"If you hurry you can still catch the tide my love, if you hurry you can still catch the tide."

Still Catch the Tide – Talis Kimberly

Ynys Roana – One Year Later

Niall landed his curragh on the beach, and Alun hopped out, running up to show Auntie Bryn the large fish he had caught. Mica rolled her eyes at his antics and waded out to meet Thaigh the dark eyed selkie boy who was well on his way to stealing her heart. As the afternoon waned, Ianto and Jack emerged from the surf, Jack tossing him the pair of swim trunks that he always kept with him when they went amongst the waves, now that Ianto was no longer bound by his pelt and could change at will. Llyr's blessing had been far reaching. As Kelantiel stood as sanctuary under the waves so now did Ynys Roana on land. On her shores, selkie and human alike ran free, neither bound by the ties that for so many years had held them apart.

David was somewhere in the Hebrides; his fishing aspirations on hold for the moment as he helped Mickey and Martha give Romney and his clan some pointers on modern politics and laws; ammunition for a new century, sharp as any blade to cut down potential oppressors of selkie-kind.

That evening, after the family had shared one of Niall's tales around the fire and partaken of some of Rhia's infamous selkie soup, Ianto and Jack bid them farewell and hurried to catch the evening tide; returning to the sea and resuming their watch over Kelantiel. Rhiannon smiled to herself as the two men stopped in the surf; kissing each other with enough passion to make her blush. Closing the door behind her, she smiled at Rhys, watching him rocking their daughter, little Nuala, to sleep. She was the apple of her Uncle Ianto's eye and bore the stormy blue eyes of her namesake, the latest to carry the family legacy, and the first in generations who would grow up amongst all of her kin.

Listening to her husband sing a old Welsh lullaby, Rhiannon smoored the fire, the way her mother had taught her, calling on the sea and her faith to protect her family and her home until the coming day. As she marked it at the head and the foot, moving the poker from left to right to complete the cross of protection, she spoke the ancient words that had protected the Flynns for centuries.

I rake this fire as the great sea rakes us all

With Mary at the head

And Bridgit at the foot

And May the brightest angels of the city of grace

preserve this house and Kelantiel

protecting all therein until the coming of the day