Mrs Edward Cullen

Chapter 30 Epilogue

"Bella, could I have a word?" Hank asked as he walked over to where she and Jasper were sitting, killing time as Edward struggled to get his latest scene right. He was distracted, and although he was supposedly kissing the 'love of his life' in the movie, the real love of his life was twenty feet away and he wished the day was over.

"I don't wish to be rude, but having you here is driving Edward nuts, so I was wondering how you felt about doing a small role in another movie a friend of mine is directing near by."

Bella frowned, she wanted to relax and watch her husband but she did concede he was right about the distracting part, Edward was being very unprofessional today and kept looking her way.

She possibly shouldn't have blown his mind quite so hard last night, but the candle lit picnic by the river, the lack of witnesses, the temptation to be 'very bad' or rather 'very good' in public, they had gotten a little carried away and now his mind was not on his career.

"What's the role?" she asked.

"Well Camille is something of an exhibitionist, shall we say. The girl Dan cast is just not pulling it off, viewers today still like the big boobies and the rounded hips, so he was limited for a start because so many actresses, and I know they prefer to be called a generic 'actors' but that's the point, most of the younger actresses have bodies like teenage boys. He needs a womanly woman and they don't come more womanly than you, Miss Swan."

"Mrs Cullen," Bella corrected.

"But you act as Isabella Swan, do you not?"

Bella shrugged, her 'acting career' had been too brief to worry about her title.

"What exactly does this woman do for a living, that she needs such a 'womanly' body?" Jasper asked.

"Okay, she is a stripper," Hank admitted.

"I am presuming she is not a stripper with a child and recently delivered twins," Bella replied.

"Don't deceive yourself, your hour glass figure is very desirable to men, and that's who the film is aimed at. Don't forget, I got a close look at you during your scene with Edward, your body is beautiful, ripe and shapely as few are today in this business."

"These boobs may not stay this size without the twins here to feed off them, anyway, I am going home as soon as Edward finishes here."

"It's a small role, Bella, it would take five, six days at most. It's more of a cameo role, the main character is remembering his youth which he spend with the lovely Camille."

"Do it," Jasper said with a grin. "It would be a change, I can come be your bodyguard, nobody can get within a mile of Edward with the security here now."

"Okay, I get the feeling we are being banned off this set anyway, lead me to your friend and let's talk," Bella said.

Jasper chatted on his cellphone to Alice the entire trip in the limo, the twins were fine, screaming regularly, feeding well, loved their formula. Milo and Mika were exhausted, but Esme was running the nursery anyway.

Macey was keeping Emmett sane by dragging him away from Rose's bedside for a few hours each morning and afternoon but they had been banned out of two more eateries. Both had blamed the other's behaviour but Alice was pretty sure it was Emmett as usual.

"Tell him by the time his baby is old enough to want to eat at McDonald's, he will have a store wide ban and his child will grow up never knowing the thrill of a Happy Meal if he doesn't slow down," Bella said.

Jasper covered the mouthpiece.

"Alice said he went pale when she passed that on," Jasper laughed.

When they arrived, Hank's friend Dan met Bella and welcomed her wholeheartedly as he blatantly looked over her figure and she listened to his ideas and agreed to take the role, so long as this was it, no coming back for reshoots, and it had to be finished by the time Edward was done with his obligations.

Jasper read over the contract and Bella signed on the bottom line.

For all of the next week Edward kissed his wife goodbye and headed for work as she stepped into the car Dan sent for her and her new job began. Hours of pampering and make up, costume fitting, hair styling, then it was on, and to her delight, Bella loved the role. She felt incredibly sexy under Dan's directions, and soon mastered pole dancing, which Jasper said could only be a good thing for her marriage.

He offered to call Alice and have her get a pole installed in Bella and Edward's bedroom before they got home. Bella refused but said maybe in another room, somewhere they could set up as an adult play room maybe?

On the second last day of filming, Bella walked back to make up to get a few retouches done and sat in the chair.

The girl inside promised to get someone to help quickly and left Bella alone. Bella saw she had been reading a new magazine and flicked through it. There she was, having dinner with Jasper, Edward had been cut off completely from where he sat on her other side.

"Mrs Edward Cullen gets cosy with a close personal friend she has known now for many years. How fortunate she has his shoulder to lean on while her husband works such brutal hours, leaving a girl all alone. And such an attractive 'friend' to have. Lucky you, Bella."

Bella laughed and almost ripped the page out to show her 'close personal friend' seeing they had said he was attractive, even Alice would want to read that.

