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Chapter 27. To love a crazy lover is to be one

I held my sword tightly pointing it at him. Part of my mind was focused on did he really do to Pucca? Why was she bleeding? Dammit, what did he do to her? Tobe mouth twitch into a smile.

" Today will finally be the day I bet you Garu," he chanted.

" What did you do to her ? " I asked instead.

That's the only thing I care about at the moment. I didn't want to waste my time talking. Another smirk appeared on Tobe face.

" I didn't do anything," he replied smugly.

Anger rush towards me. I glared at him. How can he say that? How can he say he didn't do anything! I felt a gloomy atmosphere disappear. Now, all around me I felt a heavy atmosphere. I didn't think twice I raise my sword and aim it straight at him. My sword click with Tobe sword.

" You liar!," I accused angrily.

The sword held his place.

" You wish I was Garu, but I'm tellling you I didn't do really anything to her," Tobe emphasized anything.

" How did you bring her here? Why is she bleeding then! " I tried to disarm his sword, but it held strongly in place.

I didn't understand how he was still holding on. He thrusted his sword forward and manage to sway my sword off his face..another clack.

" She brought that on herself," Tobe murmured.

Another aim at him. This time I managae to send him staggering a couple of feets away.

" She tried to break the shield, I told her that it wouldn't break unless I wanted it to. She still tried, she cause her own injuries for trying. The only thing I did was bring her here," now he smirk but that smirk didn't seem like his regular smirk. It seemed fake.


I steal another glance. Shield? I remember trying to rescue her but couldn't get pass. My eyes darted quickly back to Tobe.

" Now she can't get in the way and finally we can fight," Tobe eyes became dark now as they narrowed at mine.

Whatever he says happen. Pucca is still hurt right now and the only person here to blame is Tobe. Whatever he said he did or didn't do still it was Tobe. I glared at him, gripping the edge to my sword.

" Dream on Tobe," I murmured just as I aim to strike him again.

He dodge the blow and instantlly replayed my moves.

I block his sword. How had he done it so fast? I sway his sword away. Trying something different. I jumpe over trying to get a finishing blow this time. It worked but not long enough. I only manage to scrape at Tobe shoulder before he blocked my move. I try to think of what Pucca had said before. He was stronger now. Not like how I rememeber him being. I run and take another blog at him and another. Each time close yet missing him or only nearly hitting him.

I staggered back now, huffing.

What the hell? Something is wrong. By now I should've beaten him. I thought I would. I couldn't think long enough before he jumped towards me with his sword. I quickly lifted my sword,blocking him, but he had the advantage of pushing me slightly back. I struggle to substain his hold.

Tobe smirk.

" I told you Garu you were weaker now. You might've got a change if you would've practice longer. Too bad you fell in love right," he pushed his sword harder. I put some effort. Hitting the blade away.

" Garu!," Abyo voice suddenly came to my attention.

Bad mistake.

The moment I did that Tobe took the advantage. His blade hits me on the side. Pain crush to me. I heaved a grunt in pain jumping on top of one of the tree for cover.

" Garu! What? Tobe? ," Abyo frown recognizing him.

" Pucca! What's wrong with her!," Ching joined the party.

I glance down at Tobe. Seeing the sign of irritation cross him.

" Abyo, Ching get out of here! Save Pucca," I tell them jumping down the tree to surprise Tobe.

I mangage to kick him.

" No way dude! I'm helping you!," Abyo grip his shirt.

This was no time to be doing that act of his.

" No!," I yell a second before I hear Tobe yell.

" Ninjas Attack!,"

In a instant a group of 20 more guys dress in black appeared. Ching pulled out her sword.

" Those ninjas again? Piece of cake!," Abyo smiled before jumping off and removing his shirt followed with that yell he does whenever he does that.

" That should handle them," Tobe chuckled.

I glance back at them. Abyo and Ching were good fighters ( Ching mostly) but there were too many of them. I took a step back from Tobe and rush towards their aid. Knocking two of them down who were about to hit Abyo from behind.

" This could be interesting," Tobe huskily says before rushing over to me.

