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Chapter 1.

My doom's Appearance.

My name is Garu. So let's get the basic straight. I'm now 17, have black hair that sticks out in what seems like a ponytail but its not! At least not to me they are not ponytails. To me my hair is just like a true ninja hair should be like. Incase you didn't catch some of that I'll say it now I want to be a ninja. Ever since I was a little kid-no ever since I was born I wanted to be a ninja. I'm pretty good at it too if I say so myself. Unlike my best friend Abyo. Abyo could be good if he wanted to, but he's always taking his shirt off. We go walking around and what is the thing he does takes off his freaking shirt in front of everyone. That really annoys me sometimes, I even pretend not to know him. When he takes off his shirt that's the cue for me to pretend like I don't know him. He's just an idiot.

Also, I never really talk most of the time I stay quiet. Do you think I'm anti-social? Well..yes you can say something like that. I usually just play with my cat and flute. Or train. I guess you can say I'm a solitary guy because I am. I have no girlfriend...not that that ever stop any girl from getting near me and asking me out. In my life there's only been one girl who outsmarted all the rest of them and no matter what I did to try to escape her,she would always capture me. Covering me in kisses and hugs and more kisses. But that was 5 years ago. That girl move away 5 years ago and I haven't seen her ever since.

I stand on a hill as I look down and see from the horizon, the sun rising. I put my sword behind my back. Time for the worst thing in the world..school! I sighed retrieving my things. A black ball of fur approaches me as he jumps to my shoulder.

" Yup..I have to go to school today, You're food is in the porch," I told him as I set him down and did my ninja jumps all the way to Sooga High school. But first I made a quick stop at Abyo house.

I jumped right in front of him.

" DUDE! You scare the hell of me don't go popping up all of a sudden, almost gave me a heart attack," Abyo mumbled as he sighed relief.

" Grow up Abyo," I rolled my eyes at him.

" Why don't you grow up? Mr. I'm top ninja still playing with swords," he replied smugly back.

I just shrug and mumbled,'' Are you ready or what?,"

" Yeah..I can't wait to see Ching anyway, this year I'm going to ask her out," he smiled suddenly daydreaming.

" That's what you said last year and what happened? Oh right you guys manage to get to the okay friend status with a bunch of awkward conversation," I teased with a smirk on my face.

Abyo scowl at me. He knows I'm right though, so he purposely came back with

" How about you? You ran away from girls ever since you were 12 you can't even talk to them longer than a minute, well excuse me for being just a ladies man compare to you,"

Girls huh? Not my thing. They always end up crying even before you get to say something to them. Anyways I can't find none of the girls at my school attractive. I mean tons of girls have confessed to me but I never even thought of a girlfriend. I guess that sounds a bit weird considering that I'm a guy 17 and close to being 18. Girls are just not my thing. The Only girl who even got close to that move out...5 years ago.

We arrive at the school and we bump into Ching. Ching is one of the girls who I can actually talk to.

" Abyo! Garu! Oh! I'm so glad to see you guys," she hugged us.

I watch as the chicken in her head blinked sleepily at me.

" OH! I really can't wait 'till she get's here," Ching smiled widely as she pulled apart, looking around excitingly.

She looked like she was expecting someone.

" For who?" We both asked looking around too.

" OOh You'll see her soon, she said she going to this high school until she graduates! This year, I can't wait to see her!" Ching smiled as she hopped up and down a little.

" She? Ching who are you talking about?" Abyo asked, frowning.

Right then the bell rang.

" Um..I'll catch you guys later,'' I mumble walking to my first hour. Advance Drama.

" Hey Black read heart is here," I heard some people say referring to me.

If you're wondering why they are calling me that it's because of what I wear. I wear usually the stuff that matches my ninja uniform. Like right now I have a black hoodie with a heart in the middle of my hoody and black pants. Oh and one more thing I wear red gloves. ( it's a ninja thing)

" Hello everyone I'm your drama teacher Mrs. Liming-," the teacher started class. I took my seat in the very very back. I put on my headphones on listen to music as I scanned through my ipod. A couple minutes later I slightly hear the sound of clicking boots. Someone entered the classroom. I was too busy to see who it was. I click the next song in my ipod.

" Ahem! Garu!," I heard a strictly voice suddenly say sternly.

I take off my headphones and looked up..

" Sorry what?..-!," Right when I looked up I notice her.

" WHAT!," I gasped aloud as I recognize the slim black haired and eyes with black boots and a red dress.



She smiled recognizing me.




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