The magazine underneath had the same photo only now Bella and Jasper had been edited out, and Edward was 'caught' talking to 'an attractive unidentified woman'- otherwise known as the hostess of the club they were in.

Edward Cullen plays the field while here filming reshoots for his latest movie. Looks like what the wife doesn't see, her heart doesn't grieve over."

Bella closed both magazines and dropped them into the bin.

Her 'usual' make up artist walked in, with a new girl with pretty blond hair.

"Isabella Swan, this is Jane, she is new here but she is great, she will have you ready in minutes."

Bella smiled and Jane smiled back and it was only when Bella saw the tattoo on her back where she had failed to fully zip her top closed that Bella felt a slight pang of fear.

She could only see the word 'death' but she knew that tattoo, they had received a photo featuring it once, it had Edward's name along side.

Bella realised quickly the girl had no clue who she was.

"So, have you ever seen Edward Cullen? Have you ever acted with him? He and I date sometimes, you know," Jane said.

"Really? Isn't he married?" Bella asked.

"He was but he got it annulled. We are meant to be together, I know he is working on things his end. I sleep over at his house often, most nights. I have to be home by eight tonight, Edward will be waiting," she said.

"Where's that?" Bella asked.

"He has this condo in the middle of New York, we stay there. Of course, we have to be really careful, the paparazzi make him crazy."

One truth amongst the lies.

"I saw him in a magazine with his wife and kids," Bella said and the girl frowned.

"Photoshopped. He doesn't have kids, we are going to have a family ourselves but those kids don't exist. Don't believe everything you read in magazines."

"I wouldn't dare," replied Bella. "Have you ever worked with him?"

"I was going to be in one of his movies. We did this love scene together but the director thought it was too real, you know? We were supposed to fake it but Edward just can't keep his hands off me. Not that I mind," she hurriedly added.

"I had heard rumors about his love scenes," Bella admitted.

"Okay, you are done, see you. I have to go call Edward, he likes to hear from me every hour."

Bella waved and looked for Jasper.

She was pretty sure Jane was no threat, just self delusional. Nobody would believe her when she had so many facts wrong. A true fan would be correcting her and writing her off as a wannabe.


Edward laughed at Mike as the man tried to evade a bunch of screaming fans, and he opened the door to his limo and offered the man a ride.

Mike flopped in on the seat, waving, grinning, then shut the door.

"Fuck me, I am so sick of this shit."

"Tell me about it. They shut down shooting again today. At this rate I am going to be here forever. I really want to walk, Mike. Even if it gets me blacklisted. This shit is dragging on and on and Bella and I have newborns at home. I get scared they won't know us when we get back."

"Ah, see, that's what keeps me sane. Going home to my girls and my babies every night. Every night that I don't have to do this shit. I don't suppose you want to come to dinner tonight? I have six fans to entertain. How much will that suck? The studio is too nervous to do any one on one dates now, so many psycho's chicks out there accusing their idol's of feeling them up or whatever. If you can't be a star, besmirch one's name."

"Bella and I have a rule, nothing but work, no dinners with fans or director's, even they can say what they need to on the shoot. We want to spend as much time together as we can. Thanks for your help, by the way. I just needed a kick up the ass."

"Yeah we all end up there now and then Edward. It's a crazy business but I am glad Bella is here for you. I love that woman."

"Hands off, you have two of your own, Greedy."

"Bella could join my harem any day," Mike grinned.

The car stopped and Edward looked up.

"Fuck," said Mike, pointing out the window at the sea of faces and bodies pitching themselves at the car.

The driver lowered the screen between his front seat and their area.

"I hope you two gentlemen are not in a hurry, we appear to be besieged. I'm not risking driving through that crowd. Someone will get killed, I just hope it's not us."

Girls of all ages, from teens to maybe thirty were climbing on the car, bashing on the windscreen, screaming when they caught sight of the occupants usually hidden by the tinted glass in the back windows.



The car was completely surrounded.

"How the fuck did they even know we were here? I thought nobody knew I was doing the reshoots and you were only called in at the last minute."

Mike pulled out his phone.

"Hello my sweet Jessica. Really? That explains it then. Oh, about three thousand, at a guess. Yes, Edward's limo. He was attempting to go have dinner with his wife but I don't think we will be moving until the cops clear a path for us. Presuming they can get through the crowd to do that. Kiss the babies, and Chelsea, wait, I don't have to tell you to do that, you will anyway. Love you all. I don't know if the dinner appearance will still happen, depends how long we are stuck here."