I was too busy dealing with the other ninjas at the moment. Oh great. To my great comfort I had ninjas against me one of them being Tobe. I dodge, strike, and moved around yet more ninjas came giving Tobe a huge advantage.

" You still let all the stupid ninjas of yours do all the work Tobe," I huff between blocking another of his ninjas and dodging the blow of another. Tobe chuckled. That chuckle set me off guard another stab somewhere in my arm. Ugh..I cringe and disarm the blade from the one who stab me.

" Never said I played fair," Tobe snidely twirled his sword.

I felt the pain but I let it go. I wasn't going to show any weakness. Lifting up my sword again. I headed straight for Tobe. I tried what I could. Anything. Each time I felt more furious with myself. Why can't I beat him! I've practice for so long..I've beaten him multiple times before. Time after time. He never was a match for me. Yet right now Tobe only had minor cuts. I did mangage to hurt his left shoulder. Tobe wasn't on a bad mood like I was. I stop to catch my breath, a couple feet away. I was already sweating.

" What Garu tired already? " Tobe teased.

I narrowed my eyes at him, grabbing my sword, and again was at him.

" Not a chance," I reply.

I'm not sure how long we stood fighting. An hour? The other ninjas were almost all out. Tobe at least now seemed to be getting tired as well. My sword wasn't getting a good grip because my palms were sweaty. I was getting exhausted. I could tell I was weakening...losing. Tobe marched towards me. I lifted my sword, it clank with his just as he sway my sword away. My sword landed feet away from me. Shit. Not good. I move to recover it but Tobe had me blocked.

" I hope you can feel the same way I felt when I was defeated," Tobe said just as the first blows came.

Another pain..

Ugh...I fought back , the problem though right now I was exhausted and my punches were not as strong as I wanted them to be. A blow to my face send me staggering a couple feet away. I landed on the ground. I could feel blood come out of my mouth, my side, and my arm. My head hit a rock and my vision became blurry.

" How does it feel Garu to be defeated! To be all pathetic and miserable? Let it be known that today is the day Garu fell on my hands," Tobe words rush to my ears.

I huf trying to breath. I felt a pain in my head. I must of hit my head on a rock. I turn to my left. Pucca was still unconscious. Her breathing slowing down. Pucca, I thought just as I slip into unconsciousness for a couple seconds...

Pucca smiled flash before me. Her ponytails swinging.

" I love you Garu! ," she said cheerfully.

Like it's the most precious thing ever. I then flash memories of her going through my head. Starting when we were kids. A glimpse of her running to catch me while I ran to get away from her. The memories of her silly actions to get me. Her furious face when I upsetted her. When she left and looked at me so sadly it made all of Sooga gray. The moment of her return. How it change between us. I'm not the same anymore. She changed me and it's because of her that I was here now trying to rescue her. Pucca would do anything to get me. I was always her lucky one from the beginning I didn't even consider how lucky I was that she had always loved me. The happiness that overwhelms me when I see her smile, laugh, and smirk from the bottom of her heart. I never want to let her go even with her clinging to me 24/7. It's her that makes me sooth and relax. It's her that makes me think more about others than just myself. It's just her.

" Marry me Garu," her words echoed in my ear.

It will always be her and now..even with a kid coming that's our. I would always be with them and I can't leave them behind for my honor. I'll have to protect them. Both!

My eyes opened again, staring at Pucca one more time. I can't let her down. I have to protect her.I bolt up. Ignoring the pain and pushing it off me. I rush to my sword. If Pucca and my case were reverse she would've done the impossible to save me even if I hadn't liked her. She was crazy like that. Now..it's my turn. Now I can't let her go from me, let her run away. I would chase her down. I grip my sword tightly and rush towards him. Taking him so much by surprise he stutter back and I manage to strike him.

" Well Well now seems like the funs about to get started," Tobe replied with a grunt.

" We'll see," I reply aiming another strike at him.

