Jonathan had changed clothes and moved slightly to the left. It was hard on me knowing he continued living when I couldn't be with him. What if there were other girls he saw in the regular time? The night was still a blue tint, as it always was when I couldn't move out of it.

"Jessica, I missed you." He finally spoke the topics of last night were not on his mind at that moment. The new day was here and I was still stuck in last night. Of course for me it was as though he had never left. When I had first gotten used to the blue time it was hard to hear about everyone else moving on.

"I didn't." I answered bluntly. "It's as though you never left." My smile formed and I put on a good show for him. I couldn't let him continue waiting for me, I was never getting out. "Jonathan, I've been thinking recently." He looked at me and motioned for me to continue. "I'm going to be this age longer than you are. You will always be aging faster than me."

"Unless it matters to you, I will never care. I want to stay with you, you'll go crazy alone." He grabbed for my hand and I felt his gravity overtake me. Weightless that was not how I felt at all; my heart and mind were heavy. Jonathan pulled me into his chest and held me close. "There has to be someone who can fix this."

I let my arms fall limp by my sides as he held on. I knew there was only one thing to say to get him to go on with his life. "Jonathan, it will matter in the future when you are thirty and I'm barely nineteen. You'll want a family, a life without all of this craziness." I looked up at him and noticed my eyes had started to water. I felt the tears run down my cheek and fall into my shirt. Jonathan had looked away; he didn't want to deal with the honest facts. We could never truly have a normal life.

I pulled away from his weightlessness and let the gravity crush me. Maybe it would compress me into a fine paste. That would be less painful than the look he gave me. He turned his back on me and I followed suit. I let my feet carry me far away from that desert. Away from the hurt, away from a future I couldn't finish with him, away from the one person I loved.