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Buried Secrets!


DISCLAIMER: I do not own Jake, Rose, or any of the other characters. The plot is my own, the words are my own, but the characters and plot of the acutal events of the show regretfully belong to Disney.

The Doctor: Never say never ever.

Rose: Nah, we'll always be alright, you and me. [pause] Don't you think? Doctor?

The Doctor: Something in the air. Something's coming. [Beat] A storm's approaching...

The Doctor: When you wake up, you'll have a mom and dad. And you won't even remember me. Well, you'll remember me a little. I'll be a story in your head. That's okay. We're all stories in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?

Chapter 1: Sacrificial Girl

I closed my eyes as I started to lift off of the ground slowly, dragged up by the hand bearing my mark. It was done, and the Huntsclan was finished. I was shocked to feel Jake's warm hand close on mine, tethering me somewhat to Earth, and to life.

"Jake." I whispered. He shook his head in denial. I almost sighed with frustration. Just let me go and die! I shouted in my head, irritated. But under that, I was deeply touched. "Let Go. I'll be okay. I promise. I'll be okay."

"No!" He shouted, his eyes filled with pain. "I'll never let you go!" A lone tear trickled down my cheek. He had to let me go, or I would die anyway, and take him with me.

"Please Jake, let go." His face sank with understanding and utter devastation, but his hand slipped off mine hesitantly. I rose slowly into the air, thoroughly afraid now. I didn't want to die. But it was for the best.

This way, the Huntsclan would be gone, for good. I might not be alive to see it, but millions of magical creatures and ordinary people would be affected by my sacrifice. No more children would be taken from their parents and inducted into the Huntsclan. No more. My parents would be safe, Jake and his family would be relatively safe, so I was happy. Well, more like at peace. I don't think it was possible for anyone to be happy they're dying. Well, anyone who wasn't committing suicide. Well, technically I am, but…

You know what, I'm gonna get back to the story, because I'm getting off track.

Then, I heard Jake's voice, filled with desperation, call up to me. I guessed he had gotten hold of the skulls, because it was a wish that I heard, pleading.

"I wish Rose had never been taken by the Huntsclan!"

I realized the second Jake screamed the last word what that meant. I would have lived a whole other life, one that was probably a life without Jake in it. It hurt my heart so much just to imagine a life without Jake, but I knew that if the wish succeeded, that was exactly what would happen. I saw a bright light under me, and just as I started to feel a searing pain in my arm, the same arm that the Huntsclan mark was on, the light engulfed me. I started seeing, in reverse order, the events of my life. I saw my parents for the third time ever. I thought, 'No more. No more, ever again.'

The last thing that went through my head was, 'I love you Jake. I'll never forget you.' Then, everything spun, and I couldn't hold on anymore. Consciousness left me.


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