Taking for granted a hit in the stomach. His eyes narrowed the same with mine. He tried to stike back. I dodge and striked back. Blood coming from his lips. I felt a wave of strength now. So he's stronger yet I can beat him. I shove and disarm his sword a little. He stutter to the ground. At that same moment Pucca made a whimper noise. Our eyes locked at Pucca. Then I saw the way Tobe was looking at Pucca. My eyes expanded. Everything came all together.

" It never was about me was it..? " I ask Tobe who's attention went to me directly.

He stood quiet.

" It maybe was about beating me back when we were younger, now though it's not really about me..it's about her," I declare knowing I was right by Tobe reaction.

He got up, but his glare deepen.

" It was always about you Garu. Everything,everyone revolved around you! Everyone loves you. Especially Pucca," Tobe snapped.

" You love her," I accused seeing it all in my head.

He loves Pucca. Tobe stumble back like he'd been bitten.

" The plan you did to destroy me. You wanted revenge so you got the one person who had complete control over me. Pucca. You got her to follow you plan, your deal, but you fell in love with her didn't you! All those moments you spend with her you began falling in love with her little by little," I announced what I already knew.

Tobe loved Pucca.

Tobe stood quiet. He had been figured out. I step closer to him.

" The real reason your fighting me now is not because of before. It's because you found out she loved me. You're jealous," It had to be true.

There's no doubt in his eyes. Tobe unexpectedly charge at me furious.

" Admit it Tobe," I say while holding him off.

" I'm not in love with her," he snapped back.

A complete lie I could tell straight away.

" It's because of who she is, no wonder you love her..-," I move away from him and stare at Pucca. " She had that thing about her that ..I don't know cheers everyone. It's her personality it just wraps you in-," I notice I'm smiling now as I'm saying this " Who wouldn't love her," I sigh and turn back to Tobe.

He looked at Pucca and back at me.

" You're right Garu...I love her and that's why you have to go!," before he marched towards me I was already blocking his move.

Part of me felt bad for Tobe. While the other just said I had to put an end to this. Tobe envy was what made him lose concentration. His punches and strikes miss. They hit a tree once or twice. We were making huge holes on the ground. The ground shaked after a while from multiple striked to the ground. The sky was getting darker and darker and me and Tobe weren't going anywhere. I had noticed that Ching and Abyo were trying to help Pucca but they couldn't get over that invisible shield. I felt it was going to be soon over when I manage to steal Tobe sword and now I had two swords and him none. I smirk. Tobe smirk back pulling out ninja star daggers.

Oh crap!

I ran back trying to dodge the daggers now when he threw them. They spiraled around. Two tore off a piece of my clothing. I hid behind a tree. There's got to be a way to end this..we wasted so much time and Pucca hasn't wokeen up which I don't know if I should take it good or not.

" Where are you hiding Garu? Come on and fight,'' Tobe yelled.

I notice something. The sky turn darker with each time that Tobe got mad.

Powerful? I frown. The only person I remember doing something that causes the sky to change is..Pucca and Ring Ring.

It's like magic...

Tobe now has some hold of power that feels like it's dark magic. Maybe that's why he's so powerful. All I have to think is how to stop it.

" Come on Garu or I'm going after you," Tobe snickered.

I frown when I look at Pucca again. A crazy idea form in my head. I must've lost my head or something but the only idea that came to my head is love. Love can conquer everything right? Love can weaken Tobe then. I shiver. That sounded so cliche and weird I really think I lost my head.

" Fine I'm going after you!," Tobe announce.

Ugh...well it might be crazy but at least I can try. I came out of the tree rushing close to where Abyo and Ching are.

" Talk to Pucca! Ask her about me, tell her about all the thing she loves, the chefs. Tell her to think sweet things," I tell them hastily.

" huh? sweet things? " Abyo frowned.

" But- she's unconscious? " Ching also frown.

Tobe already runnnig towards me.

"Just talk to her!," I frantically say while dodging Tobe daggers again.

Ching's POV

Talk to her? I stare after Garu. Hmm. He looked bad I guess he's had a pretty hard fight. Abyo and me dealt with the other ninjas and we were exhausted already. I'm not sure how many I knocked down but it felt like a dozen.

" Garu has gone crazy," Abyo murmured confused like I was.

