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He curled up on her bed, wrapping his arms around his legs protectively as he watched her. She was completely oblivious of the extra attention—she was all thumbs as she texted in the next update to her story.

Yukina. Her name in his mind was beautiful, but it was nothing compared to saying it aloud—to feeling his tongue shape the sound; feeling his lips form the syllables; hearing the sound of her name from his voice. He bit his lip as he watched her from behind a curtain of flaxen hair. She was such a pretty—no, gorgeous—girl…

Of course, this was something that damn Kitami would never acknowledge.

Yukina sat on the floor, legs sprawled out before her, unconsciously humming softly as she excitedly sewed together the next section of her tale. He noticed that she would stop briefly every now and then and close her eyes, as she most likely surfed through her memories to relive the moments she spent with Kitami, that disgusting playboy. Her face tilted up ever-so-slightly as she recounted her "love" sessions and a small smile teased her lips. He was her model of what love was—a position Akira couldn't fill apparently, no matter how hard he tried.

What the hell was so great about that guy anyway?

Akira's grip on his legs tightened and his teeth clenched. Why was he allowed to do such things to her—with no repercussions or fear of what would happen after? Why did Yukina use him and not Akira? Was it because—did she—?

Something throbbed deep within him, the pain resounding on his very essence, tearing him apart from the inside. A paralyzing fear that she would be spirited from him, body and soul, and by none other than—than that damn Kitami stole over his mind and he could no longer deny himself what he wanted so bad—


Surprised, she paused to look up at him, only to find herself enshrouded in him completely as his arms encircled her, pulling her body against his almost—protectively?—as though the simple action could ward off all harm and forever protect her.

He was trembling, she noticed, and her brows furrowed in confusion. Her phone was still in her hand, her finished update simply awaiting the press of the "submit" button.

"Akira, you're crushing me," she told him, her tone somewhere between gentle and hysterical—the way he was crushing her made her feel almost claustrophobic. His arms were like a cage keeping her still.

He slowly released her, and she studied his face intently with her honey-brown eyes—what breath-taking eyes she had…

"Are you okay?" she asked almost hesitantly, confused with his sudden outburst.

He nodded just as hesitantly, seeming just as perplexed with himself as she was. "Just fine," he softly soothed her.

I will never allow him to have you. The surety with which he thought that was the exact opposite of the tone he just used to assure his cousin. He would keep that promise, too. There was no way someone as low, as filthy, as disgusting as Kitami could ever have someone like Yukina.

"I wonder how the readers will like this update… Shigure really helped me think of a new twist this time!"

He was positively glowing at the mention of his name, and as she submitted the update, and Akira noticed how she used his first name with not even a second hesitation. Her eyes gleamed with light that he rarely saw in her.

As she closed her phone, Akira wondered if he would be able to ever keep his promise… or if Yukina could shut him out of her life as easily as she just shut her phone.


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