened her subordinate.

"That's true…it's a first class bluff" commented Mosquito. "Indeed the news that Arachnophobia has BREW is itself a weapon. And I'll only allow them to have one piece of the news." Arachne then turned her attention to a figure standing in the shadows "In any case you have your mission and you better fulfil it if you want to gain access to this organization, girl and I expect good results.

The figure giggled and disappeared leaving but one black feather, "Who was that Arachne-sama?" the witch placed her closed fan to her chin. "An individual who seeks to join us and has the potential to give us what we want" she explained thinking how all would be in the grasp of her web soon.


Elsewhere on earth Medusa was waiting in her stolen body for her associates and smiled when she felt their presence "Good work, and where is it?" she said as Eruka held out her hand which held a strange box like device.

"Here, the real BREW is here" she told her master. Arachne you fool that huge explosion 800 years ago hid BREW well. But Eruka and the rest of our spies uncovered the fact that BREW still exists" Medusa giggled to herself.

"The spiders guarding the inside of the field weren't released" explained Eruka. "It's a good thing we took care of that in advance. The Mizune sisters switched the Fake BREW with the real one."

Medusa continued t smile "And there's no way that Arachne will discover it's a fake either." Eruka then questioned "But the problem was Shibusen…how did you keep them from getting it? That Naruto should have found it in no time at all"

"It's thanks to the time we used Chrona as a spy. Don't you remember you were part of that plan too weren't you?" this reminded Eruka of the plan. "AH! That snake microphone, the one hidden inside Naruto's new partner right?"

"Did you think I planted the snake just out of some perverse desire to listen in?" there was a united thought of 'wouldn't put it past you…' from the other witches. "That snake as I told you before has demonic power that reacts with his memories. It's not very strong but with Naruto-kun as he is now, his pain will become unbearable and it is then I will get him back."

She grinned at her plan "Shinigami-sama wouldn't hesitate to send Naruto in when the field wouldn't affect him but he sent him with partner too which he was bound to resonate with. If that were to happen the demonic power of the snake would multiply and make it so Naruto-kun would be unable to do anything."

This statement shocked Eruka "That snake…you planted it because you foresaw the struggle for Brew!" only making Medusa grin wider. "I manipulated that huge battle with one tiny snake…" she took hold of BREW.

"Demon Tool Tempest also known as BREW. It's appropriate to call it a bringer of storms…it won't be long now until you are back in my arms Naruto-kun…" the eldest Mizune in the back was deeply concerned for Naruto now and needed to find a way to contact Naruto without Medusa of Eruka finding out and fast.


Spirit stood in front of Shinigami-sama inside his room "It's getting worse. The problem is I can't understand why it's happening" said Spirit. "Shouldn't Marie's soul wavelength be putting Naruto at ease and reducing the memories a bit?" Shinigami was also concerned at how things were turning out.

"Yeah…I didn't want to do this but perhaps 'Internal Affairs' should be called in to get to the bottom of this" this shocked and alarmed spirit. "Internal affairs? You think there's a traitor in our midst? If you look on them with suspicious eyes Shinigami-sama everyone in Shibusen will lose morale…"

Ignoring Spirits concern "Hurry up and contact 'Him'" ordered Shinigami. "…I understand. You're calling that gut in huh…Mole Hunter Buttataki Joe."


In a small diner someone was receiving a phone call "Yes…I understand" said a voive putting down the receiver. "I'm off" the man said as his assistant asked "Eh? Where to?" he turned to her smacking his fists together "There's a spy in Shibusen, I'm heading over to beat the shit out of him." This man was Shibusen's Internal Affairs officer Buttataki Joe.


In her room Chrona was currently holding a conversation with her mother "Have you located the place where the Demon Tool is stores? Is your objective complete?" Chrona shook her head "N…Not yet."

"Then please continue this mission won't you" she said in a sweet voice to her daughter. "I'm contacting you this time because something important had come up. You remember when I came to see you right?" Chrona nodded. "Of…Of course when we had the party at Kid and Naruto's house…in the alley…"

"At the same time something else was entwined within that character of that sensation. I'm coming to Death City and bring Eruka along…something's happening at Shibusen" she told Chrona before cutting off the connection.


"Where are you…" said Joe swinging his fists in the air in front of the school "You mole?" he then looked up at the school. "Shibusen…Marie's here too…" he muttered "Yeah she is…" said a voice to his side.