" Do you think she can even hear us? " I wonder my hands pressed on the invisible shield.

" Beats me we tried everything to break this stupid thing," Abyo glared at it even if it looked more like he was glaring at Pucca.

Garu must be right. I bend down.

" Pucca! Pucca!," I call.

" If you can hear us move an arm and wake up already! It's crazy out here! " Abyo joined me.

At first there's no response until...

" Ching..Abyo...," she mumbled like she was asleep.

I glance at Abyo who glance back at me.

" She can hear us but it's like she's asleep," I get closer to where Pucca head was.

Garu said to to let tell her about things she loves.

" Think of your family Pucca," I start with that.

Suddenly there was a glow of warmth. I looked up at the sky and noticed a part was clearing up. My mouth went open for a while. So this is what Garu meant.

" Quick Abyo do what Garu said," I tell him in a hurry," I tell him in a hurry.

" Uhm..okay. Pucca think of..uhm...food? " he mumbled.

" Food? " I give him a look.

" She loves food right I mean who doesn't like food? " Abyo shrugged.


" Noodles! " I realize " Good job Abyo," I turn to Pucca again. '' Think of noodles Pucca. Yummy noodles," I see as the warm fuzzy feeling grew.

"Think of your cat. Think of all the good moments we had together," I go on.

The sky was clearing up more. A slight smile spread on Pucca's lip.

" Ching watch out! " before I could turn Abyo had grabbed me and pulled me away.

I look back to see another one of those ninjas had almost killed me. I look back at Abyo. Our hands were holding each others. A blush creep in my cheeks when I remember we weren't alone.

" Uhm..Ching you continue to do that. I'll handle this guy," Abyo replied making some stunt over him.

My heart jump. Careful Abyo. I glance back at Pucca and realize the sky was going darker again. Oh no.

" Pucca think of Sooga. Everyone in Sooga like Abyo dad. Oh and Sandta with his little gingerbread men everywhere. Or remember when we beat that Ring Ring? " I continue to babaly on.

The sky started clearing again. A warmth grew but the sky was still darker. I ran out of ideas now..oh no...

" Any help? " I ask my chicken.

My chicken shook hid head squabbling. I frown. What else does Pucca love? The sky became darker. Oh no!

" Pucca no think of..of-," I glance around and noticed Garu an the farther corner.


I hit my head with my hands. Of course, it was so obvious. Even Garu said it.

" Pucca...think of Garu!," I smile when a wide smile spread over Pucca then bam I fell back. The shield broke I could hear it breaking like glass. The sky was clearing immediately. The warmth grew. Wow Pucca sure loves Garu. I let out a laugh and see as the sky turn back it's original color with benefit of a nice cloudy and sunny afternoon. A cool breeze and- is that a colony butterflies marching in. I saw as Pucca weakly open her eyes.

" Garu,"she said the moment she woke up.

" Pucca! You're okay," I hugged her.

" Huh? Ching-what's wrong? " she asked then cringe " Ow! " she puleed away from me.

I forget that she was still hurt.

Back to Garu Pov

I noticed that what I thought worked when the sky started to clear. Wow! It worked. That's crazy. I didn't really expect it to work. I tried striking Tobe. A hut. So he was weakening. Well what do you know. Good vs Evil. Good wins. He striked back but he was definitely not as powerful. The sky started clearing more and more. My advantage. I strike and hit him multiple times. He stutter back and back, I manage to knock him two feet away. Tobe glared wiping his forehead. Then the sky started darkening again. Not a good thing. Tobe bolted more quickly towards me. I could still taste blood in my mouth. Out of no where the sky cleared completely. I stare where I could feel the warm atmosphere coming from.


Tobe aim to strike me, but almost too quickly I dodge his attack. Tobe fought but he was struggling. I can definitely beat him now. In less than a minute I was making Tobe fight for his life. He fell to the ground huffing. I stood over him. Aiming my sword at his neck. This is it. I can finallly end this...

Tobe close his eyes.

" Fine...just do it already! " Tobe noticed my mood of hesitation. " What are you waiting for Garu!..."

