The kimono seemed heavier she remembered it was. That was exaggerated for her like; it tighted her hips too much and restricted her legs' movements in order to make her to walk with short steps and keep the spine upright to avoid her head fell behind because of the weight of the hair ornaments.

When she came in the room she felt seen by all from Shinsengumi as if she was a porcelain doll shut up in a showcase. Her cheeks turned into pink, faint with the crimson from the kimono.

A few flattering comments caused she ran away to the corridor.

After she closed the door, silence embraced her and filled all with serenity spilled onto its cloak.

She looked at a wonderful moon under which a silhouette was lightening delicately. His eyes were lost in the lights of the city that seemed one thousand cicadas flying through the street at midnight.

Hijikata-san stood up, staggering from side to side with out his normal grace. He walked in zigzag until he fell down in front her. She used her own body to muffle the fall, using her arms like a soft surface where to accommodate him.

Her eyes opened too much when she felt Hijikata-san was inhaling her cherry aroma so near from her shoulders. A warmth sensation covered her whole body as a torrent of summer rain. She felt paralyzed by a delicious poison but denied outright to leave to a tired bee without pollen. Soon, that slid went up in right line through her neck, stopping over her cheekbone.

The lieutenant hands touched every hair of her again and again. Those fingers acted slowly and carefully to contradict the intention to mess up her hair.

When she breathed, a sweet essence came into her; maybe it was the sake tormenting her lover once again; maybe her own essence trying to seduce him.

"You look beautiful," he whispered slowly, pushing her hips against him, "I'd eat you right now".

She was like a feather which shines in front of the sun light and Hijikata-san was the bird which looks magnificent while set out a delicate fly until get lost in the infinity. She was scared to pull off his wings; she was scared to force him to descend solid ground but there wasn't an eternal fantasy. She preferred to make him descend and avoid his fall in the darkest forest.

She stretched out and moved him away in order to see him all flabbergasted with the body lie down onto the floor. The fall hurt but when she faced his glace, it was even more.

She'd always seen lieutenant's cheeks pale, but now she would never forget the joy to see his crimson dye in the lamp light.

"I'm sorry Hijikata-san," tears fell down through a white path, she cleaned the sensation with the kimono and let the slider door open.

"My my, someone has drunk too much, don't you think so Chizuru-chan?" she nodded, giving him a smile full of beg which he understood immediately, "guys, let's take Hijikata-san to headquarters."

Sanosuke and Okita came next to him, each one picking up an arm. Saitou-san snorted furious, having to take the weight of three drunk men, he and two friends else.

When they left behind the entrance of the tea house, she knew that in the following morning all the magic made in a few seconds would fade away completely. He'd forget the slow words whispered in her ear and then she'd beg he didn't remember the chills under her clothes. She would get up early to prepare tea for him and everyone as well, praying Kami-sama for their hangover wouldn't so uncomfortable. It'd be complicated, but a drinking night had been one of the bests in her whole life.

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