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"How the hell did you lose their signal? They were just there a second ago." Riker shouted into the air. He began to pace around the bridge.

The transporter chief said, "Sir, we are trying everything we can, but because of the dense population of the forest, we were never able to lock onto their signal in the first place."

"Let me know when you have something. Riker, to Engineering. Geordi, is there any way to boost more power to the transporters?"

"We are pulling from anywhere we can get to give to the transporters. Let me see if I can remotely make their transporting coordinates stronger."

Riker hung his head in defeat, "Okay, let me know if you have anything."

Worf turned to the acting Captain, "Sir, I suggest we beam down and look for the Captain and the rest of the crew."

He sighed, "You know as well as I that it's too dangerous. If they can't get back, what makes you think we can get back too?"

"Then I suggest we take a shuttle down-" Something at his station beeped. "Sir, an incoming message from… the Romulans?" Worf look up with confusion. "I detected no Romulans here."

He walked down to his chair and said, "Shields up, red alert! Mr. Worf put the message through."

A picture showed up on the screen. The Romulan who occupied it had a different uniform on than the usual. He grinned and said, "Greetings Enterprise. I am Domtuk. No use trying to trace us, we are too far away. We have your beloved Captain and the rest of the crew that was down on the planet. The only way to get them back is to go to the Forthum planet in Romulan space and destroy their outpost. If it's not done in 48 Earth hours, then we will kill your crew members, starting with your Captain." The screen went blank.

Riker just sat there, dumbfound at what was just said. He coughed and grimly said, "Mr. Worf, contact Starfleet. Ensign Granger, set coordinates to the edge of the neutral zone at warp 3. Once I get word from Starfleet, we will go in."

Ensign Granger said in a shaky voice, "Aye, Sir." She pressed the appropriate buttons and they started to move.

Riker tapped his communicator, "Riker to LaForge, we will be moving to the edge of the Neutral zone. Be advised."

"But, Sir, what about the away team?"

"They aren't down there. Conference in 10 minutes." He tapped his communicator and looked over to Deanna. "Could you sense anyone down there?"

She shook her head, "Just the away team. But it is possible that they closed off their minds or they were cloaked." She laid a comforting hand on his arm, "We will get them back."

"I sure hope so." He bowed his head in thought.


Captain Picard woke to a splitting headache. He lifted his upper body up with one hand and rubbed the sleep out of his eye with the other. He took a look at his surroundings. Everything was cold and dark, but with padding all around; almost like a makeshift prison cell. He looked over to the bed to find Data. He immediately got up but had to sit back down due to the dizziness. He shook his head to rid of the sickness. As hard as he tried, it just made it worse. "I wouldn't do that if I were you, Captain. That could make it worse."

Jean Luc looked over to the door to find a Romulan on the other side of it. "And why should I trust you?"

"Because I am the one who administered it to you."

"What did you give me? It is making my head… unclear."

The Romulan smiled, "Fogmagul, it is a mild sedative. It was used on your entire team."

"My team? Where are they? I only see Commander Data here. Where is Ensign Rowels and Dr. Crusher?

"The boy is being used for a little science project to our investor. As for the woman and the girl-"

"What girl? There was no girl down there with us." He stood up, albeit a little shaky, and walked to the door. "If you hurt any one of my people, I will make sure that you pay for it dearly."

The Romulan dramatically sighed. He stretched his arms like he was getting bored with the conversation. "Listen, Picard, I hope your first officer does what he is told. If he doesn't then the girl will be the first to go."

"Damn it, what girl?"

"I don't bother myself with names, but if you must know, the daughter to this Dr. Crusher."

Jean Luc stiffened, "What do you mean daughter?"

The Romulan shrugged his shoulders and off-handedly said, "The woman and the girl resemble each other very well." He turned around and left without saying another word.

Jean Luc was left to himself in a pondering silence.


"Aunt Beverly? Aunt Beverly? Wake up!"

Beverly shook her head. "Can't I have 5 more minutes Nana?"

"Aunt Beverly, it's not Nana, it's Natalie."

Beverly turned over on her side and said, "Oh Natalie, be a doll and let me sleep for another 5 minutes." Then for some reason, she couldn't get comfortable. She opened her eyes and saw that she was lying on the ground; a very cold and dark ground. "Natalie, where are we at? I remember that I was somewhere with some other people."

"I have been trying to wake you up for the past 15 minutes! We were on the planet Flotim and we-"

"Like hell we were! You were told to stay on the ship. Now I remember, I was down on the planet to make sure no one got hurt. Let see, I was with Data… Ensign Rowels and…" Beverly gasped, "oh my goodness, the Captain. We have to go find him!" She started to get up but suddenly stated to feel dizzy. She grabbed her head and sat down on a hard platform. "I wonder what they gave us."

"I'm not sure Aunt Beverly." Natalie sat down right next to her Aunt. "But I don't think I got as much as you. I feel a little dizzy and it didn't take me that long to regain consciousness."

Beverly turned to face her niece. She grabbed her shoulders and shook her. "Why were you down on the planet? I told you to stay on the ship."

"Well, I didn't want just wait there, you know patients isn't in our genes." Beverly slowly nodded. "And… I didn't want Jonathan to show up and hurt you or David or the Captain."

"What the hell does Jonathon have to do with any of this?" Beverly couldn't help but scream.

"Oh has Natalie not told you yet?" Beverly didn't recognize that voice, but by the look on Natalie's face, she did. "I gave your whereabouts to the Romulan defectors. I needed to find Natalie and why not use the Romulans to do it." Beverly turned around to see a handsome man behind the icy blue force field. He smiled at her and said, "It is very nice to meet you Dr. Crusher, however I can't say that I've heard a lot about you."

Beverly stood up to block Natalie, "You stay away from Natalie. You don't deserve to be around her."

Jonathon slammed his fist against the wall, "I can be around anyone I want!" He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "Dr. Crusher, no one is going to stand in the way of our love." There was a wild look in his eyes. "I f they do, I promise I will kill him."

Natalie ran around her aunt and yelled, "No!" She tried to go through the force field with no luck. "You touch him; I swear I will never love you again."

"Well, we are just going to have to wait and see. Have a good night ladies." He waved and then turned around. He left the room without a glance back.

Natalie turned to her aunt, "Oh, Aunt Beverly…" She ran into her aunts arms, where she cried on her shoulder.

All Beverly could do was to comfort her niece until she could find out more information about the ship they were on.