My grip tighten. One kill. I had to end this..now..this may be my only chance to end it. Now! Now...

I sighed..

I couldn't.

I just couldn't. It's now who I am. I step aside, hiding my sword on my back again.

" You're not going to kill me? " Tobe hesitantly asked.

" No." I mumble then added " But I won't let you ruin my life Tobe. I can beat you the same way I beat you before. Don't you understand your envy towards me is what makes you defeateable? Keep praticing and maybe after some years you'll probably beat me. Now just leave get out of here because if you don't I'll kick you out myself!."

Tobe frown.

" You don't change do you Garu," he mumbled before he chuckled to himself. " You're letting me go to fight you another day? " he shook his head.

" Yeah, Only right now just like before I know I can beat you. I wouldn't mind going back to the same routine as before. Sooga been kind of calm without you. It gets boring," I murmured because it was true.

Without Tobe I hardly get to fight anyone. My goal to be ninja will always be there. Tobe nodded but he smirk as well.

" Fine. I'll go now and when I come back-,"

" I'll be ready to beat you again," I interrupted him.

He narrowed his eyes. Then his eyes locked on Pucca.

" It's better if you leave now" I tell him the moment wondering how I could fix that.

I couldn't. Tobe loves Pucca. I love Pucca.

" There's only room for one in Pucca's heart anyway. I knew that. I hate you because of that. ..but you're right. I don't belong in her life. She never loved me it was always you. I won't guarentee you what will happen when we meet again, but trust me next time it won't be because of her," he sighed.

I nod and with a last glance at Pucca said something I didn't expect.

" Congratulation Garu. As a result you won once again. We'll see about next time," his tone noe didn't sound dark, he sounded mocking.

" We'll see then," I reply just as he left chuckling.

I watch as he disappear. If he tries to hurt Pucca again, I'll just stop him. I know that right now he'll run away somewhere. He won't be back for a while. Maybe years. By then if he becomes stronger so will I. I felt relieve that the day waas over. Then I remember Pucca. I turn around and run towards her.

" Garu!," Ching gasped when I approach her. I bend down towards Pucca.

" She's awake but she keeps closing her eyes," Ching told me in panic.

" Pucca? " I whispered.

Pucca eyes open weakly.

" Garu!," her arms wrapped around my neck.

" What happen? " I asked her.

" I'm sorry I wanted to break the shield so I ran but the force was too strong. It sort of electified me and I passed out that's all I remember...wait...! Where's Tobe? I know he locked me in the shi-,"

I interrupted her by hugging her. She was fine. Saved. Injured but save. Pucca froze. She wasn't use to having me hug her before herself.

" Come on. We have to take you to the hospital," I say my hands groin around to carry her.

She looked at me confused for a while then nodded weakly. Then her grip tighten around my neck. She pressed her face closer to my chest.

" I'm glad your alive Garu," she sighed, closing her eyes.

The same thing I coule day to her, but right now I need to get to the hospital.

" Abyo!," I could hear in a distance.

Abyo! Still carrying Pucca I rush where I heard Ching. Abyo laid there eyes close on the ground.

" Abyo! Can you hear me? Garu he needs help to!," Ching was on Abyo side taking his hand " Abyo..wake p! or else..or else.. I'm going to beat the heck out of you! Abyo!," Ching tried to wake him.

He remain still. I saw Abyo breathing. He's not dead. I'm just about to say when I see Abyo wink at me before closing his eyes again so Ching wouldn't see.

I roll my eyes at him and shake my head but there's a smile in my face. That Abyo.

" Abyo! Abyo! You can't die! You were suppose to be my boyfriend," Ching started crying.

" Then you can be my girlfriend," Abyo spoke sitting up with a huge goofy smile.

Ching froze.

The chicken in her head started chuckling ( if chickens can chuckle) first. Then Abyo and I join in. Ching blush for only a second before playfully punching Abyo, hard.

" You really had my scare! Don't ever do that again!,"

" Do you mean it then. You're my girlfriend now? " Abyo asked still with a smirk.