Joe saw a tall blond haired boy wearing a mask whose soul looked very tired at the moment "I take it you're Naruto then. I had heard that you were seeing Marie…" he nodded making Joe sigh. "Well as long as you take care of her I guess its fine, I always seems to end up diving into a hole when it comes to love."

"You just haven't found the right girl Joe was it?" he got a nod. "The way I see it there is always someone who you can just click with in life you just have to find them. And it doesn't matter what you can do as long as you are honest with them" Joe smiled at the boys sentiments and walked inside with him.

Meanwhile in the girl's washroom "How's Naruto-san doing?" asked Azusa "The memories come and go sporadically none of us can tell when he'll get them or what severity they'll be… the problem seems to have gotten worse for some reason."

"It's possible the aggravated condition could be the work of a spy. They're starting an internal investigation in the afternoon" she told her fried and housemate. In a manner of speaking Shibusen was damaged too…but I'm worried for Naruto-san's sake as well."

"Eh? Internal Investigation" noted Marie "Yes your ex-boyfriend Buttataki-san is already here" Azusa told Marie shocking her as she twisted the facet hard splashing them with water. She then apologised to Azusa "It's been some time since we parted ways, but I'm happy with Naruto-kun now so I guess we can go back to being friends." She said with a small smile.

"Nice to see you moved on senpai" commented Azusa happy that Marie wasn't fussing about, she would probably be doing a full make up check if she was still single. 'You really are good to her and the others Naruto-san.'


Naruto, Joe and Spirit were in the break room as he poured the coffee and handed a cup to Joe. "Thanks for coming, BJ. That power of yours to sense subtle soul vibrations, we're counting on it" said Spirit.

"Though I'm really not too happy to see the face of the internal affairs investigator" he said quite bluntly. "It's not as though you have too much to worry about Spirit unless he asks about how many dates you've been on in the last month and tells Maka" added Naruto drinking his green tea...through a straw over the mask.

Joe laughed at Naruto's joke "I'm sure he would worry about that" he said seeing Spirit's face. "Even though I was originally a technician fighting alongside all of you" Spirit interrupted him "I know I've prepared good coffee and everything but I think it would be best if we start the inquiry immediately."

"Ah…before that there's something I'd like to ask" he said "What is I Joe?" replied Naruto. "The spy that infiltrated this place…is it safe to say it's Arachnophobia's doing? Or is there a chance it's the influence of a third party?"

Naruto sighed at the question "Otou-san and Spirit believe it's them but I believe there's a chance that these's a small chance that the witch Medusa is connected to this but I can only presume." Joe walked over and placed his fist on Naruto's chest "Please continue."

"On the night of the revival of the Kishin I had given Medusa-chan a necklace that allowed me to feel her soul where ever she was. A few weeks ago I felt it again meaning that she most likely alive but I have no idea what she is doing or where she even is. She most likely has a small group but Arachnophobia has more at its disposal to use against us that Medusa-chan." Naruto's use of chan didn't go unnoticed by the two men who felt slightly sad form him.

Joe removed his hand "Understood, I'll drop the idea of a third party's involvement and I'll investigate the Arachnophobia lead" said Joe sipping his coffee before sticking his tongue out at the taste. Seeing this Naruto slid another mug of coffee "My own blend" he said and Joe found it to be good coffee this time.

"Any chance of you giving me this blend?" he asked Naruto getting a nod as Spirit walked over to the door. "Alright you two it's time to begin the internal investigation. We're counting on that lie detecting ability of yours" said Stein opening the door for the three of them.

They walked through to find Sid already there, Joe sat down now with a clipboard with the back ground research. "Name?" he asked the zombie "Knife technician Sid Barrett, Shibusen facility. My partner is Mira Nygus and my primary mission types are assassination and infiltration and search."

"Are you a spy?" Joe asked straight forward which Sid answered "No!" Joe then looked up from the clip board. "Let's say someone important to you was taken hostage and the enemy coerced you into becoming a spy, what would you do?"

"I'd probably pretend to agree to it" he answered easily and to the point. "There's certainly nobody at Shibusen as well suited to be a spy as you are except maybe Naruto" he suggested "But I have no reason to allow myself to be used by an enemy" Sid argued. "Even of I was acting as a spy typically there'd be a chance to rescue this important person. There's also usually some way to exploit the enemy's weakness."