Mike closed his phone.

"Twitter," he said to Edward. "Some idiot tweeted about you picking me up, and this mob got here that fast."

"Ah, good old rent-a-mob," Edward said looking out at the frenzy of females.

"What do they want from us, Mike? If one of them got the fucking doors open, what would they do? Rip us to shreds?"

"Well, I kind of hope they pack rape me first if I am going anyway," Mike said.

"Not funny. Honestly, what do they want?" Edward grabbed at his hair. "Oh fuck."

His breathing quickened and the driver reached in the glove box and handed him a paper bag.

"Fucking panic attack," Edward explained, breathing into the bag, closing his eyes. Girls were beating on the windows, inches from his face.

"What can I do?" Mike asked.

"Calm him down," the driver said, passing Mike a list of instructions.

"Right, first we need to establish if the threat is real. I'm going to say yes, depending on how strong the windows and doors of this car are.

Are you on medication?"

Edward reached into his pocket and pulled out a small tube of tablets, and Mike read the instructions and handed him two, looking around at the crowd.

The driver handed him a bottle of water and Edward swallowed the pills.

"Distract, maybe walk him through it," he read. "I don't think that's an option. Okay, Edward , talk to me, tell me why this crowd is making you anxious. Fuck, is this list for real?"

Edward was pale and sweating and grabbing at his chest.

"Edward, it's not a heart attack, it just mimics one, okay? You know that. Just breathe."

He opened Edward's cell phone and hit the first saved number.

"Bella, Edward and I are stuck in a sea of screaming girls, we are in the limo, they can't get to us, but he's having an attack. Talk to him, Okay?"

He held the phone to Edward's ear and watched Edward's eyes as gradually the fear lessened and he relaxed.

Edward smiled shamefaced as he ended the call.

"Thanks, I needed to hear her voice. She is the only person who keeps me grounded. She has to go finish her scene."

"Get us the fuck out of here," Mike hissed at the driver. "Run them down, they will move."

"I can't, I'm sorry. Union rules not to mention we are not immune to prosecution if we run someone over. It's not a life or death situation, we have to sit here and wait it out."

Mike helped himself to a scotch from the bar and found a pack of playing cards and started dealing to Edward and himself.

"Shut the divider, if they can't see him and he can't see them..."

The driver raised the screen and Mike was relieved to see Edward almost breathing normally again.

"Okay, the stakes of your cars against my new Porsche. I kind of like that Lotus you keep in London. Hint hint."

The two men played and Edward made himself a drink, assuring Mike it was fine to drink with his medication, all that could happen was he would pass out and that could only be a good thing at this point.

Gradually the roar became so constant it was like any heavy traffic type of background noise, there but familiar. Faces were pressed against the tinted glass, girls were fighting and punching one another to be closest to the window.

"This is completely insane. I'm never leaving France again," Edward sighed.

"You will have to go to London and get me your classic Lotus if you keep playing like this," Mike said.

Edward sat up straighter and decided he liked that car enough to concentrate and beat Mike.


Bella lay across the bed and looked at the clock. It was past midnight.

"Do you know where your husband is?" Jasper said with a laugh. He had the television on but the sound muted. Edward's limo was lost beneath the sea of bodies. The police were considering arresting every one of the fans if they still refused to disperse.

It looked like a riot. Search lights had been set up, camera crews were crowding the area, live news broadcasts were going out from the scene.

"He will be okay, right?" Bella said again.

Jasper was about to repeat his reassurance when things changed and he sat up, un-muting.

Someone had fired a shot and the crowd were now rushing in every direction, yelling, screaming, trampling one another underfoot.

"Fuck, this is bad," Jasper said, shaking his head.

A line of riot police were walking slowly, clearing the girls aside, some were being physically removed and arrested, dragged off to waiting paddywagons.

Bella's phone rang and Jasper grabbed it.

"Okay, so, he's fine? He's not hurt? Thank God, she is about to meltdown." His eyes were fixed on the screen and he saw the limo finally drive slowly, inch by inch until it was lost from sight of the cameras.

Bella was at the door and Edward was straight into her arms.

Jasper shook his head and watched his friends shake together.

"There has been a shooting, police cannot confirm if either Mike Newton or Edward Cullen were hurt.."

Jasper hit mute.

"Is Mike okay?" Bella asked, pulling back far enough to be able to see Edward's face.

Edward nodded, and Bella waved at Jasper and took her husband to bed.