" Hmm...well-," she lean closer to him as to kiss him but quickly turn away.

" I'm sorry,,,but...-,"

Abyo face fell apart.

" Duh! Of course silly!," Ching laughed at Abyo expression.

I laughed with her. The 3 of us enjoying the moment as we rush back to the hospital.

-Days Later-

" So what really happened wit Tobe he won't come back? " Pucca asked me.

When I took her to the hospital. She only had a strong hit but the baby survive. She came out that same day.

" He'll be back..just not for a while.," I reply with a smile.

" Are you sure? " she frown.

I nodded.

"...I'm confuse," Pucca frown then stopping in between our walk.

I turn to her.

" I don't understand recently, if Tobe is gone..waht if he comes back sooner than we thought? Plus what happened while I was pass out? " she asked.

I just shrug. The last thing I wanted was to think of Tobe coming back.

" It doesn't matter anymore," I say grinning.

With Tobe gone I felt something really relaxing. All I wanted was to enjoy these days. Pucca looked skeptically then just shrug. She grab my hand.

" Without Tobe we are free to do whatever we want," she smirked at me.

That same smirk that always had me running before. Only it's doing the opposite lately.

" Pucca. Everyone usually does everything you want already," I reply.

" Exept you," she argued.

" By the way..what about the marriage? "

Oh! Damn. I forgot about the whole marriage thing. I glance away looking somewhere else. Marriage..hmm. I distangle my hands with hers and walked a little ahead of hers.

Marriage...is that really what I want? Hmm. I glance back at Pucca. Her face fell apart. Then I thought. How can I argue with Pucca. I would want to give her anything just so she could smile. Plus marriage is just another fancy word for living and being together forever and it's not like I'll ever seperate Pucca from me. I sighed then laughed.

Pucca lgnace up confuse and starting to frown.

" Of course I do- I'll marry you ..but... first you'll have to catch me," I laguh before heading unto a full sprint.

It didn't take long for Pucca to chase after me. I could hear her giggle from behind me. I continue to laugh while I ran. It reminded me of 5 years ago. Even if this tiem I wouldn't mind being caught. I started to slow down. Huh? I couldn't hear Pucca anymore.


What if she got lost?

No way, Pucca getting lost? i worried and started heading back when I har something on the trees. Just as I'm about to look up Pucca jumpes down, forcing both of us to the ground.

" I caught you!," she giggle before kissing me in the cheeks over and ovre again like how she use to do 5 years ago. I couldn't help and laugh again as I push strands of her hair out of her face.

" You know I have this feeling that I should be afraid of you," I murmured teasing.

Pucca smirk.

" No you shold be terrifeid of me! Shaking with fear," she teased back.

I snort.

" Trust me I am," I sit up and lean to kiss her exept I'm not really sure if It was me who kiss her first or her.

She eagerly kiss me back. I think back to the Garu who would never kiss back...well he sure was missing something. Pucca pulled apart abruptly and gasped.

A shot of panic cross her face.

" Pucca? " I looked at her worried.

Then she shot me a smirk between her furrowed face.

" It's Garu! It's time," she sang gripping my arm. Time..A panic shot through me. Now? I bolt up. I've fought in battles and ninjas I've seen in so many situations but right now the only thing that freaks me out the most is this. I mean...Now? Right now? At this moment.

" Er...right...I uh... Are you okay? Does it hurt too much? Do you want me to carry you or can you walk?-" I babble on.

" Garu! Calm down. Just take me to the hospital," she laughed even dispite her look of pain.

I stupidly nodded rushing over. It's one of the weirdest feelings of all. Being here waiting. I felt like pulling my sword and praticing just to get distracted. If I hadn't imagine having a girlfriend. Kids was definitely at the bottom of the list. I cross my arms. I wonder how she'll look like. A couple months ago I found out it's a girl. I wonder if she'll be more like Pucca or me.

" Garu! Congratulations," Ching came in Abyo right behind her.

" I never thought you'll actually beat me to it? Well what do you know Garu! Turns out your much more than you let everyone else see huh? " Abyo taunted.

Ching nudge him as I blush.

