Sake 7

Chizuru departed for Tea's house earlier than usual. Kimigiku-san had told her that Kazama Chikage probably wouldn't show there that night. So, her duty focused on helping others with their work.

In the dressing room she noticed the presence of new kimonos which she admired all in detail. Then she saw the crimson rays from sunset enter through the windows. It was about time to wear her outfit, the one she was starting to refer like a cute uniform. She searched her clothes inside the drawer where the brown haired girl used to keep them but there were only a few cherry blossom petals left on the bottom. Chizuru was getting mad, searching everywhere in the room and the result was the same emptiness.

"You won't find it honey. I myself throw your kimono out. "

"Eh? But it was a marvelous kimono."

"Your danna ask us to get rid of your old clothes. Instead he brought all you see here especially for you. Feel free to wear them as you please," the older woman smirked, covering her crimson lips with the sleeve of her kimono, "From now on, you will only look after Kazama-han."

"Wasn't I supposed to help the other girls?"

"Oh my bad, that was a white lie," Kimigiku-san talked more informally, "Kazama-san wanted to keep tonight's event as a secret from you."

"So, this is a date, right?"

Chizuru heard a laugh from her older. She had a bad feeling about the entire evening.

"Didn't you think it wasn't normal for the hall to be empty?"

The brown eyed oni felt like if a bucket full with cold water fell over her head and slipped towards her feet. The empty and super clean place hadn't been just a mere coincidence.

"Something else, Kazama-han wanted you to wear the kimono behind you tonight. Try not to stain it. It would be a shame to throw such a masterpiece away."

"What amazing manners! I'd been waiting two days for you my fair lady to come and serve me some sake and now you arrive late. Shall I complain about it?" Kazama said sarcastically from the darkest side of the room.

"I'm sorry Kazama-san," she closed the door. Chizuru was having trouble to control the shake of her hands even for the easiest stuff. The brown eyed oni walked towards the blonde and left a tray with exotic food for him.

"I knew it would suit you. The color of the dress enhances your peachy cheeks," the praise brought a deep crimson to her face. Then there wasn't a way to hide her shame, "Actually, I guess I'm eyeing my bride-to-be."

Just before her eyes would open wide because of the fright, the door in front them slid open. Chizuru hid herself behind Kazama by instinct and he smiled full of joy due to her reaction. The brown eyed girl held the fabric of her dress with all her strength, like a feline does when it's on the top of a tree with no turning back.

"Chizuru, today I'll escort you back to headquarters," the jet black haired man spoke, searching around for the girl.

However the inevitable came.

"How do you dare to show your face?" Hijikata yelled, pulling out his sword. The blade of his weapon allowed the blond oni to see his own reflection on it. Kazama stood calm and smirked. The oni's reaction was declaring a bloody war.

"I have the fucking right to do whatever I wish, after all…"

Shortly before the bomb would be set free, Chizuru put her hand over the mouth of his danna.

"Hijikata-san in brief I'll bring a new bottle of sake. Please wait a moment," she said formally, like if the lieutenant were a client of the place. Then Chizuru took Kazama from his hand and led him with her until their shadows faded away behind the slide door.

The young girl felt her heart beat go wild while on her side the man stopped to break her touch. Chizuru turned to his direction with all her courage focused on face him. She was expecting him to be mad at her but the smile (almost turning into a loud laugh) that the girl found left her speechless. She didn't understand a bit of what was happening over there.

"Kazama-san, is everything right?"

"That stupid man isn't willing to give up," he stopped, cutting the distance between them. The heat from his body made Chizuru get goosebumps from feet to head. The blonde brushed her cheek with his thumb so delicate like if the girl were a porcelain doll.

"What do you mean Kazama-san," she played fool.

The man took her hands among his. The warmth coming from the rough skin of his was like feeling the summer breeze on her hands and his smell mixing with the air was a poisonous perfume stabbing her senses, driving her insane.


All of sudden her lips became prisoners underneath his. Chizuru already knew that such a thing wasn't right but she couldn't release from him, from the enigmatic spell spreading all over her fragile body.

"Chizuru, what the hell is going…" Hijikata spoke without finishing his statement. A furious spark within his eyes became a wild amethyst fire burning everything without mercy.

The kiss of the blonde turned his passion on after the arrival of the lieutenant. It seemed that the blonde man loved to add combustible to the fire and play with it. Chizuru tried to escape from her prison with all her will but once again the strength on her wrists denied her the precious liberty from him.

"Let her go!" Hijikata ordered, ultimatum on air.

"I'm Chizuru's danna, you fool. From now on you have no more authority over her while I'm by her side."

A while ago, Chizuru thought that having two men fighting for her love would've been really romantic. However, in the paradise of her mind there weren't swords, super oni powers nor war. She was in middle of both enemies at the mercy of them. Nothing could go worst, at least, that was her last thought until that Kimigiku-san walked through the door with the rest of the members of the Shinsengumi joining the action.

She was going to die.

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