Title: Beautiful

Author/Artist: Inclination

Character/Pairing: James/Lily, Severus/Lily

Fandom: Harry Potter

Theme: #63, Laugh

She is beautiful when she laughs, James thinks, even when she's not laughing at him. Especially when she's not laughing at him, actually, because normally the laughter she directs at him is scathing, but when she laughs, really laughs, she is beautiful. She tosses her hair over her shoulders, and her eyes glitter, and her nose crinkles, and James can't help but think wow. He finds himself watching her, planning in his head the perfect words to say to her, to make her finally understand. It'll be so beautifully simple, he thinks, she won't be able to help but laugh.

She is beautiful when she laughs, Severus thinks; he wishes he could record the sound somehow, and play it back to himself on dark nights when he is alone in the dungeons, or over the long and lonely summer months. When she laughs, he feels as if anything, anything is possible. When she laughs, he feels just a little like a better man. More often than not, he finds himself subconsciously following her through the corridors, just out of sight, but within distance to hear her, ears straining to catch that twinkling laugh, perfect, like the chiming of a bell.