" Oh! What are you going to name her? "


We hadn't even talked about the name.

" Uhm...," I mumble thinking.

" You know maybe Aruka as a first name, like a combination of both your names," Ching suggested.

" Garu? Are you Garu please step right in," the doctor called.

I went.

I'm not sure how long I stayed there, I held Pucca hand but she kept on smiling at me. I wasn't sure if she was or wasn't in that much pain. Then it happen and I almost felt like I wuols pass out exept now I think it was Pucca who kept me from it.

" Can I see her? Let me hold her!," Pucca immediately pleaded before the doctor could even dress the baby.

The nurse gave Pucca the baby and I lean in to see her. We gasped in unision. There in Pucca's arm was the the tiniest little creature I saw ( not including the gingerbread men). Her hair was sort of long for ababy and it was my hair color. Her face was a different story. Her eyes were definitely my eye color. But her face reflected Pucca's. A warmth fill me at the moment.

" She's adorable!," Pucca grin kissing the top of her head.

I was speechless so I just nodded.

The baby eyes met mine and she wailed. I frown in confusement. Pucca lifted her up.

" She wants wo be with you," she said.

Huh? Really

" Like daughter like mother," she lifted her towards me.

I reach for her. Almost afraid that I'll drop her. She stopped cryng when I grab her. Her hands instantly clutch to my fingers.

I smiled.

"Ching suggested we name her Aruka a mix of our name," I say glancing down at our baby.

" That's nice! But I sort of wanted to name her Lucy. She could be Aruka Lucy," Pucca smiled.

" You need to rest," the doctor reaching for Aruka.

Aruka hands tighten on my fingers again. She didn't want to let go. The doctor struggled releasing her fingers from me. Aruka started crying immediately after they seperated her from me. Her small arms reach for me.

Pucca laugh.

" She doesn't want to get away from you Garu,"

I grin back at her.

She's definitely Pucca daughter.

" I guess I'm irresistable," I murmured locking my hands with Pucca.

Pucca laughed.

" That's why I can never let you go," she sat up and hugged me.

I hugged her back kissing the side of her face.

" Don't," I reply in more of a whisper.

Now I don't mean that literally. I still needed some space. But for now. She can hold on as long as she wants to.




I kept running. I glance back. If I run just far enough she'll stop chasing me.

" Garu!," I heard Pucca call.

I froze. She's right behind me! Where should I hide? I jumped up a tree watching as an angry Pucca storm below me.

Phew...I sighed staying there for a while.

" Daddy why are you hidding up a tree? " a shy voice came from below.

" Shhh," I mouth with a grin.

I bend down to pick her up. She must've followed me here. Aruka is pretty fast for a 4 year old.

" Is mommy looking for you? " she asked.

I nodded.

" The thing is..party dresses with photos and me don't get along Aruka," I made a disgust face.

Today I wake up and Pucca designer friends had 100 pair of dresses and dress suits which Pucca wanted me to try on.

Horrible! I definitely wasn't wearing any of that. Aruka giggle at my expression.

" but mommy will be so mad at you," she giggled.

" I know," I sighed but shrug with a smile. " Want to practice we're here? " I asked her.

She nodded eagerly.

" Yay! ," she clapped.

Aruka enjoyed watching me would often sit and watch me and recently i'll train hwe basic stuff. By now Aruka had only one ponytail, instead of two like Pucca, that would reach to the side of her cheeks. She was still small and growing pretty fast. She tends to follow me alot but not as much as Pucca. I train wieh her for a couple of hourse until I heard Pucca calling from a distance.

" Oops, time to run," I pick Aruka up and started running again.

" Oh! Daddy ! Can't we visit my Grampas! Please!," Aruka begged.

I took her to the noodles restaurant.

" Hey Garu running from Pucca again," Abyo ask as I enter.

I just nod putting Aruka in a seat next to me.

" What is it this time? " he asked.

" Party dresses," I grimace.

" Last time it was only cleaning," Abyo laughed " Hey Luce."

Abyo bend down.

" Hello!," Aruka smiled.

