Sarkan growled as he stalked through Kooza. He rubbed at his left wrist distractedly. Underneath his tunic's sleeve, the binding there burned, mocking him. He remembered Athanasius's look of cruel pleasure as he had crafted the bindings and set them, tracing delicate fingers over Sarkan's bared torso. Sarkan stopped, bowing his head to hide the ugly snarl as he recalled Athanasius's delighted laughter as he had gasped and writhed in pain as the death god's bindings had curled around him with chilling, wraith fingers, sinking into and around his own fiery powers, cutting him off-!

"Trickster? Are you well?" Sarkan's head snapped up, focusing on the girl standing before him. He considered her question, a darkling smile playing about his lips.

"…Nay," he replied after a moment. He moved towards her and trailed a deceptively light hand over flame colored locks before tangling his fingers in a rough grip. "Nay, I am not well," he repeated softly, staring fixedly at her. "But there's nothing anyone can do about that, is there?" He tightened his hold on her hair, feeling a streak of ruthless pleasure as her breathing hitched in pain.

"L-Lokisson?" she choked out, going rigid as Sarkan placed a gentle finger over her lips, silencing her.

"Shhshhshh," he murmured, stepping forward. The girl stumbled back until she slammed against the wall Sarkan had been aiming for. He pinned her there, one hand still gripping her hair, the other one caressing her hip. He leaned forward until there was barely a sliver of space between them. He smiled, teeth gleaming whitely sharp in a mocking smile. He felt her shiver as he leaned down slowly to inhale deeply, chuckling softly as he breathed in her scent, sharp with fear.

He hummed softly, eyes drifting shut and he abruptly relaxed as he felt the control he craved, control over his world and his creations. He rested his head on the girl's shoulder, ignoring her violent shudder as he sighed softly and mourned the loss of his powers.

AN: And here is the first of the three Pre Show drabbles, and probably the most important. While I kept the description ambiguous, make no mistake: It's Aysu and not Azar who ran afoul of Sarkan here. This incident is the main reason Aysu is so very wary of Sarkan and doesn't believe that he cares for Azar up until Awakening. It also shows Sarkan's darker side during the first two centuries he was bound. He hadn't started maturing yet and spent those centuries sulking, as much as it pains me to say so. Think Draco Malfoy.