"Excellent that's quite the textbook answer" commented Joe relaxing Sid "Ah I'm a solid guy, that's the sort of man I was…" Joe nodded and put his fist to his chest "Excuse me but are you a spy?" Sid replied "Absolutely not…" with no hesitation. Joe then tuned to the others "He checks out like expected but Naruto can you hide yourself in here you might make some of the others uncomfortable with you in sight."

Naruto nodded and used Jiraiya's old skill to fade into the back ground of the room. After Sid left is was Nygus' turn for investigation.

"Demon knife Mira Nygus. I'm in the Shibusen staff training institute, currently the acting infirmary doctor. My partner is knife technician Sid Barrett" he said still in her nurse wear and wraps. "Do you think your partner Sid could be a spy?" asked Joe.

"No" was her honest response he nodded and went on until the next person came in. "Yojimbo Mifune, Swordsman and teacher currently in place at Shibusen. Current guardian to young witch Angela" said Mifune still having a reed in his mouth.

Joe looked over his file "Are you a spy?" he asked "No, I have no reason to be" he told the man. "What about your charge Angela, wouldn't you do anything to keep her safe from people in Death City?" he asked but the man's expression didn't falter.

"Uzumaki promised her safety as well as mine and gave us both a chance here in the city. I would never betray that trust to which he offered me" he said making the hidden Naruto smile. Joe put his fist on Mifune's chest to double check "Are you sure you are not a spy?" Mifune gave him a look "No."

After Mifune left Azusa came in "I am Death Scythe, Azusa Yumi. I am currently responsible for the search for the Kishin" she told Joe very professionally. "Please have a seat" said Joe which she did "He doesn't appear to be here today, but Justin law is also assigned to that mission correct?"

"Yes" Yumi answered "After the struggle for BREW he was assigned to search for him on the ground." Joe looked over the notes "When exactly did Justin Law receive this mission?" he asked curiously. "I was assigned immediately following the Kishin's revival. But as for Justin he was notified of is participation in the search for the Kishin on may 22nd.

It was the day after we collected the Demon Tool Eternal Spring, the power source of the runaway express in the Sahara in Africa" she reported making Joe think 'how precise.' "Do you think that there is anything to indicate that Uzumaki Naruto is unfit for duty?" he then asked taking the woman but for only a split second.

"Logically his ability to act is hampered by his condition plus his personal thoughts over witches may make him unfit and untrustworthy" Naruto was (in)visible shocked at her statement. "However…Naruto-san defies logic at times and is always trying to do the right thing so in all I do trust him. My only concern is why Marie Mjolnir is not having a positive effect on him despite being his partner."

Joe nodded and let her leave however she nodded to an 'empty' part of the room as she left. The final member of staff came in for the investigation Marie who sat down and smiled at Joe who returned it. "Please state your name" said Joe "Death Scythe former Oceania chief, Marie Mjolnir, I'm currently a teacher at Shibusen. My partner is also Naruto Uzumaki and it's nice to see you again Joe."

"Indeed it is but, please tell me about the events in the struggle for BREW leading up to Naruto Uzumaki's incapacity by his condition." Marie nodded "Our part in that battle was to enter the field and obtain BREW. In order to get a step ahead of Arachnophobia I transformed into a weapon and Naruto-kun used my ability."

"Marie, you and Naruto used Soul Resonance?" asked Joe, "Yeah, it was at that moment Naruto's mind began flooding with the memories." Joe rubbed his chin 'Marie's wavelength calms people hearts down, so why did the opposite happen? Has her wavelength changed a little since the last time we saw each other' as he thought this his senses picked up something.

He stared directly at her chest bending over looking intently, "Erm, Joe I'm up here…" she muttered before he grabbed her hand then put his other fist to her chest. 'What is this…something feels out of place about Marie's wavelength…' he thought as he felt an abnormality in her soul as if something was wrapped around it.

"Can't you feel it Marie? There's something in the middle of your chest!" he told her making her question with a "What?" this alarmed Spirit and Naruto but the latter remained hidden "What'd you say? What is it, is she okay?" asked Spirit.

"Where?" asked Marie, as Joe pointed to her "Exactly in the centre of your chest. Can you burn it to death using internal generation?" he questioned. "I'll try" she replied turning her wavelength into an electrical charge around her chest.