Pucca mostly calls her Lucy. I call her Luce sometimes too We stayed in the restaurant for a while. Abyo had mention that on his vacation to Italy with Ching, they had seen Tobe and Ring Ring together but they were only hangin around. I raise an eyebrow. A year ago I came across Tobe again. he told me he only came to get somebody and he would leave again. Apparently Ring Ring was the person.

" Maybe Tobe moved on to Ring Ring," I reply.

" Ah, sort of makes a nice couple in a weird way," Abyo nodded.

" There you are Abyo! Oh Garu Pucca's looking for you, she seemed mad," Ching came in sitting next to Abyo.

" Well if Tobe ever comes back I can always fight as well," Abyo grip his shirt about to do the ripping shirt thing again.

" Not in front of me or Aruka!," I argued with chagrin.

Abyo and Ching laughed.

I sighed. Looking outside. I was already getting dark.

" Okay, might as well go back," I pick Aruka up.

She waved goodbye to Abyo and Ching before we bolted back home. The lights were off exept one. I slowed down. Aruka rushed inside.

" Mommy Mommy! We're home!," I could hear Aruka announce.

I hesitated on going in. I waited outside. The lights were off. I silently walked in the house making less noise than possible.

" Meooow," Mio meowed.

" Shh!," I warned while I saw the car roll his eyes at me.

I walked over to the children's bedroom. They were both asleep. They meaning my daughter and one year old son. He was more attach to Pucca but he would often follow me around too. Still he has about the same features as Aruka. His hair is shorter of course. I smiled listening to their breathing in their sleep. I kissed both of them goodnight. Waking Aruka up a little.

" Goodnight daddy!," she yawn.

" Goodnight," I reply with the greatest surge of warmth in my heart.

I then headed to our room.

( Bubble)

I felt goosebump came to me. Each step seemedlike a death sentence. Finall I reach the door and open it. Stepping inside I look at the bed.


Where is-

" Glad you can finally join me Garu," Pucca turn on the lamp next to the couch. Where she sat arms cross and a curious face displayed. She startled me. I gulped.

" Uhm...," I started nervously.

( Bubble)

Pucca eyes narrowed.

" I'm sorry," I reply lamely.

Pucca made a mad sound coming from her throat.

" Ugh! It just were dress suits! I mean jex hey were really nice!," Pucca exploded bolting from the couch.

"You know I hate dressing up, Especially in those suits," I argued.

Pucca narrowed her eyes.

" Still it wouldn't have killed you," she storm out of the bedroom. When she came back she still wasn't talkimg to me. She unconvered the sheets and crawl into bed. I was getting the silent treatment apparently. I lay next to her. She turned her back towards me. Finally I couldn't take it anymore.

" Pucca? " I turned to face her.

" Hmm," she responded.

Proving my suspicion.

" I'm really sorry I ran out on you. If it makes you feel better I'll call your those friends of yours and tell them to come back tomorrow and... I'll try them on but only once okay? " I cringe thinking about trying the same thing over again.

Pucca turned towards me. The furious look being replace with twinkling eyes.

" Really? " she asked.

I nodded before I could regret it.

Pucca smiled in return and unexpectedly hugged me.

" Aw! Thank you so much Garu! I love you so much!," she squeexed the air out of me. When se let go she ahd a wide smile and her hands around me.

" I really do love you !," she got close to me.

I sighed letting out a smile.

" I know,"

I'm glad that she use to chase me down when we were smaller and even more when we grew up.

" and- I love you...despite the fact your about to torture me tomorrow," I raise my hand to her chin and lift it up.

Pucca smirk.

" I am pretty crazy," she admitted slightly giggling before beating me to it and kissing me.

I let my arms go around her.

I smiled in between the kiss. Of course Pucca was crazy, but the one thing is.. she's my crazy lover and that's not likey to change. No matter the situation. Our destiny was always entwined.

As we laid there kissing. Using only one moment of the rest of our weird funny love.

-" Pucca quiere a Garu"~ " Pucca loves Garu"-

The end! ( I have the opening song in my head but mostly in spanish because I use to watch it in spanish haha)

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