Moon Dust and Simple Magic

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Part Two


Remus' eyes flew open; he turned his head, squinting his eyes through the hard falling droplets. There was a figure in a dark hooded robe. The figure's face was completely covered in shadow. Remus pulled his limp body away, cowering to the tree for protection. Shit. They found me already.

"Remus . . . My God, Remus. It's me."

Remus still made no attempt to reply. He tried to pull away more, still unable to see the person's face. "Who . . .?" His voice was hoarse and cracked. He couldn't remember the last time he spoke out loud.

The figure raised a hand, pushing back to thick black hood. Remus squinted past the rain to see. A cascade of silky black hair fell to the person's chest. A tanned complexion shown out through the dark, sparkling grey eyes danced with tears. The sparkle erupted into the night sky.

Remus' legs began to shake uncontrollably, his breath faltering. "S-S-Sirius . . .?"

"Yes, Remus. Yes . . . It's me."

"Sirius?" Remus pulled himself to his feet, looking him right in the eye. The grey sparkled, like lightening. His hair, like midnight black. He smiled. Like sunshine.

Without warning, Sirius threw himself at Remus, embracing him as if he was trying to get into his skin. They both dropped to their knees, huddling together beneath the tree Remus had gripped too so tightly.

Remus couldn't resist the flow of fresh tears from his eyes. He was free. His freedom had come back to him. He tried to speak but the words failed him. No words left his lips. He couldn't breathe. He was here. Oh, God, he was here. Sirius was here.

"Oh, Moony. Moony. I came back through the veil and no one was there . . . I had just exited it . . . how long had it been?" Sirius asked into Remus' hair, his body enveloping Remus completely.

"F-five years," Remus replied weakly as the horrific memories returned in a landslide.

"And . . . and Harry?"

"He's . . . Sirius, Harry is . . . is dead."

Sirius went stiff and silent, his breath caught up in his throat. "So . . . Voldemort is –?"


Sirius pulled back from Remus and looked him deeply in his eyes.

"Harry was destroyed with Voldemort in the final battle. He gave his life to save everyone else's."

"What about everyone else?"

Remus paused for a moment, breaking the look in Sirius's eyes. "I don't know. They failed to keep in contact when they put me in . . . into a . . . mental hospital."

Sirius shook Remus, making him to look at him. "What?"

"They told me that it was the best thing for me. I do admit that you falling took a huge toll of me. But I suppose that when they tried to force Tonks upon me and I rejected, almost killed her, that was the final straw. They locked me up, saying I was a danger to everyone around me. During one of my last night's of freedom, the wolf almost killed us both and I'm forsaken to walk with a damn limp in both legs. I guess they couldn't handle me. The wolf was so distraught that everyone it ever loved had disappeared from its existence and they deemed that a good enough reason to lock me up. I've been here ever since."

"You seem completely sane to me! Oh, my Moony! How could they do this to you? How the hell did you survive a place like that?"

Remus felt his face flush. "T-thoughts of you." It was almost a whisper but it was loud of enough for Sirius to hear.

He tipped Remus' chin up to meet his and kissed him so very gently. And sunshine returned to his body. His aches ceased and the pain everywhere vanished like a whirlwind.

"Remus. Thank God I've found you again."

"I love you, Sirius."

He smiled and helped Remus up. "I've been dying to hear those words from you, my love."

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