"I'll call the house and let them know, in case anyone's watching that," Jasper said.

It was a long night, Edward had been sedated on doctor's orders, and Bella lay there watching him sleep. He was restless and jumpy and sat up several times, holding his hands in front of his face.

She kissed him each time, and held him tightly, and he would calm and lay back down.

"This is not fucking worth it," she announced into the night.


In the circumstances, both director's decided they could work with what was already shot and Edward and Bella and Jasper flew home the next day. Edward was quiet, medicated, and slept most of the flight. Bella put a black eyemask on him and closed the curtains around their seats and rubbed his fingers. They were ice cold.

Jasper watched the news, all sorts of incorrect information was out there, Edward had been hit by the limo when he tried to flee, Edward had been shot, Edward was believed dead at one point.

Though they knew the truth there would be some people, like Nina, who would be thinking some of this shit was true. Jasper used the in flight phone to ask Alice to contact everyone important to Edward and let them know he was in fact alive and relatively fine.

"Jas, I hate to add to the stress but Edward's email account was hacked. There are personal emails and photos everywhere. On Twitter. On Facebook. All the gossip mags are printing every email word for word. You know the kinds of things he writes, he is always very open in his letters. He was bagging out Hank to Emmett, it's in all the magazines. There are personal photos he had of Bella."

Jasper decided not to tell Edward quite yet, let the man sleep.

He lay back in his seat and whispered all the details to Bella and she flushed in anger.

Just what did they all want from him? He was an actor, he owed them a decent acting performance in every film he made, nothing more.

His private life was just that, private.

She couldn't help wondering how many details of their lives were now public property, and if Edward had ever mentioned where their house was. He was usually super private about where they lived but he may have told Nina or another close friend in an email.

On top of this, some of the sleazier magazines were capable of adding their own imagined emails, there would be rumors about his life, his fidelity, his sexual orientation. Nobody was part of Hollywood unless they had taken their turn being labeled gay.

When Edward woke, Bella decided she had to warn him before they reached the airport.

Edward lay back with his eyes closed.

He really was done with this.

"Okay, they get one last headline about Edward Cullen. He just quit. Oh, and he is suing the ass off whoever hacked into his email and every magazine that prints anything of a personal nature. I am not going down without a fight."

"Edward, just to be clear, there's nobody, no emails to anyone, that you would not want Bella to read?" Jasper asked.

"None", he said, finally able to smile. He kissed his wife and gazed into her eyes.

"I promise you, I have never said anything in an email that would embarrass you, or reveal anything you would not want my friends to know. And no fans have ever managed to email me , I swear there is nothing improper there. I would never betray my Bella."

"What about your jokey shit with Nina? You say stupid stuff like you love her, will that bite you in the ass?" Jasper asked.

"Bella writes half of it, she knows the truth. I suppose some idiot could quote short sections and make something out of it that's not there, but hey, that's my fucking life, Jasper. Bella and I have supposedly broken up a dozen times, I have had affairs with dozens of women I have never met, I live in five other locations than my real home, and you and I are probably secret long time 'companions'."

"Well, so long as you are not cheating on me with Emmett," Jasper fake growled. "I would be very hurt to read if you were."

"Did you ever mention where our house is?" Bella asked.

"Never in an email, only by phone. I was always a little distrusting of the Internet, after seeing photos of myself that didn't ever exist. Mind you, I was a lot more buff in some of those photos, I almost wanted to print them out and frame them. Jas, have my agent and lawyer ready, Edward Cullen is about to fight back."


According to the Edward Cullen sites on the Internet, half the world was in mourning over Edward's decision to quit making movies and the blame game was rife. Edward had released statements summarizing why he had gotten out of Hollywood, and he hoped it would send a message to all fans of all actors and actresses everywhere.

Don't push it, take only what the actors offer, no more.

Like them, watch their movies, follow them in magazines but let them have a life, don't force them to do a Johnny Depp and buy their own island just to regain some privacy. They already give back with interviews and publicity tours, let that be all they have to give. Acting is a job, like any other, and actors should be able to go home at night and enjoy their real lives, like their fans get to do.

The paparazzi had a lot to answer for, always invading their privacy, but they were just trying to make a buck. If the magazine didn't offer ridiculous amounts of money for celebrities caught off guard, then nobody would be following the popular actors 24/7. If fans refused to buy the tabloids, they wouldn't have the money to pay the outlandish prices.

He was sure he would be quickly forgotten and some new face would take his place.

