Azar leaned her head back and sighed, closing her eyes, doing her best to simply not think of anything…If not for the fact that she was perched on her trapeze, high up in the air, she would've settled back and tried to nap. Her eyes flickered open as she felt someone watching her. Glancing down, she saw Cyrus studying her curiously from the King's balcony. Restraining the urge to snarl at him, Azar let the trapeze lower itself enough to be within hearing range. Cyrus looked up to her, tilting his head to one side. "You don't like me," he said thoughtfully. "Why?"

Azar let out a harsh bark of laughter, nodding her agreement. "Many reasons," she replied shortly. Still, she swung the trapeze so that she could land lightly on the balcony. She smirked mentally at Cyrus's surprise and fright as she was suddenly there and not-quite looming over him. "You're young," she said softly, malice lacing her voice. "You have the same powers as Sarkan. You don't have any control over them. He's decided to teach you; taking him away from the rest of Kooza." With every reason, she stepped towards him, backing him against a wall. Azar's arms shot out, blocking off any escape as she stared at him intently, eyes narrowed as she searched for what made him important enough to hold Sarkan's attention. "What makes you so special," she snarled under her breath.

"I-I d-don't know!" Cyrus wailed, growing frightened at Azar's almost feral expression.

Azar stabbed an accusing finger towards the bataclan. "He doesn't bow to anyone but he bows to you!" she howled, her chest aching at the memory of Sarkan bowing, however gracefully, to the boy.

"I know!" Cyrus shouted back, fear spurring his actions. "He bows and I know I'm not worthy of it! I don't know why he chose me out of any number of people; all I know is that I'm here and I have th-this gift and he's the only one who can help!" He stopped, panting with shaking shoulders as he tried to keep from crying and failing.

Azar watched him before she whirled around, clenching her fists around the railing of the balcony in frustration. "Damn Trickster and his games!" she hissed back. When she turned to ask another question, she growled. The boy- exercising intelligence for the first time within Azar's recollection- had fled.

AN: Proof that Azar's anger over Cyrus's being in Kooza was building up until it exploded in Manipulations. It didn't come out of nowhere and she has her reasons. Um...This is the end of Minutia, I'll start posting the second AzarSarkan series tomorrow. I'd do it tonight but the last two aren't quite finished and I'm tired xD