"URK!" Marie seemed to get something stuck in her throat "Come on Marie, let it out" said Spirit as she spat out something, "It's out" Joe told them. Spirit began rubbing Marie's hair "You did well Marie…you worked really hard… papa's proud. He then pointed to the thing she spat out "This is your child" he sang before an invisible force slapped him in the back of the head making the man grumble.

"Naruto's memory pains began when he performed Soul Resonance with Marie. Is this the catalyst behind the fit?" spirit questioned not seeing the fuming Marie behind him. "Yeah this little dark thing is cooked beyond well-done I can't tell what it is" said Joe holding the remains with his pen.

"He said our child is a little dark thing" joked Spirit earning him a kick to the shin from Naruto, "Enough with that joke and what happened to you?" said Marie adjusting her hair from the static electricity she produced.

"…Nothing…" he replied "But why was something like that in my body? The only thing I've put in my mouth is food from inside Death city…usually cooked by Naruto-kun" she mumbled the last part. Joe put the remains into a small plastic bag "I guess there's a spy in Shibusen after all…you can come out now Naruto."

He did so and was quickly hugged by Marie before being slapped hard. He winced from the strength of the blow "Do ever leave me behind to go on you own Naruto-kun. You know I worry when something's up so don't think you're out of trouble for what you did in the magnetic field." Marie scolded before hugging him again which he happily returned. "Sorry about that Marie-chan and thanks for caring about me still" he smiled through his mask as she leaned on his chest and the two seniors in the room smiled seeing the interaction but were a little jealous for their own reasons.


At Shibusen infirmary black was getting a check up from Nygus and getting bad news. "You're telling me not to use the Yōtō anymore? Why not? I don't understand" Black Star questioned the bandaged clad nurse.

"There's no particular lasting effect from Lost Island's magnetic field" she informed him. "Yeah so why can't I use Yōtō mode anymore? I need the power of the Yōtō, I don't understand." Nygus drew his attention to an X-ray photo "I just showed you, didn't I? Because you were forcing control over the Yōtō, your soul's become worn out. Normally you'd die before it got this bad."

"I won't die, I'm beyond a god. I ain't normal!" argued Black Star keeping his usual mind set. "Stop saying such stupid thing. You'll die since you're human" she pointed out the fact making the boy scowl and turn away.

"You sure are an annoying woman" he said walking to the door. "I've told Tsubaki about this, she promised me that she won't transform into the Yōtō" Nygus told him. "I'm using the Yōtō, if I stopped that would really be death" he slammed the door on his way out "That kid…he intends to walk the path of the demon…"

Once outside Kid, Liz and Patty were waiting for him "Any effects from the field?" asked Kid as Black Star answered "Not really…" Kid nodded. "There was nothing seriously wrong with Maka or Ox-kun and the other either. I knew you of all people would be fine" commented Kid.

"I have a god's body, and I don't get why they need to inspect me" he said offhandedly but it struck a cord in Black Star. Kid noticed his flinch "Is something wrong?" he asked as Black Star walked over to the window and opened it "Hey Kid watch this."

He jumped out and smacked his fist on one of the schools outside spikes breaking off the tip "Not again!" kid shouted in horror over the loss of symmetry. "You bastard how dare you destroy Shibusen's symmetry. Fool I'll never forgive you!" he shouted down to Black Star who seemed quiet.

He turned to face the Shinigami "Get down here Kid, let's have a duel" he said in a tone that left no room for argument confusing Kid slightly.


Across town Soul and Maka were waving goodbye to Chrona as she made her way home "See ya Chrona" waved Maka "Y…Yeah bye, bye" she replied walking off. "Doesn't look like the field had any particular effect in us… I hope Naruto-san and the others are all okay" said Maka.

"Well they're all more durable then we are after all…plus Naruto has all the others to look after him too" commented Soul, "I guess but sometimes he looks in pain and tries to play it off…Ahh!" she suddenly started rummaging through her bag.

"Huh, what's wrong?" asked Soul "I forgot my notebook in the lecture hall" she replied about to run back. "C'mon can't you just get it tomorrow" she shook her head "If I don't get it and review, I won't be able to face everyone."

"I'm going so go home first and boil the rice" she called to him. However in the alley another conversation was taking place "Good? Is anything at Shibusen? And don't forget not to let this chance escape" said a voice that croaked a bit.

