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The Enterprise was on its way to Starbase 249. Its crew was in their usual morning briefing. Geordi LaForge was going over the repairs the ship needed. After he was done, Captain Jean Luc Picard looked around the room and said, "Now we will be taking on new passengers and crew."

Beverly perked up and happily said, "Yes, my niece is coming aboard. I am very excited for you to meet her. This will actually be my first time meeting her myself."

Will Riker piped up, "Well, I hope she has the Howard gene. I could only imagine a younger version of Beverly running around here." He grinned as Deeana reached over and smacked his arm.

The Captain quickly said, "Dismissed," and got up from his chair. The rest followed and walked out the doors. He quickly called Beverly back. "Now, since we are receiving new crew, I will need their physicals done and turned into me by 1200 tomorrow. I want to make sure they can start by then."

She smiled, "I have got it under control, Captain. In fact I have been reviewing over their medical logs and Starfleet information. I should have everything ready for you by tomorrow."

Jean Luc gave her one of his rare smiles and said, "Thank you, Beverly. I know we have both been very busy these past couple of months. How about we meet for breakfast tomorrow morning, before the new crew and your niece come aboard?"

Beverly lightly touched his shoulder and said, "That would be lovely. Hopefully this time I won't be pulled for anything. I have found that I miss having breakfast with you." She smiled at him and walked out of the room.

Jean Luc stood there for a moment not realizing that she had left. He was finally pushed out of his reverie when Riker called through his communication badge, "Riker to Picard."

He tapped it and simply said, "Picard here, what is it Number One?"

"Sir, we are about to dock onto Starbase 249. They will need your security code."

Jean Luc nodded and said, "I will be there in a moment. Picard out."


The next morning, Beverly stood in her niece's new quarters. She looked around and made sure everything was set for when her niece arrived. She bit her lip, hoping everything was perfect. She looked at the computer's clock, it was past 0800. She was supposed to meet up with Jean Luc at that time. She whispered, "Damn," and briskly walked out of the room. Just as the turbolift doors opened, she nearly ran into Riker.

He smiled at her and asked, "In a hurry this morning, Doc?"

Beverly smiled right back at him and said, "Yes, I have a meeting that started at 0800."

Riker jovially bounced on the balls of his feet and said, "Mmm-Hmm. Have you looked at all of the new crew members files?"

"Very briefly, mainly their medical files. Why?"

Riker shrugged his shoulders, "Deeana and I were going over them last night and one of them caught our eye. He reminded us of someone we all know."

Beverly grinned, "Yes, Ensign Rowels, I saw that too! Graduated top 5 of his class, had a knack of getting himself into trouble and came in 2nd place in the Academy marathon his freshman year."

"That's the one. Now who does it remind you of?"

Beverly feigned innocence, "I haven't the faintest idea, but once I do, I will be sure to tell you." The turbolift opened at that precise moment and she left, giving Riker a wink. She walked down the corridor till she got to Jean Luc's quarters. She rang the chimes and waited for an answer.


The door opened and Beverly stepped in, "Jean Luc, I'm sorry I'm late. I was making sure Natalie's room was ready when she comes aboard later on." She sat down at the table and started to butter her croissant.

Jean Luc took a sip from his tea and said, "Not a problem, I was just going over the files of our new officers."

Beverly bit her lip, "Oh really, does anyone stand out?"

Jean Luc looked up and shook his head. "No, not that I remember. Why do you ask?"

She shrugged her shoulders, "Just wondering."

"So, what time is your niece coming aboard?"

"In less than an hour. Jean Luc, I'm really nervous. What is she doesn't take a liking to me?"

Jean Luc placed his and on hers, "I would not worry about it, she will like you. How did you find out about her?"

"Well, a couple years ago I got a communication from a distant cousin. We stayed in contact until she died about three weeks ago. She had Hybrid Tau Disease, which affects human bones. I recommended her to a specialist, but it was too late. She had a daughter with her late husband, her name is Natalie." She took her PADD out from her lab coat pocket and brought up a picture of Natalie. "Here she is. This is a school picture." She handed it over to Jean Luc.

He almost choked on his croissant. "Beverly, she looks exactly like you. I thought you were the last to inherit the Howard gene?"

She shrugged her shoulder and took a sip of her tea. "It seems that I am not. Believe me Jean Luc, it surprised me to. I'm more concerned for her though."

He crinkled his forehead, "Why is that?"

Beverly shuddered, "Growing up with the Howard gene, it's not too pretty. It's like having growing pains. I can remember what it was like when I was growing up. I had mood swings, rebellion, and a sexual drive that could knock a 21st Century pimp to his knees."

Jean Luc was fighting to keep a grin off of his face, "Well I can't be all that bad."

Beverly just shook her head, "Oh, it was bad. And stop grinning like that." She was scorning him, but she blushed at the same time.

Jean Luc took a sip from his tea, "So, do you still have these growing pains?"

"Sickbay to Dr. Crusher."

Beverly tapped her communicator, "Dr. Crusher here."

"Sir, the new officers are starting to come in for their physicals."

Beverly sighed, "Okay, I will be there shortly. Crusher out." She tapped her communicator and then looked at Jean Luc. "I thought they weren't supposed to come for another 2 hours."

Jean Luc took their dirty dishes away from the table. "Well, you know Starfleet, they thrive to change orders."

"Jean Luc, what am I going to do with Natalie? When she comes aboard, I'll be in Sickbay."

He patted her on the back, "Why don't I greet her in the transporter room and then take her to Sickbay."

Beverly stood up and started walking towards the door. "Oh Jean Luc, that would be wonderful. Thank you so much." The door slid open and Beverly was almost out of the room when she popped her head back and quietly said, "The mood swings and rebellion have stopped, but the sex drive is still in full swing." She winked at him then made her way to Sickbay.

She left Jean Luc with a big grin on his face. He quickly replaced it with a scowl before moving out into the corridor.

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