Mike had decided he had endured enough, he and his wives and babies had moved several states away so it was a double blow to all gossip magazines.

They managed a few fluff stories but had nothing.


Edward rocked Zosie in his arms and looked at her little sleeping face. It had been time, he had three children that he didn't want growing up reading lies and gossip about their father.

His life had certainly not panned out the way he had imagined, but then, whose did? He had what he needed, the admiration and real love of his four dearest ones.

Bella had been quite a hit as Camille, she had received a few further offers to appear and even star in a couple of interesting films but Edward's experience had been enough to make her sure she already had the best life and wanted nothing different.

At the moment she was eating and drinking madly, and getting as much rest as she could, feeding the twins frequently in the hope of re-establishing her waning milk supply.

Zosie had been very co-operative and was happy to feed two hourly, Ely had not adjusted well to supplementary feeding and wanted her breasts constantly.

"I know how you feel, son," Edward had sympathised.

Their life was back on track and he supposed at some point he would want to do something, start a new career, maybe write music again, maybe even sing but it would be strictly small time. No more Hollywood for Edward Cullen.

He had never had a clear picture of how it would be if he did get famous, but the reality had been nothing like he had imagined. He had thought there would be a lot of fans at Red Carpet events, and that he would appear in magazines and on talk shows but nothing could have prepared him for the screaming. That had been deafening, terrifying and he just didn't get it. There was nobody in this world who could make him stand in the rain or hot sun for hours just to get the opportunity to catch a brief glimpse of, and to scream at.

Maybe he could partly understand the thirteen year olds but his fans had spanned all age groups and it was typical to see Moms screaming along with their daughters and even some grans.

The only screaming he wanted to hear was those screams from the healthy lungs of his babies, and the very welcome screams of his wife in the middle of the night when he made his moves on her.

He thanked God for his wife , his children, the opportunities that had led to him being cashed up enough to never have to work again, and the security that gave him. His kids would be all right. They could have the best education money could offer, and soon they would have two new playmates when Alice and Rose delivered.

Rose had sailed through the problem bleeding and come out of it stronger and more determined to keep her baby safe until he or she could be born.

Alice was just being lazy, using her pregnancy as an excuse to lay around and be doted on by Jasper.

Macey skipped out and ran to her father as he lay her sister in the crib.

"Emmett said you are not going to go away and leave us any more, is that true?" she asked, climbing onto his knee.

"Yes, that's true, Mace. Are you happy about that?"

His daughter threw her hands around his neck and sloppy wet kissed him.

"So, you aren't the Sexiest Man In The World Edward Cullen anymore?" she queried, her brow furrowed.

"He will always be the sexiest man in the world to me," Bella replied.

"So I don't have to share you with your fans?" Macey continued.

"No, Macey, I am all yours. You only have to share me with Zosie and Ely."

"And Mommy, and she says she gets the biggest share," Macey complained.

"Oh you bet she does, and she always will. You and the twins will grow up and leave home and have your own lives but Mommy and I will be here, together, forever. That's how it's meant to be, Macey. Mommy will always be the very most special person in Daddy's life. But my children are very special to me as well."

"Does this mean nobody will want to buy your socks any more?" she asked.

"Nobody will want to buy my anything, now, Macey. I am just a normal Dad with a normal life."

"There goes her career on eBay," Bella laughed.

Emmett walked over and displayed a page of the gossip magazine he was reading.

"Really, Emm, I was hoping they were a thing of the past," Edward growled.

"It had 'All the latest news about Edward Cullen and his shock retirement, page 2' on the cover, I had to buy it. You are living as a recluse in Alaska, Perez has it on reliable authority. Someone has already started up a travel service, taking fans to tour Alaska in the hope of spotting you there."

"Good, now we just need to leak to the press I dress as a polar bear," Edward laughed. "There will be spottings galore."

"Mommy says she likes you dressed as a pirate best," Macey said.

"Who told you that?" Bella panicked. Edward's pirate costume consisted of an eye patch, two shiny gold clip on earrings and little more, maybe a tricorn hat.

"I heard Rose telling Grandma Esme," the child replied.

Edward cringed.

"I really prefer my mother not hearing about my swordplay with my wife," he sighed.

"Edward, it's your best role, ever," Bella winked. "When you put that sword into my scabbard..."

"Emmett, mind the children, Bella is behaving like some pirate wench and she needs punishing," Edward said, scooping his wife up over his shoulder, running inside.

Maybe this would be one role destined to recur.


The End