"You'll have to move quickly if you want to stay in with your friends" said Eruka in her frog form. "They found the snake that we planted in Marie. We don't know how much longer you'll be able to stay there Chrona~~" said girl nodded to the frog.

I can't believe I forgot my notebook" said Maka coming round the corner. "You understand, right? Well then execute your mission" Maka ducked back round the corner hoping she wasn't seen. She then heard something frightening to her "Medusa is expecting your success too."

Hearing that Medusa was still alive made Maka turn to run away, thinking about how Chrona was still working with the witch. She also thought about what this could do to Naruto, seeing as he still didn't like to talk about her. What she didn't know was that Naruto was aware of Medusa being alive as did other members of staff.

So engrossed in her thoughts Maka ended up running into someone realizing her mistake she helped the person up "Sorry…are you okay?" the person she ran into was just a small girl. "Yeah I'm totally fine" the girl answered as she dusted herself off. Maka began to walk off "I'm really sorry…" not taking notice that the girl was the missing girl Rachel still possessed by Medusa.


In the Shibusen intelligence control room Joe was looking through some of the old notes there before feeling something. 'Again huh…periodically, ever since I entered Death City I've had a bad feeling. My Soul Perception ability is acting up…I wonder why' he thought.

A sound of knocking came from behind him and he turned to see "Marie…" she offered him a cup of coffee "Good work today" she said. "Here have some coffee, Naruto-kun gave me his special blend for you" she handed him the cup which he took a whiff of and gave a blissful sigh as the flavour touched his nostrils.

"Only two cups and I think I'm getting hooked off this blend" the two laughed at this. "Yeah it's easy to get hooked to Naruto-kun's cooking and other talents" she said smiling at the memory of some of his dishes or when they cooked together. "He's something I'll give him that, he gives good advice too" this made Marie give him a curious glance "What advice did he give?"

He smiled taking a sip of his coffee "Told me there will be someone I truly click with out there, I just have to keep looking and be honest when I find her. Made me think since, even now my 'Soul Perception' is growing, and even though I'm the first technician to be able to break through a witch's 'Soul Protect' I usually end up doing this unpleasant sort of wok where I have to be suspicious of my own allies, but what he said made me think that just telling the right girl this might make it easier."

Marie giggled "Seems Naruto-kun made you feel better about yourself from the get go huh?" he nodded smiling "Yeah helps put things in perspective really."

Marie suddenly remembered something "Joe if you'd like you can join me and Naruto-kun tonight for dinner at that French place in the 3rd district. It'll be a good chance to catch up and a little time to relax after the first part of the investigation."

"I'd like that, thanks Marie nice we can still be friends" he said holding out his hand to her which she took "See you at seven then and please try and get out of those shorts and sandals." Joe sweat dropped at the crack at his clothing but smiled none the less happy to see Marie smile.


Back at Gallows mansion Naruto felt a pulse from a Hiraishin and felt for who it was, he then quickly made his was to the anti-magic room and threw down the kunai. A flash of light revealed the eldest Mizune in her adult form who hugged Naruto as she saw him "Naruto-kun, you're okay; we were all so worried when we felt you in the field on Lost Island."

He ran a hand through her hair, "I'm fine now Mizune-chan and I knew I felt you all there. What was your mission there?" he asked. "The collection of the real BREW" Naruto's eyes widened at this "We were sent in to switch the real Brew with a fake so Arachne would think she had the upper hand."

"What are Medusa-chan's plans for it?" she shook her head at him "She won't tell us, most of the time we are acting as spies at Arachnophobia's base" he nodded and they sat down on the couch. "Do you know any of Arachne's plans" another shake of her head "Sorry Naruto-kun we don't hear much, we're only low level members."

He smiled at her pulling down the mask "Don't worry Mizune-chan I wouldn't want to put any of you at risk trying to find out the secret plans" she returned the smile cupping his face "Why are you so kind Naruto-kun?" she asked.

He shrugged "Natural gift maybe…how is Eruka-chan?" her smile went down a little "Fine but we can tell she really doesn't want to be there. Even though Medusa has moved to a different body she's still very powerful." Naruto chuckled bitterly "So she traded one body for another…ironic but her soul as it id now…maybe…" Mizune looked confused "Maybe what Naruto-kun?"

