DISCLAIMER: I do not own Harry Potter or the song Javert's Suicide

This fic is loosely based on the song "Javert's Suicide" from Les Miserables. But fear not: there will be no characters randomly bursting into song.

For Bellatrix7's Showtunes Challenge.

I heave a ragged breath as the last of them leave. Bloody Dementors, the good-for-nothing beasts.

"Are you okay?"

Suddenly I feel my breath catch in my chest. I turn to the owner of the deep voice—Sirius bloody Black. The man I've hunted mercilessly for the past two years.

And the devil who just saved my life.

I was chasing Black when he shot a spell at me that snapped my wand. Even though I was unarmed, I kept at it, unwilling to give up when I was so close to the moment I'd been waiting for since I learned of his escape.

But then the Dementors had shown up, and I'd been unable to ward them off. Mere moments from my untimely end, I'd been ready to die honorably. It was my right. But he had to interfere.

He could have let me die, could have cleared his slate; everyone else had given up chasing him. With me gone, he would have been free. But he saved me. I'm in his debt now, but I'm the Law. I'm Justice. I can't just pardon him.

How can I let him have power over me?

He's staring at me, waiting for an answer. I vaguely remember him asking if I'm okay. Honestly, I'm not. I'm far from it.

Damned if I'll live in his debt. I've hunted him too long, too mercilessly. I can't just let him go.

But I can't bring myself to end him, not when I owe him my life. My friends would call it a sign of the apocalypse: the deadly Auror with the heart of stone doubting everything she knows. Is everything I've learned of Sirius Black a lie? Is he the demon I know him to be, or some sort of angel in disguise?

He can't begin to comprehend what he's just done; in saving me, he's destroyed me. I suddenly jump up and snatch his wand.

"Come, now, Miss Dolan. Can't we just call a truce for a few moments?" Black asks, turning on that world-famous charm I've heard so much about. The fool doesn't suspect what I'm doing until I touch the wand to my own head.

He jumps forward to grab the wand back, but he's too late to stop me from whispering my two last words.

"Avada Kedavra."