He shook his head "Nothing to be worried about, so how long can you stay?" she sighed "Honestly not much longer I'll be expected for duty in a while, sorry I can't stay longer" she felt Naruto tilt her head up. "Guess this will have to do till we see each other again" he told her before kissing her surprising her slightly but she wasn't complaining as she quickly joined in the embrace holding him closer to her body with her arms.

When the kiss ended she was blush hard and managed to mutter out "Bye Naruto-kun" he waved and kissed her forehead before teleporting her back to where she came. He then felt a weight on his back and looked to see Blair hanging off his neck with a smile on her face "Welcome home Naruto-kun" she said kissing him hello.

"It's good to be home Blair" he said as he carried Blair away to the kitchen to make a spot of lunch.


Back with Black Star and Kid, Sid, Nygus and Mifune came onto the scene. "Sid-sensei, Mifune-sensei, Nygus-san" said Liz spotting them "Black Star again huh?" Sid said with a sigh.

"The witnesses are here" Black Star smirked "You bastard, why would you break one of the horns sticking out of Shibusen that gave it such symmetrical balance?" asked Kid before taking stance. "Shinigami Taijutsu, Stance of Sin. I'm so eager…I can't wait to kick you ass even one second sooner, say you'll fix it" he said in a dark tone as Black Star continued to smirk.

"Here I come" Kid rushed forward attempting a kick which Black Star dodged leaning back onto the floor before using his feet to kick Kid away all the while his hands in his pockets. He flipped back onto his feet giggling "How long are you going to keep yor hands in your pockets? Do you plan to win against me without using your hands?" Kid asked.

"Maybe so" was his reply before punching kid back 'Heavy…' thought Kid "Hmm…pretty fast" commented Mifune as Black Star sent a punch into Kid's stomach before he could get his guard up. 'He's packing his fist with his soul wavelength' noted Kid while Black Star thought 'It's over…' however his wavelength didn't discharge from the blow.

'A…A misfire?' he though in confusion while Mifune and Sid seemed to realize the problem "Black Star, we fought like this in front of the main gate when we first me too. Compared to then your power and fighting ability have both risen remarkably. However you…have become weaker" Kid told him.

"Huh?" questioned Black Star, An inferiority complex…it's hindering the release of his soul wavelength" explained Sid "Eh? That's why?" asked Liz. "Black Star when he fights usually has his mind set n beating the opponent and fights the best like that. Right now he sees the Shinigami having something he needs to win which isn't his style hence the problem" Mifune elaborated.

"Indeed, I've known Black Star since he was a child, he has talent a strong soul and works hard. Whether it's upperclassman or huge crowds he cuts a path through everything and everyone, his life had been one long string of victories" he told the girls as Mifune took over. "But since the last time we fought and the lost battle for BREW probably hurt him especially badly. It's odd most people with weak souls run away but that idiot can only move forward. In a way it's similar to the stories Uzumaki tells Angela about his younger days."

All the while they had been talking Kid and Black Star had been fighting still neither giving an inch, both determined to win. "HE told us once about that…sometimes I find it hard to believe Naruto-kun ever acted like that" commented Liz.

You…why are you in such a rush…?" asked Kid "A rush? Everyone around me is just slow" replied Black Star. "But looking wouldn't Naruto-kun telling him he didn't have to do so much help?" asked Liz as Mifune shook his head "Uzumaki isn't the best person as he's looking to the future in his life where as Black Star lives in the now and someone like me isn't good since adults cling to the past."

"New things will keep coming along? What a bunch of shit. It's disappointing and slow but so long as you're alive it's obvious the new things will always come. This ain't just playing catch without a ball you moron" said Black Star unaware that his eyes now had a star pupil in them.

"Sid…" said Nygus "We know…those eyes and that wavelength…" replied Sid "Just like his father White Star but will the boy follow the father like the Kishin or once more forge his own path in life?" wondered Mifune remembering that he had taken down Black Star's father.

"I don't care anymore that you broke it, stop now!" he shouted to his friend "Then kill me, you're a Shinigami aren't you?" as he finished the question Kid elbowed him in the back n the neck almost making him pass out. Kid continued slamming both fists into the back of his head pushing him to the ground.

He followed with a vicious axe kick to his head making a crater in the ground his foot still on his head as Black Star tried to get up. But Kid was having none of it so exerted his strength and pushed him further into the ground ending the fight. "Why'd you do that Black Star, you're greater than a god aren't you?"

XChapter EndX

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